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Please give mine a look!
Title: Re:Creation Book 1: Allegiance

(I promise the image quality is better than it is here. For whatever reason, the link makes the image small, so when it’s resized for a pic it looks blurry)

Genre: Fantasy
Status: Ongoing (Updates every Wednesday!!)
Link: Allegiance

Lev Tyveren, 17 year old crown prince of the Kingdom of Myral. That is until a mysterious attack on his family’s castle separated Lev from his parents and forced him to flee. With no knowledge of who laid seige to his home, Lev’s only option is to seek aid and refuge in the neighboring kingdom of Taëlas or risk getting captured within his own kingdom. Together, with his father’s advisor, Therias, and childhood friend Reif, Lev must set out to reclaim his home. Little does Lev know that the fate of Myral may actually be the least of his worries.

Reif Valera, one of four priests who can communicate with gods and weild their power as his own. Reif does not hesitate to join Lev on his mission; however, he learns that such a decision is not without consequences. By following Lev, Reif risks his greatest secret being uncovered, which would put not only his life, but the lives of those around him in mortal danger, yet he can’t bring himself to ignore his dearest friend in a time of crisis. Soon, Reif finds himself faced with a new choice that tests his loyalties and causes him to question his entire being. Does he do what he knows in his heart to be right and risk his secret getting out? Or should he listen to his mind and keep to himself? If nothing else, he knows one thing for sure:

The world as they know it is coming to an end.

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Always happy to plug my boys. First two of a Trilogy.

The Long Run

“Sandro held me like I could break. No one has ever treated me like that.”

Going into Senior Year, Bash Villeda is tired. Tired of his rep. Tired of his friends. Tired of being “Bash the Flash,” fastest sprinter in South Jersey. He’s been miserable all summer so why’s he suddenly so interested in that Sandro Miceli guy?

The youngest in a huge, loud Italian family, Sandro knows being tired. It’s about the only thing they have in common. That and their secret.

After a long drunk night in the woods, Sandro and Bash decide that their best bet to beat Senior Year is to stick together. But can they grow past their pasts? Is their special friendship enough to survive the stigma?

Is falling in love this late the right move in the long run?

The Long Shot

“It’s a long, hard road, finding how love lives in your life.”

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Sandro and Bash have been lucky so far. Lucky they found each other. Lucky they fell in love. Lucky they found a friend who really understands them. But college is where people go to find out who they’re going to be.

Who are they apart? Who will they become? Is their special connection enough to keep them together, even though they’re 800 miles apart?

Or does distance makes the heart go wander?

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Alpha - Book one of 4 completed books, with 5 in the works! Ongoing series!

Adventure/Fantasy/ LGBTQ/ Mature.

Nicolas was the son who wasn’t supposed to live, the one who continued to be a disappointment. When it became known that he was one of the chosen to wield the ability to control the elements his parents were all to eager to send him away to the school few returned from. Against the odds, he managed to overcome and master his abilities. Now an asset, he returned home to a welcoming family and the life he had always wanted. Acceptance and love.

Nothing good lasts long, his father’s misdeeds caught up with them when ‘they’ attacked.

Spared once more, Nicolas is taken as a slave to a Lycan ruler known as Alpha. A war has begun and the only thing preventing the destruction of his culture and city is the last person anyone would have picked and the only one who seems to believe in his abilities is his captor!

Nicolas must find his true potential if anyone is going to make it out of this alive.

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Prisoner 143’s Lover
Warning: This story contains adult themes such as violence, abuse and explicit scenes

A High-Ranking German Military Officer finds herself drawn to a prisoner, a suspected member of The Revolt.
On opposite sides of a global war they engage in a dangerous power game.


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Dystopian Scifi with LGBTQ+: Game of Mass Destruction

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Profile: @Devgie

Story Name: Morbid. It has a lesbian protagonist.



Renny and Jenny, two perfect girls who drive men to the brink of madness. No matter where they go, they are envied. No matter what they do, they are admired. Men would sell their souls for one night with them, the most fashionable venues let them in for free, and they can’t go outside without being offered modeling offers from fashion agencies. But behind the tantalizing good looks lies cruelty, insecurities, boredom and identity conflicts. One day, Renny and Jenny see an obese girl in the metro, and Jenny gets a plan, a plan that involves getting Renny to make a website meant to publically shame morbidly obese girls … a plan that has devastating consequences.


Otherwise, I have a story called Full Moon, where the main character is gay and one of the other main characters is bi. If you like werewolf stories that one might be a good fit too! :slight_smile:


Here’s the summary:

Ernest McClain is a fourteen year old teenager with a miserable life.
Ernest suffers from the intense bullying of his peers, conflicts coming to terms with
his own identity, and a mother who sees him as a monster. As if that weren’t enough,
for as long as he can remember, he’s been burdened with a terrible curse: every full
moon he transforms into a werewolf and goes on a rampage in the town woods, killing
wildlife and any human beings unfortunate enough to cross his path. Seeing no
relief from his fate, the depressed teen increasingly considers suicide - or at least, he
would, were it not for the kindness of his senior, Ben Hetchsen, and the kind heart of
Dana Byrne, a new transfer student at his school. Together, the three teenagers form an
unbreakable bond that protects them from the terrible darkness in their lives.


