share your magic system!

if your fantasy story has an intricate magic system, share them and how it’s incorporated into your world, how it affects different races (dwarves, elves, etc)

i’ll start! my magic system is essentially an energy that originates from your brain, blood flows to your brain which is refined with the mental energy (magic). there’s other minor things like it’s amplified by strong emotions (which gives me an excuse to have that clutch moment when the mage unleashes power they never knew they had haha). its a bit loose in its rules, your magic is essentially a ball of play-doh, you can shape it to do whatever in the world you desire, but be warned

using too much magic at one time (i.e, more than your brain can handle) will result in a mental break, meaning your brain will do something completely at random. ranging from a minor headache, to blood stopping flow to any part of your body, mental illness, straight up death, etc. in any case, very permanent, and very bad.

the elves in my world are an inherently magical race who “invaded” the mundane human world by means of a very powerful teleportation spell, opening loads of rifts that sucked things into them and spat them out in the mundane world, so they’re naturally much better than casting magic, their brains are more developed to hold more energy than, say, humans

dwarves don’t use magic as a rule, since when the elves invaded, they enslaved the dwarves en masse and used them as a workforce, keeping them in the mines and whatnot for awhile, bad, bad things

since magic is an energy, conductors work very well against them (i.e, silver, copper, gold, and a special metal that’s so rare it’s out of current circulation in my world, ribbarium). if you were stabbed by, say, a silver dagger, and you had magic in your blood, it would amplify the magic inside you which would build up until you had more magic than you can handle, resulting in a mental break

but it’s amplification also makes it a useful tool for mages, silver rings and gloves with silver plates woven in help amplify your spells. other materials have differing effects as well but there’s too many specific effects to list lmfao

last thing i’ll bring up, in order to even channel your magic into a physical form, you need a medium. your medium can be anything, so long as you have a significant emotional attachment to it. things like an old necklace passed down through family generations, a tattoo on your skin, your father’s old sword, etc. anything connected to you with an emotional attachment, you can cast magic through it

i realized just now making this thread that my magic system is probably way too complicated for my own good lmfao, but please share yours! i’m always interested in learning details like the intricacies of how magic works in other worlds


My magic system is… WAY to complicated for be to share right now, but I’ll be back once I get it all worked out ^-^

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I like your magic system, it sounds pretty cool! I’ll share mine below. I think it’s fairly unique

There are three different ways to do magic. Light Magic, Dark Magic, and Natural Magic. The names will probably change later when I come up with better names for them.

All magic comes from the three gods who helped create life. The god of light, the goddess of darkness and goddess of nature. The god of light created all light from within himself, the goddess of darkness stole light to create contrast, and the goddess of nature created life. And from this creation myth comes the three different ways to do magic.

Light magic is magic that is done by using yourself as an energy source to perform your spells. This is the most common magic and the easiest to do. It is the most self explanatory but there are some cools things about it. You could sacrifice your flesh and bones to fuel your magic. Doing so is extremely painful and almost always permanent, but if you go through with it will enhance your magic greatly. Just giving up your pinky results in a 5x boost, and the more flesh and/or bone you use the stronger the boost. While it is most of the time permanent, there is a way to restore it though only a few people can do it since the entire act of sacrificing your body is forbidden and well-kept knowledge.

Dark magic is all about using any other source of energy other than what you can offer. While this magic is less physically taxing than light magic it is more mentally draining to do. You need to be very disciplined in magic to even start using dark magic. The down side is that all your spells have an increased energy requirement, are generally weaker, and the sources of your energy are limited to other active spells unless you are highly skilled. At the higher end of the spectrum, you can use just about anything to fuel your magic. This can range from breaking down materials in your vicinity, using the light from the sun around you, the heat in an area, and even other people’s reserves of energy and/or body parts.

