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Cover created by: CEJeffery


What would you do if someone had complete control over you? Would you roll over and take their orders or would you fight back? Would it matter if you had a history with them, if they were dear to you?

In this world bonded Protecteds have complete control over their Guardians, some utilizing their powers sparingly while others go full throttle. Training to use their individual gifts, Protecteds and Guardians do their best to relieve the world of abnormalities, keep people safe, but when long-standing dynamics begin to crumble and shift some duos must re-examine their unique quirks, learn to balance themselves in the upcoming turbulent waters of this thing called life.

Can the Mutual and ever comedic Dee and Denzel learn to peacefully coexist? Will Hailey and Monáe’s discovery of their Friendly relationship change their long-standing friendship? Will Ashley and Roscoe, Lovers, be broken up by something developed during their G/P partnership? How long can the Enemies dyad, Brandon and Tina, go before they reach full fisticuff status? When will Alexander find the inner strength to escape the brutal cycle of mistreatment George, his Abuse Protected, subjects him to?

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT AHEAD - language, violence, sex, alcohol use, brief allusions to self-harm, and abuse. The :heart: emoji is used to identify chapters that include sexual situations.

Some of Obey’s Impressive # Rankings:

#002 - SpiritAnimal
#018 - Obey
#023 - MatureRomance
#024 - Freeform
#050 - PsychicAbilities
#056 - Exorcist
#101 - OriginalStory
#106 - EnemiesToLovers
#134 - Guardian
#152 - Protective
#172 - University
#564 - Paranormal
Title: The Beautifully Broken {book one}
Username: rdheartfield
❝I showed him the picture and his shoulders fell. He didn’t expect it, I wasn’t surprised. When he spoke, his image began to fade and the photo fell from his hands, "Trust no one, Blaire, not even the dead."❞

A teenage girl finds herself with an unusual gift of seeing the dead and is thrust into the world of demons, ghosts, and killers while trying to solve a family secret. If only she knew how deep she would find herself in the mystery when everything begins to tie back to her.


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The Tour Guide

Tour Guide 3

Tokyo, 1985. As a fox spirit living under the guise of a young woman, Kumiko is determined to maintain a low profile and avoid raising the suspicions of those around her. However, an elusive creature is preying on vulnerable men, and after a chance encounter with one victim leads to her resurrecting the man she once loved, she is unwittingly drawn into the mystery and must enlist the help of some unlikely allies in stopping the culprit for good.

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Misery Loves Company

Addison Lamont is drowning in a pit of despair. He copes with his mental anguish by numbing himself with alcohol. Just when it feels like he hit rock bottom, he finds another tortured soul to keep him company. His feelings for his best friend and former coworker Sabrina Valgrave drive him further into a downward spiral after an alcohol-fueled night together ends with them in bed together. Addison wants to better himself for the woman he loves, but he can’t keep his inner demons at bay. There is no saving of his lost soul.

Warning: Contains Adult Themes, Substance Abuse, Strong Language, and Violence
Rated Mature. 18+.

Link:Misery Loves Company

The small town of Willowstream is one of an ancient history and of many secrets. Home to a myriad of supernatural beings that live there in secret among the human populace. When one of a group of high school friends is brutally murdered, living their lives becomes no longer an option as it becomes a fight for survival and a mystery to discover the identity of this hunter before they all perish.

I’m trying to upload as regular as I can, but as I work in retail I’m also trying to do as much overtime as possible, so the upload schedule is a bit spotty ^-^
It’s the only one I’ve tried planning on as I’m usually the type to just write as it comes to me as opposed to thinking everything out?

AND it’s recently won an award for first place of it’s genre in the Sweet and Spicy awards! Which was totally unexpected, but I am forever going to be humbled by the experience.

Anyway, big thanks to anyone who’s willing to give it a gander!
McKenna Thompson’s only worry in life was leaving behind her brother and best friends.

So how did her only worry become surviving when she was so ready to die?

Well because she stumbled upon a recipe she didn’t quite expect to be cooking up for her.

Chop in a prophecy.

Add a pinch of boy trouble.

Maybe add another pinch of boy trouble.

Add heaping amounts of feelings, emotions, and drama.

Stir together to create a bucket list she has 12 months to complete.

And did I mention, she only has 12 months to finish a deal she made with the devil because she sold her soul to the Devil? Literally.

Welcome to the Underworld, Mortals. I hope you survive this roller coaster ride, cause it’s a one way ticket to hell.

See you on the flip side.

Consort of the Sun God


Helianthus was a small-town boy, most comfortable in the company of sheep and horses out on a wild mountainside. Though he left home to join the Royal Legion, he was never a soldier no matter how easily he took to battle. When he saves the town from invaders during his first visit in ten years, the title ‘hero’ is nothing more to him than a ridiculous nickname.

At heart, Helianthus knew he would always be a small-town boy. He just needed to solve all of his town’s problems, let the dust settle, and give everyone some time to forget he was anything more than a reclusive farmer. Until he finds himself face to face with The Sun.


“Your praise means nothing to him, our King among Gods.” He said, meeting her eyes with a strange intensity. His speech was quiet and raw from crying, but there was a natural power to it. As though his voice was meant to carry across miles. “All your years serving him with such devotion. All these people, all their praise. It falls on unfeeling ears.”

“Who are you to claim such things?” The priestess had never felt the need to defend her faith before. She’d had to reassure people suffering loss that The Sun still watches over them even when they don’t feel it. They were often angry and nihilistic and she’d learned to help them in whatever way she could without taking personal offense.

“Not so different from you.” He smiled. The cruelty of it seemed out of place on his firm, handsome face. “I also served him. I offered him my entire life, forsaking all earthly bonds. He left me in a puddle of my own tears. You won’t be given even that courtesy.”

“Who are you?”

“Helianthus, consort of the Sun God.”

Content Warnings:
Blood, violence, death, sex.