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Hey, I’m looking for any good LGBTQ+ stories! It can be by you, it can be one of your favourites. I don’t care. Just looking for a good read.



Hey there @rewrittexn I have a list for you! They are all mine, and are all a bundle of laughs. If you like sarcasm, these books are for you! If you like laughter, then these are definitely for you. If you like personal growth where a HEA is eventual as well as inevitable, then they are all for you! Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy them! :slight_smile:

Locus of Control



Kyler was a well-respected scientist who always found time to stop and smell the roses. Brice was a boxer who ignored the roses while waiting for his chance at the championships. That was until the Locus virus escaped from the lab where Kyler worked and quickly began to spread. The victims mutated rapidly and consumed anything that they could put in their mouths, including their once fellow man.

Almost a decade later, this destructive virus has devastated most of the human population. Food is hard to find, and friends are even harder. They meet on a rooftop by chance, and Brice’s distrust of other survivors leaves them at odds. His suspicion only grows with Kyler’s positive attitude, generosity, and desire for companionship. Despite rising tensions, a spark is born between them as they’re forced to spend time together. A spark, however, is tender and fragile in a violent world. Other survivors hiding selfish desires could extinguish their spark and ruin their chances at love in an anarchic wasteland.

What’s Your Deal?



Description: Being the son of a dirty cop isn’t easy. Jeff has been bullied since middle school when the first accusation was slung about his father on the day of his mother’s passing. Learning from his father that putting on a tough act is the only way through, Jeff pushes away everybody who has ever tried to get close to him.

One such person is Brant. The local gay, and social outcast. Brant has been putting up with the worst that humanity has had to offer since the day he was born. Admiring Jeff from afar has only amplified his desires to claim him, but every attempt at friendship has been met with repressed anger, and rejection. Can Brant break through Jeff’s calloused personality and show him there’s more to life than being a social scandal? Or will Brant be just another mask for Jeff to push away while trying to make it through high school?

Love Struck



Description: “Why can’t we all just stay friend’s?” Matt wants his two best friends Marcy and Kevin. Unfortunately, the two are more than just attracted to Matt, and he is powerless to stop them. Always making moves in attempts to claim Matt’s heart, and sabotaging each other in the process. The bond between the three of them seems to hang only by a thread. Can Kevin steal Matt’s heart, or will Marcy get to it first?

The Apprentice Assassin



Magic, power, and blood. It’s all about who you know. Thomas was raised to be a fighter. With no known magical power to speak of. He pushed himself harder to gain the respect he desired. Joining the military at sixteen, he rose through the ranks as fast as he could, even going so far as to accepting vision-enhancing implants. Seven years later, his hard work finally paid off. He and his squadmates are sent on a mission to the eastern continent to recover secret documents from a rogue faction of spies. The information is said to contain information on the Flara, a group of shady billionaires who are slowly buying up every corporation they can get their hands on, and the weakness to the Cantorians. An evil group of seemingly immortal creatures with powers beyond the human scope.

Scavenging for Love

Which comes first, love or duty? In Jason’s case, he is forced to choose between working for the tribe that has raised him, or loving the only person who has ever cared for him. Sage, next to work for the tribe on his eighteenth birthday, has no desire to do so. After a childhood accident where Jason saved him from a Gagkut in the badlands, he hopelessly falls in love with the young man and has tried to claim him ever since.

The tribe, however, needs medicine that prevents them from the ever creeping sickness that turns them into the monstrous Gagkuts. The only way to acquire this medicine they so desperately need is to bring the pregnant woman to the center-lands, a place filled with powerful magicians, and alchemists who live in the lap of luxury. The mothers to be, are mysteriously accepted into the city and are taken care of until they give birth. After testing the child’s magical aptitude, the mothers are sent back with any reject, and a supply of medicine to take home to their tribe. Will duty suppress the love these two possess, or will their affections for each other supersede the needs of the tribe, potentially damning the village?

Love The Lost


Description: Book two of "The Truth Always Comes Out. Please read “What’s Your Deal” to understand what has transpired before this time.’s-your-deal-complete

The Larson family was devastated after Jeff had been removed from their care. Brant quit trying in school, almost didn’t graduated, and stayed at his mothers new home, a shell of his former self. All he can do is text Jeff’s phone, hoping one day he will respond. Jeff, however, has no knowledge of this, and the second he turned eighteen he fled his grandparents home and returned to his hometown to reunite with Brant. Upon arrival, Jeff was devastated to find out Brant no longer lived in their old home with no forwarding address. Fearing the worst he goes to Ashford community college in hopes to find somebody who has even heard of Brant. In his rush to flee, he had to acquire a new phone, leaving him friendless once more.
Can these lost lovers finally reconnect after all this time, or has the time they’ve lost killed their chances at true love…

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If you like own voice g/g ace romance and a mix of other rep in comedic fantasy, I got you :wink:

The UnTitled



The Sound of a Siren’s Call
When Arriana was born Deaf, it solved more problems than it caused.

Unable to hear the call of the sirens who raised her, she never saw a problem. With her father’s pirates all fluent in sign, she only ever felt the split of the underwater world of her mother and the pirating one of her father.