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Hey :slight_smile: This is my story, I hope it worth a try for you :slight_smile:

Title: Cheeky in Love
Genre: romance/dramedy/LGBT+
Blurb: Fanny, a young lesbian woman seraches for her place in the world and it takes her somewhere she never thought she could ever belong. Despite being headstrong, rebellious, free spirited, and a little arrogant - so everything that a soldier shouldn’t be - she finds herself in the military, but the hardest part comes only after that. Before she could even realize, someone steals her heart, but unfortunatelly for her, that someone is her straight best friend who lives in a happy relationship.
She has never truly been in love before, and this particular case would be challanging even for someone much more emotionally prepared than her. She has to grow up somehow to handle the unrequited love as an adult should, it’s just not clear how she will do that.

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Story between one woman who is longing for love, and the other who is still at university.

Eloïse is the definition of rich, influential and competitive yet Anais is the opposite; smart, dedicated and born into a lower class family.

Will Eloïse feel empty and lonely for the rest of her life or will someone else capture her heart in time - only time will tell.

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The legends and the reborn (Book 1 Immortalia Series)

Alex had always thought his final year would be filled with football, parties, girls, and somewhat a mysterious, attractive boy that piqued his interest. Lest he knew that he was set up to play a dangerous game that revolved around fate and destiny of a realm, that he definitely didn’t want anything to do with. Will he survived and find love within the warring realm or he will succumb to the prophecy that predict his demise?

So everyone, basically, my story is not for everyone. I don’t prefer soft stories or fluffy ones. Mine are always hardcore. Literaly. There will be blood, angst and lots of betrayals. Maybe that’s why when I read novels, they are always out of the top.

So, if you are okay with it, you can read my story. And if your story has angst and all the spices, I will definitely read it too. I’m more a reader than a writer.

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Title: The Death of Romance

Summary: There’s nothing quite like the stench of a fresh corpse; the rotting flesh peeling off twining muscle, and the hordes of mourners that water the grass with their tears. The sheer misery of it all was simply delicious. It was on this momentous occasion, when the coffin was being lowered and the first droplets of rain were splattering across cousin Larry’s tombstone, that I first saw bliss. Her eyes pulled me into the very depths of Tartarus itself, and I wept. Not for the ghost of my dear cousin who lingered over his own funeral, but for the dead organ in my chest that suddenly leapt to life.


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Hi! I just started a gxg teen fiction story!


Maya Clarke is known as the oddball in her tiny suburb. With her head seemingly always stuck in the clouds, Maya’s a daydreamer.

However, reality comes crashing down for Maya when she accidentally sends a love letter to Hayden Garcia. In order to avoid possible humiliation, Maya goes out of her way to avoid the resident tough-girl. Things become even more difficult for Maya when she finds out her new co-worker is Hayden herself. Soon, Maya’s life becomes entwined with Hayden’s and she can only hope that she doesn’t fall harder.

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Nick returns home from college to his old neighbourhood and is quickly sucked back into a world where drugs, all-night parties, casual sex and crime are the norm. As he struggles to cope with depression and a growing sense of alienation he finds himself drawn to his enigmatic best-friend Terry, an amoral criminal with a misanthropic worldview.

Over the next fortnight Nick finds himself entangled in a dark web of drugs and desire as his life begins to spiral out of control.

Featured on the reading lists of the Wattpad profiles: Adult, Dangerous Love, Badass Reads, Urban Fiction and New Adult.

I’ve got a lesbian fairytale retelling if you’re looking for something light-hearted and cute!
book cover
Blurb: When Rapunzel and Snow White were chosen to be the heroines of their fairytales, they were supposed to fall in love with dashing princes and have a happily ever after. They were supposed to forget their old life and wait for their men to save them. Falling in love with each other was not part of the plan.

I’ve just started a spy story, which I’m hoping to fill with flirty banter and a few twists and turns. It’s F/F with a bi protagonist.
the rising

Doctor Claudia Harper is a bloody good doctor, if she does say so herself. Dedicated and gifted, with impeccable bedside manner - the perfect cocktail. Unfortunately, she’s also just driven her car through a shop window while high on cocaine.

Her once promising career and romantic prospects now lie in tatters. However, MI5 require a woman of her particular talents and they have just the right carrot to lure her down the spy rabbithole: return of her cancelled medical license. Trading hope for lies, and dowdy scrubs for some frankly scandalous evening wear, Doctor Harper is reborn as Agent Harper.

As a complex web of corporate schmoozing, chemical arms deals and murdered scientists draws her in ever deeper, the new agent becomes entangled with a flirtatious and equally perplexed socialite - Violetta Monroe. Harper certainly wasn’t looking for the dashing Sherlock to her diligent Dr Watson, but that seems to be what she’s found. And if they can overlook a few minor complications - namely, the various double-agents and terrorists trying to kill them, and the humungous diamond on Monroe’s ring finger - they may find they make perfect partners in more than just espionage.

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