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Title: The Harmony Effect

Chapters/Status: 50/Complete

Blurb: Love frees the soul and in the same breath can sometimes suffocate it. — Cecelia Ahern
Brought up in a life of crime by his Father, 28-year-old Noah Rite dominates the streets of New York as a legendary man who demands control and doesn’t settle for failure. Known to all as The Grim Reaper and unforgivingly brutal to his enemies, his only savior comes by Bobbi Potter, his childhood best friend and the captor of his heart and soul whom he’d die to protect.

For 26-year-old Bobbi, as someone who’s lived in a tough and abandoned world of her own, running into Noah was nothing short of kismet. Trusting her life to the man she’s known for nearly 20 years, Bobbi’s been by his side through the gates of Hell and back without question, and her love and admiration for him never seized; even when she fell for Elijah.

But after an unexpected discovery reveals the ugly truth about Bobbi’s fiancé, Noah’s unhinged intentions result in more harm than healing and only a lie can pick up the shattered pieces.

One year later and with Bobbi deep in Noah’s domain of infamy, as those demons and other closeted skeletons resurface and begin to manifest in unpredictable ways, like a vicious cycle their friendship will be forced to withstand the chaos of it all while exploring the depths of their soulful bond.
And with Noah blinded by his desires, only carnage and bloodshed will follow his refusal to let them crumble.

All in the name of love? So be it.



  • Switches between Male and Female first person POV
  • An erotically slow burning best friend romance
  • Mature for strong sexual content, violence, drug use, self-harm, crime, and language


:heavy_check_mark:Guy POV - Told through LUCA’s eyes :heavy_check_mark:Completed :heavy_check_mark:MC’s are Italian & Nigerian :heavy_check_mark: Spin-Off of Incidental Cougar, but can be read alone. :heavy_check_mark: Mature

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Luca Small

Luca Romano is the eldest brother and the patriarch of the Romano clan. He was first introduced in Incidental Cougar Book 2.

Luca’s Italian, aggressive, and used to getting what he wants. He’s a Wall Street playboy who parties hard and a lifetime bachelor who has no interest in slowing down until he’s hit with a heart attack, at only 37. (Towards the end of Incidental Cougar Book 4)

Love has never been on Luca’s radar, until he meets her.

Crystal wasn’t just another woman… she was perhaps the woman. The one that would tame this playboy. Only she wasn’t falling for his game, she was making him work for it.

Now Luca must face his broken heart in more ways than one and the healing process is far more than he bargained for.


Status: Ongoing
Blurb: A case that keeps multiplying…

Zara Crones, a strong and ambitious Omega with a troubled past, suddenly finds that her own backyard is piling up with bodies. And to make matters worse, those six bodies have only belonged to females, mutilated in a horrifying way. With panic beginning to grow from the general public, answers are needed and the killer caught. Fast.

Brings two people together…

When Nate Sanders, a highly decorative Alpha and one the Prime Minister personally recommends gets called in on the case, many expect for everything to be resolved. There has never been a case he could not solve… until this one. Mysterious things begin to happen when he’s partnered with Zara, and willing to not lose the one partner he finally feels comfortable with, he’s prepared to shield her from it all.

Only for the killer to hate it all.

Yet the killer sets his eyes on another victim and this one is hitting too close to home. It’s up to the powerful duo to stop him before things take an even bloodier turn. One that can’t be brought back to life.


Title: Tainted Wings: Book One
Genre: Supernatural Romance (Mature: Sexual content and strong language)
Status: Completed with 53 chapters and Book Two is currently ongoing with weekly updates.

We all know Lucifer is the one who despises all humans, but little did we know that the Devil himself would fall in love.

When God banished him from Heaven, he was saved by a powerful human witch. Virago gave him a home, showed him how to love, and birthed his very own children, but sometimes everything we love has to come to an end.

Thousands of years after Virago was killed, Lucifer finds her again, but without her past life memories. Afraid of the consequences her memories could bring back, Lucifer tries everything to keep her safe, but his sons have different plans. They spent years wishing to feel their mother’s love again.

Now that Virago has been reborn, the Princes of Hell are faced with a choice – to revive her memories and risk her life again, or let it all be?
Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 6.05.52 PM


The Fluke by Belinda Banks V4

She left to get away.
He left not knowing he’d find her.

Jules Prescott doesn’t do impulsive and reckless, no way no how. Until one ill-fated night and a botched attempt at a one night stand with a sinfully handsome stranger. When she wakes up with no memory of the encounter, Jules is mortified and vanishes from the stranger’s bed without a word. Impulsive? Check. Reckless? Check check. Stupid? Triple check. Jules leaves town for a much needed getaway, joining her brother in sunny Palm Springs for what he promises will be relaxing desert fun. Just what the doctor ordered…

Luke Connelly is no stranger to women falling in lust at first sight when they lay their eyes on him, which is exactly what happens when Jules Prescott stumbles into his arms. Acting on it, however? Rarely does he indulge. With a burgeoning business he doesn’t have time to chase just one skirt. But after their admittedly adorable meeting, he can’t stop himself from following the brunette into the bar… and taking her home. When he wakes up and she’s gone, Luke takes up his college buddy on an offer to join him in the desert to blow off some steam. Surely that will help him forget about the vanishing vixen who hasn’t left his mind since she left his bed.