With the divide only growing farther apart, Arriana only ever seems to find more problems than she solves in her search for self.

Updates every Monday and Friday


Candy Gram by @Olivaughn


Nick Buckingham - the most unsociable theatre guy you’ll ever meet - has been “locker buddies” with the incredibly attractive all-rounder David Marquez for the past two years. Their school (especially adorable Josiah Richmond) is rather accepting of the fact that Nick is gay - so much so, David is willing to help him track down his secret Valentine’s admirer.


Ah shieeee, I’m writing an LGBT story, but it’s not out yet. Can I let you know when it’s out? :smiley:

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Sounds interesting, and original! I love it! I’ll give it a read. :heart:

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Yayy! Here’s a couple of mine:


>>> LINK <<<

Minjae has been in love with his best friend for years. He also happens to be the lead dancer of a worldwide famous Korean idol group called GRiD. The only problem is, that the said best friend is also Minjae’s bandmate.

Getting back to the scorching hot spotlight after a three-year-long break is going to be tough as is. But it also forces Minjae and his longtime crush to live under the same roof at GRiD’s dorm once again.

The dancer is facing a choice. He must either hide his true self forever or deal with the consequences if he can’t.

Longlisted in the Open Novella Contest 2019
The start of a 5 part series about an imaginative kpop group


>>> LINK <<<

Mei is a stereotypical Asian nerd girl, and proud of it. She loves to play the piano and excels at school. The perfect daughter for her parents. Except, for one minor detail - she’s 100% a closeted lesbian.

Enter Amber, the cheerleader queen bee of the new high school Mei’s attending for her senior year. To Mei, she seems like the epitome of the perfect straight girl, ripped from a lame teen rom-com movie.

Somehow, Amber still seems to catch Mei’s attention more than Mei cares to admit. Even to herself.

But nerd girls and queen bees don’t match, right?


@ccstarfield’s Come Hell or High Water
@LanaJoKing’s UnTitled
@JoeLechene The Dare Slave & Vampwinks
Also seconding @Olivaughn Candy Gram!


Omg I read Candy Gram it was so good! I will add the other one onto my list!


:heart_eyes: I would be honored. Its definitely original, I will give it that lol.

(I also second @NamiarTopit and @ccstarfield!)



❝It’s not meaningless if he has the power to break your heart into thousand pieces❞

Quentin Adams has been in love with his best friend for years. Although their happily ever after happens only in his dreams, he’s not one to give up. For so long, he had been willing to do anything to make his dreams come true and never had he even thought about anyone else.

Here’s the problem: the love of his life has met someone else. Smartest thing for him to do is to move on and Theodore Peterson might just be the right person to help with that. What was supposed to be just a fling ends up being one of the most important things in his life. It’s now up to Quentin himself to decide if he’s ready to take a risk and get his heart broken again.

Click here to read!

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Of course! If this thread isn’t open feel free to message me on Wattpad, and I’ll add it to the list.

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Awesome! Thanks a bunch! :smiley:

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Hey @rewrittexn ! If you don’t mind I’ll throw two of my books in the mix depending if you want complete or ongoing.

This one is my newest book and ongoing. It’s a rom-com :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Beautiful People
Summary - Fashion blogger and perpetual quitter Vera Kwan thinks she’s got it made when narcissistic young actor Carmen Juarez contacts her looking for a style glow-up, but between Carmen’s stubborn ego, an escalating gossip war, and Vera’s inconvenient attraction to Carmen’s prickly, gorgeous manager Sharise, this may not be the easy dream job Vera imagined.

As the chaos of awards campaigning heats up and a scandal threatens to capsize Carmen’s chances, Vera needs to figure out what matters most: making sure Carmen’s red carpet looks are fierce enough to control the narrative, proving to herself that she can see something through even when it seems impossible–or risking it all to show a skeptical Sharise that just like fashion, Vera is more than just pretty clothes.
Status - Ongoing
Genre - Romance, humour, chick-lit

And this one is complete. It’s a romantic drama.

The Rainbow Theory of Gravity
Summary - No one should have let the bad boy write his own story.
Dreyden will be whoever you want him to be.
Perfect student? Easy.
Obedient son? As far as his parents know.
That friend who’s always up for anything? Just tell him where the party is.
The problem? It’s all an act, of course – and living up to the expectations is getting harder every day.
Maybe the awkward younger brother of his homophobic ex-best friend can help Dreyden figure himself out. After all, two broken pieces together make a whole… Right?
Status - Complete
Genre - Teen Fiction/Romance/Drama/Coming-of-age
Warning - Copious profanity, not-super-explicit sexual content, underage drinking and cannabis use

And I second @NamiarTopit and @LanaJoKing 's books , and I would add Candy Gram but I see you’ve read it :wink:


Only problem is… which profile are you? Haha, there are several profiles that go under your username

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Ooooh, sounds interesting I’ll add it onto my list!

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I’ll add it to the list!

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Those covers are gorgeous by the way! What do you you use?


Thank you! Just plain old Adobe photoshop and free pics from legal sites like Unsplash :see_no_evil:

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The covers are gorgeous, and that title, “The Rainbow Theory of Gravity” is so creative! I’ll add your stories on the list!

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Here you go, darling!

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