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Calling my Army fam , i need co-workers for my story ,it’s fanfiction taehyungxreader it’s interesting, i really need your opinions ans i really need your help ,read for read ??,co_workers ??
My name on wattpad is celinetaebias ans my story name is break your rules
Please read it for me army i purple y’all :crystal_ball:

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Here & Now (Story Link)

Kendall lives her life being able to do the two things she loves; producing music and writing fictional worlds. It’s calm and she gets more recognition than she ever expected, which allows her to work with artists she admires all over the world. Yoongi seeks her out for a project and they click, but of course, that doesn’t come without a few incidents. But they got this.


Title: Restart Your Heart
Summary: In the midst of the zombie apocalypse, Mailie encounters one particular undead, and something starts happening, something that will change everything.

Title: Losing Sight Of You
Summary: He had forgotten everything, including her. So how can she continue with this fruitless love, if he can’t even remember who she is?

Title: Cold Prince With A Warm Heart
Summary: Prince Tae to everyone was a cold, self-centred prince without a care for anyone else. However, all he wanted was for someone to love him for who he is, rather than what he appears to be.

Will he ever find someone to love and for them to love him in return?

Title: Escape The Island
Summary: Welcome to The Island.

There are four boxes in front of you with the items that tell you why you are here and a written clue telling you how you can escape from the island.

Do your best to survive.

Fated To Love You

Things just didn’t turn out the way I kind of hoped they would. Sure, I had been working hard enough to be able to buy a flight ticket to Seoul. I managed to find a small but yet cosy apartment. It was affordable too. But the job I was promised… turned out to be a scam. And I am so ashamed. What am I supposed to tell my parents?

Chapters: 8
Status: Ongoing

Connection | KTH

When your mother told you that you would be moving to a new town, you didn’t expect a place like this - a strange town known as Nighcliff.

Although Nighcliff was known for being a strange place, no one ever really uncovered what made it that way. It just released an aura of…weird.

So what does it take to for you to unintentionally discover the myths of Nighcliff? What does it take for you to finally uncover what so many tourists have sought out to find?

Well…a bully…

Title: S M I L E :slight_smile: BTS FF COMPLETED
Summary:Deep in the forest you’d find them there. They were so friendly but there was something about them that wasn’t quite right but you couldn’t put your mind to it so you tossed to aside.However,they have rules.
1)Don’t turn off the candles: They’re not the same in the dark.
2)Don’t pick the flowers: Those were there friends.
3)Be with us forever: Try to leave they’ll bury you alive, you’d grow into a flower and you’ll stay with them forever.

Second story:
Title: The Red Room Game BTS FF COMPLETED
Summary: Jin one night gets a weird email about the red Room Game. He founds out his friends and him have been targeted by an unknown person. Jin is the only one able to save them. In the end, is he able to save him and his friends? Will he found out who this unknown person is?

Title: Polar Opposites


Summary: You’re a student attending a ‘prestigious’ school in Daegu, South Korea that people would kill to be able to go to, but you’re miserable there. It’s not the school you despise, it’s someone that goes there. This person is Min Yoongi, who hates your guts because of one small mistake you made on your first day. Now he’s trying to make your life miserable both in school and out.

Click here to read

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" Believing is a choice. You either live peacefully based on a lie or live miserably from the truth."

Title: Interrogation: The Confession of the Innocent

Status: Complete (One shot)

Description: Luhan is accused of Oh Sehun’s death. Luhan denies the accusation. He insists that he’s innocent. Detective Zhang Yixing is here to find out if Luhan is telling the truth or not.

Not a spoiler: Won readerschoice award on a different platform

Im up for ‘read for read’.Mine is Black Diamond…an ot7 story with a female protagonist
DM me if you are interested

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I can’t find it what’s your name on wattpad??

Title: Love Game (Exo Baekhyun #2)
Chapters : 12 ongoing
Description : Have you ever felt like you’ve been played… Well he did this to my younger sister. Now I wanted to get revenge on him.But little do I know he have a secret agenda.

"Eun Ji,right? " Baekhyun said with a smirk.

"Yes"I replied. I know where this is going. I just ignored him and continued to get my stuff in my locker.

“I know you’re playing hard to get”

“Well you not wrong”

I just walked away. Is he following me. Yes it’s all according to plan.

Title: Shadow and Light

Jung Hoseok, the human-embodiment of sunshine meets a lonely-looking Min Yoongi in the corner of a coffee shop.

By “meets”, of course, I mean Hoseok plops down, flashing his signature bright smile and says, “Hello, I’ve seen you here every day this week. Always with the same order of black coffee, in the same dark corner. I thought I’d come to change that. I’m Jung Hoseok - but you can call me Hobi.”

A grunt in response, “Mmh… Min Yoongi. You don’t have to call me anything.”

Chapters: 54

Status: Ongoing

Cover and Link:


Title: The Lies We Tell | Park Jimin (18+)



It was only an affair. A lie they shared to distract themselves from who they really were. But when it becomes as real as it feels, is it possible to love a lie?

Smut Warning (18+)

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does C-drama fall under C-pop? moderators feel free to remove if not.


Title: Through it all (a ten miles of peach blossoms fan fiction)

Fandom: Eternal love/ Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Summary: Bai Qian has returned from her mortal trials with her memory and her newly elevated powers. She wants her son, she wants her eyes and she wants justice. This time, she has everything she needs to make it happen


read for read? I’d love to check this out!

Read for read? would love to check this out

I do read for read so let’s help each other out! I would love to discover growing stories so pm if you ever need help!


Click here to read Promise!

Title: Promise.

Status: Complete.

No. of Chapters: 17

Description: This is a short story wherein your husband, Park Jimin, promises you to return back from a business trip within a months time. But, does he fulfil his promise?

Note: I would really appreciate it if anyone took the time and effort into reading this short story. Please do leave comments and feed backs and also let me know of my grammatical errors, I am a human too :slight_smile::heartpulse:

Note pt.2: PUHlease clickeu that follow button. I assure you that your finger won’t break :slight_smile:


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Click here to read RJ Kook!

Title: RJ Kook

Status: Ongoing

No. of Chapters: 4

Description: This is a short story wherein y/n meets the one and only RJ Kook who’s popular among girls and boys.

Note: I would really appreciate it if anyone took the time and effort into reading this short story. Please do leave comments and feed backs and also let me know of my grammatical errors, I am a human too :slight_smile::heartpulse:

Note pt.2: PUHlease clickeu that follow button. I assure you that your finger won’t break :slight_smile:


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