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A lonely facilities manager working late one night finds herself trapped in her high-rise office building with a psychotic killer. The novelization of the 1989 made-for-TV horror film directed by Fred Walton (When A Stranger Calls).

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Every Hour, On The Hour

How do you know who you’re speaking to online? How about over SMS and MMS? In this story, the narrator is faced with a night of confusion-induced panic upon receiving bizarre messages from his sister’s Facebook account.

The Dance Is Over

Some horrifically out of touch guy with a penchant for the oldies has been dealt an unfair hand when it comes to love. Further difficulties ensue as the reader gradually finds out the full extent of his delusion.

A Childhood Phone Number

When Roger finds himself dwelling on the misery that has plagued his family since the death of his younger brother, he soon is compelled to uncover the presence of a previously unknown and incomprehensible malevolence that has made its home within the shambles of his past life.

Beneath The Window

A daughter’s visit to her father’s new home becomes his worst nightmare. Sometimes the worst horrors in life catch you completely by surprise.


Hannah lives in a little village far away from the cities and one night she got a text at 2:00A.M. who could be texting her at this hour and what do they want her to know?


When the Cutler family move into the old house on the outside of town, everything seems normal. That is, until strange things start to happen… 1

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42 year old convenience store clerk George Rozier encountered a slow business day during his shift, and his first customer ranted to him about having strange problems. Before being left alone by the said customer, they were stopped in their places by a consistent humming sound, and they couldn’t find a directional source anywhere inside the store, so they exited the establishment and found a few others outside also wondering about the sound.

The strange sound ended, and George thought it was over. But from then on, the day never ended for him. The next day, he was missing, but he didn’t know it yet. He knew he was there, and the nightmare engulfs him.

Strangeness engulfs him.

His town engulfs him.

Its actually a novella that would be connected to other novellas I will write. The novellas can be stand alone, but all of them belong in a single universe, being somewhat connected to each other.

Status: Ongoing

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Detective Karl Emmerich is requested to assist in the resolution of a strange case.

Originally, the medical team rules the cause of death to be a heart attack, yet further forensic evidence points to something more sinister. In accordance to his notorious reputation for never leaving a case unsolved, he begins to decipher this mystery.

Meanwhile, the young delinquent Rainer Ringquist who struggles through school as much as through life itself, finds himself at the threshold which would change his destiny forever.

What begins as a macabre case for Detective Emmerich and a tragic start of summer vacation for Rainer, will soon intertwine their fates, pull them into the darkest depths of the abyss and unveil more about themselves and the world than they could have ever bargained for.

After all, once darkness has seized you it will never let go - holding you tightly within its unrelenting embrace.

Will you take the plunge with them?

Read here:

Status: Ongoing (updated every weekend)

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. I appreciate all feedback and suggestions.

Premonition (Completed Short Story)

Trevor begins having a strange reoccurring dream about someone he has never met, Katie. Confined to the walls of his dreams he endures a gruesome tale of Katie’s fate. Struggling to remember the dream upon waking, Trevor can’t shake the feeling that she might be in danger. Will he remember the details of his dream before it’s too late?

Click on image to read.
Thriller Kindle Cover

Other 2

An English jury is called to hear a murder trial in which everyone involved - even the victim - is neither innocent nor sane. Faceless demons, shifting realities and scandalous secrets all culminate in a slew of deaths. But what really happened? Is the cause supernatural, or is there something more maniacal afoot?

~~ Wattys Shortlist 2018 ~~


In a desperate attempt to save his soul before he dies, southern aristocrat William Virgil Hollingsmore writes the world a cautionary letter on the last of his twelve days in a personalized Hell. In it, through the haze of his own mental deterioration, he chronicles the horrors and agony that befell him at the hands of Satan, as well as the sad events leading up to this unfortunate climax.


The thought of a world still infused with mysticism, with spirits and secret societies seems so fantastical, so classically romantic, that our macabre sensibilities almost beg to explore it. That is, until one should discover that we live in just such a world - then the daydream becomes a nightmare. Lydia Landrum was plunged into this nightmare at an early age when, in the course of exploring her own clairvoyant abilities, she stumbled upon a dark reality: not everyone is fortunate enough to be born with a soul. It seems, moreover, that soullessness has given rise to an entire industry, very profitable and dominated by an organization known as the Hunters. Reaching out to others who lack what they lack, the Hunters kill at random, harvesting the souls of their innocent victims to be sold as surrogates. Now that Lydia knows their secret, she must end them before they end her.