Nature magic is the hardest magic to use. This magic has no cost to use, but the person using this kind of magic must be attuned to nature. This can be done through either literally exposing yourself to nature at every turn and living near pre-historically, or by through very introspective and meditative means. The down side of using this kind of magic is that everything you do is being done by the earth around you. If you want to pick something up you’ll have to grow things under whatever you want to pick up or lift the earth to do it. In some way, nature has to do it. Nobody has ever gone really far with this magic and the only practitioners are a golem race and druids who have spent years beyond a lifetime to learn the secrets of how magic works.

Druids are essentially roaming gods because they can seamlessly use any magic they want at any imaginable scale without repercussions to themselves or anything around them. Thankfully they all died long before my book takes place due to infighting.


very, very cool! i like your system a lot, risk vs reward in magic is always really good, i like the nature magic idea. in one of my novels magic works similarly to that, you have to go on a long pilgrimage, visiting ancient sites to train your mind to understand and allow magic to flow freely through you, meditating and stuff. i like it!

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I think my magic system is comparatively simple.

Magic in my world is primarily used by elves. And what type of magic they use is determined by the god they worship. Elves can only worship one god, meaning they can only specialize in one type of magic if they show an affinity for it. Those who do end up learning magic are usually treated with reverence, something like a priest or an intermediary between the elven sub-race and their god.

Humans can also learn magic but it’s harder for them and usually not as strong as elves. But unlike elves they can learn different types of magic. But they’re usually ostracized by other humans for being too much like elves and they’re ostracized by elves for being too much like humans. So they’re on the border of both societies.


i like that a lot, mine is kinda similar to that in that elves primarily use magic and its much harder for humans to do it. very cool! :))

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Okay so here’s part of the magic system that exists in my current story.

It all revolves around something known simply as Power. Power as it stands encompasses the abilities that involve the manipulation or channeling of an energy that doesn’t physically come from the body. In short if a standard human cannot accomplish it on their own, it qualifies as Power. There are MANY different Forms of Power the ones I’m focusing on in the first part of the story are Magic, Aether, and Corruption. These aren’t the only ones in the story I have tons more but these are the only ones I’m going to share.


Is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the ability to take the laws of the world and bend them, twist them, and outright break them in order to accomplish an task of your choosing. This in it’s most basic form is the ability to accomplish the impossible because you can harness the energies or laws of the world and make them do what you want. This is the most versatile Form of Power in the story because it’s can directly interfere with other Forms of Power. The best way to use Magic in my story is to use what are called Words of Power, which are typically just single word spells. You don’t need to use a word of power, but using one will drastically increase what you can do. The words are typically just you saying a word in the language of the gods. But if you use more Magic than your body can actually produce, you can severely damage your body and shorten your lifespan to the point where you might die the very next day or a few minutes from now. There’s a lot more to it but I’ll leave at this for now.


In the story is called the Fabric of Reality or the Threads of Fate. In truth it’s just energy in it’s rawest form, so it’s pretty dangerous, you need to undergo training before even attempting to harness it. The reason being is that Aether is EVERYWHERE even things that aren’t alive have Aether, so since there’s so much of you need to give it someplace to travel. Typically people use their bodies, the problem is unless you have proper training… Imagine you’re a water balloon that’s already at capacity, when you try using Aether you’re turning the faucet on full blast. Like a water balloon, you’re body will burst if you try it. Reason being that people are always at their maximum capacity for holding Aether, when you use it you’re adding even more to your body. Probably one of the more dangerous Forms of Power in the story because it can totally backfire if you’re not careful.


This is brought about by a single character, the main antagonist for the majority of the story named Abyss. Corruption is still technically a Form of Power but it’s one that can only be used if you’re born from Abyss. Unlike other forms of power, Corruption is just an extension of Abyss who’s very nature is to devour other things. Corruption, devours Power, it literally eats other things like Magic, Aether, life, anything it touches it will begin to eat it. The reason being is that since Corruption is alive it wants a body of its own to control, which it can get if it eats enough. In the story it’s the most dominant Form of Power because in a battle of strength Corruption will just eat whatever you hit it with and get stronger because of it. Plus once it gets a body it can actually physically fight back, PLUS it can improve on that body to help it get even stronger. The reason this is the most dangerous is that if someone that isn’t related to Abyss attempts to use this, it will backfire on them, and the Corruption they summoned will literally turn on the user before devouring their body and taking it over.

So these are three types of Power from my story not entirely sure if this is what you had in mind sorry if it wasn’t :frowning:


its okay! haha any types of magic is welcome in the thread, i like yours, it sounds really cool

The magic in my story operates on a scientific level, one has to know what natural laws there are in order to mess with them. The male lead, Aurin, manipulates molecular states and temperature, so he can turn water into ice, super heat material until its molten, and create air pocket explosions, but his range of influence is fairly limited and you can still, like, shoot him and kill him and stuff like that.

A powerful enough spell of his own will kill him as well, it’s kind of like committing suicide by using too much power.

At one point he converts the heat energy given off by three hundred slot machines into a steam explosion in a nearby fountain. Adding 1,000 Celsius to water in a very abrupt manner will result in a crazy reaction.

As you can probably imagine, since the effects and uses of this power can be pretty well understood, it’s hard to call it “magic”, which is why, other than in the title of my story, the use of “magic” or one’s aptitude toward using it is just called “Will”.


i like that a lot, mixing science with magic is something i really like, mine is kind of similar in a way, it’s part science, part magic

like making a fireball, you will the air around your medium to be condensed to form a ball of fire, how you will that to be done is the magical part, aka the part i can’t logically explain lmfao


I would imagine its just another form of telekinesis, just on a very micro scale.


i hadn’t thought of that, that would actually make a fair bit of sense

Only full-blooded elves, faeries, and humans can use magic. No other Race can and Halfling Elves/ Faeries

Elves: Elves are connected with nature and can connect to nature and use the power of nature to help them. they can usually only do small magic such as getting a tree root to lift or some clouds to cover the sky. they must be connected with nature though. so any elf that has been away too long might not be able to get in touch. halflings can never connect.

Faeries: faeries can only fly, shrink and grow. nothing special but they use it to their advantage. halflings might be able to shrink or grow slightly but usually, they cant.

Humans: Humans have the most interesting magic system. there are two main branches of magic. Natural and unnatural

natural magic is magic humans are born with. people who use natural magic are blessed with certain gifts. someone might be able to change form or bend the elements to their will, fly, see into the future…ETC. they are referred to as witches, enchantress, wizards, sorcerers or sorceress. also, everyone who has natural magic can also shadow travel. shadow travel is a complicated power where they can walk through a pocket dimension that is filled with shadows.

Unnatural magic is taught. these are your potions and spells and rituals. people spend their lives trying to master this ability. many people who have natural magic also learn unnatural magic. this magic also can take a physical toll on the body and most people who practice this magic can only do so many spells at a time. these people are referred to as mages. potions are also limited with their power like you can’t make one to go back in time.

any kind of magic can be seen as bad in certain cultures, in other all magic is accepted, often mages are looked down on if some types of magic are accepted and others aren’t.


sorry for the grammar mistakes. it’s late.

very very cool! yours is sorta similar to mine with the elves being connected to nature

my wood elves are the big nature guys, they’re “bonded” to a certain type of tree, and when they’re near them their magic is more powerful, and they can do this cool move where, if they’re nearby a lot of that type of tree, they can use them like portals, leaping into the tree and coming out of another one nearby

their skin resembles the bark of the tree they’re bonded to as well, and their hair and eye colors change according to the season, white in winter, green in spring, red in summer and orange in autumn

i like your depiction of the typical human mages, that’s pretty cool


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The system I use in most of my tales (which are set in the same world) is fairly simple. It assumes the existence of an infiniverse, an infinite number of worlds where pretty much anything can exist. Some individuals have the ability to see into or even reach into/send themselves into those worlds (temporarily only—they remain bound to their home) and retrieve things, see things that might happen, even go roundabout and back to their own world to get around locked doors or that sort of thing.