Hi guys! If you are searching for a story filled with suspense and gore I invite you to read Uncontrollable. I would appreciate your likes and feedback.
Cover 2
What do you do when life gives you an impossible choice? Do you follow your intuition or your destiny? What if it is not your choice at all and you are forced by an outside power to inflict judgment upon others? This is what happened to me. I didn’t have a choice. My actions were not my own, but I followed them nonetheless. I thought I was breaking my ties. Only if I knew what was coming…

James Erwin, college dropout and professional shut in, struggles fitting in with society. Even now, when zombie-like creatures infest the city and civilization has collapsed, that hasn’t changed. Suffering from psychosis and seeking solace in his pot, he now has to face his ghosts as his worsening hallucinations interfere with his ability to survive.’s-world

ZEDS: Season One

AngusEcrivain presents

Survival is key. The natural instinct and will of man is to survive and without it, mankind will perish and the dead shall inherit the Earth.


In a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world, a group of survivors do what they can - and what they must - to avoid getting bitten…


[ Genre ]



[ Sub-Genres ]

Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic/Science Fiction/Dystopia/Action/Adventure


[ No. of chapters ]

10 (50 parts)


[ Updating Schedule ]

Complete: No Further Updates!


Thoughts/Feedback/Constructive Criticism/Random Comments welcome!

End of the Living
end of the living

Nick Lacey used to be an average, college guy. He never expected to find himself fighting for his life in a world doomed to death. The day of his big test, Nicks world is shattered when a fungal outbreak consumes mankind. Now, Nick must find a cure for this outbreak, but, will the monsters of this new world prove to be too much?

Mae Adams; a charismatic, loving girl in a big world. Nothing could have prepared her for the day an outbreak rips across the world. She must learn to adjust to a cruel world in hopes of surviving. If she doesn’t, the real monsters will soon find her.


WARNING: Mature content

Death of the Sun
Death of the Sun

When the sun suddenly disappears in your small-town neighbourhood, you are left to fend for yourself among the darkness. It is up to you to search for answers in this cruel new world. Will you join the rebellion, or fight with the very people that took your world?

How will you survive?




Title: The Thousand-eyed Crow
Author: @aerys_the_mad
Mature: yes (blood, gore, sex)
Genre: Horror, Scifi, Thriller, Supernatural/Paranormal, Occult, LGBTQ+

In the year 2147, when global warming has devastated the earth and the political economy has moved to a more centralized form of production, and when practicing religion is highly discouraged, twins Caoimhe and Kallias experience visions of what they can only identify as “the Thousand-eyed Crow”. As they delve deeper into the mystery behind this being, they discover just how convoluted and terrifying the world beyond our own can be.


This creepypasta is loosely based on true personal experiences. I made the cover myself.


Title: Rivers of Eden
Status: Complete
Link: Click Me!

Margaret Hatch is a good woman. She has a husband, a homestead, a baby, and always heeds her preacher. But when things in the settlement of Eden begin to go awry she can’t help but feel guilty. Guilty for that night five years ago. Guilty for kissing her best friend. Guilty for wanting more than that.

Emma Johansson is not a good woman. She is loose, unmarried, and employed. Three things a woman should not be. She also happens to be in love with her best friend Margaret, something both of them have kept buried for almost all of their lives.

Now the two women must reconcile their history with the terror that has taken hold of Eden. One that threatens to tear down the disguises they wear, exposing their truths to the world. They must face what they unleashed five years ago before it takes both of them, and their secret, to the grave.

Content Warning: Sex, Violence, Gore, Animal & Character Death, Coerced Sex/rape, Emotional Abuse, and Physical Abuse.


Story Link: Ink

This story, I consider to be my first actual attempt at one that wasn’t fan fiction based, came to me in a dream, to which I woke up from and immediately wrote down the basic premise. It grew from a short little five page tale to what it is now because of one simple line from a song by the band Tool.

Ink is about a young couple who find that their return home from a small vacation on the mystical Oregon Coast takes sudden wrong turn and halt, when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

‘Black as holes within a memory and blue as our new second sun.
I stick my hand into his shadow to pull the pieces from the sand,
which I attempt to reassemble to see just who I might have been.
I do not recognize the vessel, but the eyes seem so familiar.
Like phosphorescent desert buttons singing one familiar song…’ - Third Eye by Tool

Main Genre: Horror (esp. Ghosts, Occult Detective).
Sub Genre: Paranormal, Short Stories.

This short story series follows a 16-year-old boy named Jay Silence Trent and his many paranormal adventures. In each story, he uncovers a dangerous world of horror and violence, magic and secrets, and dreams and nightmares. Along the way, he discovers strange things about his family, his friends, his world, and himself.



Main genre: Horror
Sub genre: Women Empowerment, Mythology, Short Stories

A series of murders had played out in the city at night- All the victims men who had attempted to harass women found dead at their feet. All that is known of the killer is that she had long thick hair which dripped blood as she walked away into the darkness after her midnight hunt.