This is an inherited ability, primarily coming from a recessive gene (although other genes might play a role). There is no actual ‘magic’ in the normal sense, as it can all be explained as physical occurrences, and there is no ‘spiritual’ component. Although only a few humans have these abilities, pretty much all the fay can do it (might be different genes, haven’t absolutely decided) and so, of course, can the gods — except gods are bound to no one world.


Mana was given to the mortal races after the goddess of light and creation gave them consciousness. It was the god of darkness and destruction that tempted mortals with dark mana.

My magic is called mana. Every living thing has lifeforce, plants, grass, critters the very planets themselves and so on. Lifeforce is the combination of both positive and negative energies that are always balanced in nature. One uses their own lifeforce to gather the lifeforce and that’s how mana is created. Mana can be used in many different ways and shaping mana into something is called crafting. There are many different crafts with various techniques.

Mana exoskeleton craft: this craft is the bread and butter of any knight or merc worth their salt. It increases the physical attributes of the user depending on their mana output and limit. Speed, strength and durability are the core attributes. When combined with certain minerals and materials, other attributes like vision, reflexes and agility can be increased as well. One’s limit can be increased through constant training. Maxing out the mana output rapidly drains lifeforce. With good genes and work ethic one can become a moon buster.
Flame craft
Water craft
Earth craft
Air craft
Black craft
Lightning craft
Solar craft
Transformation craft
Summoning craft
And much much more.

If one runs out of lifeforce they will die. If they fall below 15% only a weakened exoskeleton can be used. Fall below 10% and only life support craft can be used. 5% will render a person unable to move. Lifeforce can be increased through intense training and meditation. Certain fruits cam aid in its growth.

I mentioned that lifeforce is the combination of negative and positive energies. If a mortal uses mana with negative emotions outweighing positive, then they will slowly tap into dark/black mana. This form of mana boosts all craft as well as using more lifeforce than normal. Over time it slowly drives the user mad and they become consumed with their ill intentions. Strong hatred, fear, greed, etc cam trigger dark mana and it will consume the user. Eventually the user will enter the Fallen Place, a black void that traps the consciousness while the body is twisted into a monster that kills anything with a pulse. These are known as Darklings. On the rare occasion that one manages to escape the Fallen Place, they will become a Darkness Tamer and have full control over black mana as well as gain a boost in lifeforce. Being a Darkness Tamer opens up crafts unique only to them. (Fun fact: two-star Darkness Tamers can control Darkling)

If one uses mana with strong positive intent such as love, joy, a need to protect, etc then they will have the advantage of growing stronger at a faster rate though they still must work hard and study. Women are typically stronger.

Family branches play a huge role in what craft one will have am affinity for. Someone born in the Nadirè branch has a affinity for lightning while someone born Felicity Branch has a affinity for ice. Some branches have special craft unique only to them.

Some places have spots where lifeforce is incredibly high, thus resulting in many spots. Mana spots give off mana constantly at such a high output even untrained warriors cam feel it. Mana spots affect the environment in some drastic way, such as a never-ending sandstorm or a volcano that never stops erupting.

In my universe creatures can use mana. Animals and monster have abilities and traits they can utilize because of mana. It is because of that monster hunters make a living hunting creature and selling their materials. Monsters hide or tooth could give someone edge. For instance, when paired with the right tech a leviathan’s hide can boost any close range fire attacks. Minerals and herbs can be scavenged and utilized as well.

The technology relies heavily on mana as well. Firearms are now made to shoot mana projectiles that have varying degrees of lethality. They can also be modified to fire elements. Swords can be made to conduct mana. Power generators for kingdoms and cities rely on mana. Holographic tablets use a small dose of the user’s mana.


Just wanted to say that I love this magic system, do you have this story published if you do what’s it called?

What are the differences between the three? Also what’s your story called?