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The Long Road - Ivy x Derek - Cover (1)

As the leading woman in every bride’s dreams of their perfectly planned wedding, Ivy Cunningham has built a career bringing those dreams to life. Being one of the most sought after wedding planners in the country has tucked countless big days under Ivy’s empire waist, but none are her crowning achievement. That title will come in a month’s time when she throws the most important event of her career, of her life: her own wedding. Ivy just never suspected that she’d have wasted all of her life long wedding dreams on a rotten, cheating liar.

Derek Maxwell isn’t in love with his high school sweetheart — he hasn’t been since he was 19 years old. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a walk in the park to watch her marry his oldest friend. He’ll go to their wedding and he’ll ignore the looks of pity from everyone who thinks they still know him and his life story. He’ll wish the bride and groom a lifetime of happiness and then return to California and carry on with his life far away from his past.

When a twist of fate lands Ivy and Derek stranded in New Mexico and both in need of a way to get across the country to North Carolina, they find themselves needing each other. Ivy needs a ride and Derek needs a date. She finds him insufferable but a means to an end. He finds her an enigma he wants to figure out but possibly the most stuck up brat he’s ever met.

A wedding planner who has lost faith in love and the meaning of forever. A perpetual bachelor who has never expected himself to find a happily ever after. 25 hours on a cross country road trip. Will sparks fly, or will they crash and burn?

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Title : For You

Status : Completed

Genre : Romance /action


Ajay, Vidya and Amrita

This is the story of three people, their childhood friendship, their teenage turmoils and what happens to their love and ideals when they become adults. How their values about friendship, family and love are tested, and what it means to be fighting against injustice and corruption, when one of your family member is ruthlessly taken away from you.

They say everything is FAIR in LOVE AND WAR…

Which is fair? Thirsting for a quick revenge where all the forces of power are resting in the hands of corrupt Politicians or fight and fight till justice is avenged in a lawful way.

Find out by reading “For You“


Book: Claimed By The Prince


She was coerced to abide by an illegal deed. Although it left her heart wasted, her life fruitless and her future erratic, she knew she was wholly bound to it.

Then just like a prodigy, her life routes intermixed with another man’s routes, not just any man but the Prince of the country.

She was writhed…time passed by, still fighting the urge, but they say not everything stays hidden…at her last minute, she had realized she was already Claimed By The Prince with Love and Power.


A Dangerous Tease

BLURB: Moving in a new condo in a half-full, luxurious complex couldn’t be a better deal for Claire. She has no neighbors, nobody to bother her or look through her windows.
Not until he moves in. The man in the neighboring house whose living room faces hers. And he catches her in the middle of pleasuring herself with her favorite purple toy.
Claire is ready to raise a war, just to prove herself she can beat him, but she doesn’t expect her intentions to turn into something completely different both she and her hot neighbor would enjoy.
When their game shifts into something more serious and Jace’s complicated life gets in the way, Claire is pulled into a whirlwind of emotions, trouble, and deadly schemes.


A Favour (F)or Two cover

A college freshman gets everything she’s wished for when her crush decides to get experimental. . .


Hey, I am a fellow writer and trying to help each other out. Thought of just checking would you care to go for read for read for “Drive” a book written by me. I will do the same for your book. Little push from each other might help us in getting more readers. My book falls under LGBT+ category, it is a dark romance novel. Please do let me know your views around the same. If you are comfortable we can vote and comment on few of the chapters.


Title: Losing My Mind
Written By: RachiieRIOT
Status: Ongoing

'Music gave me the reason to escape…

…That was until I met you.’

Ryleigh loved heavy metal rock music and used to write her own when she was younger. Now nearly 30, she’s seen the last 10 years of her life pass too quickly, yet she’s engaged, owns a house and a successful job, she feels like she hasn’t accomplished enough.

Seeing an advertisement online and applies to the TV show ‘Battle of the Rockstar’, considering it’s a one in a million chance, she got chosen to be in the final 12 and travels to LA. Everyone at home is telling her she shouldn’t do it while Ryleigh believes it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and wasn’t in any way to turn this down.

During the competition, she gains a close friendship with Rory, an ex-criminal willing to change. He may look tough covered in tattoos, but he has a big heart and is willing to be a better person for himself and his daughter. Little did they both know, this was the start of a new chapter for them both, finally figuring out who they are meant to be and what love is too…

Read here:

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Title: Always You
Written By: RachiieRIOT
Status: Completed

Why does young love have to be so complicated?

Just one more year left of school and Ruby had her future sorted by working in her dad’s wealthy big business, that’s all she knew and nothing else. There was one thing she was going to miss, walking down Knowles street every day and seeing all the pretty little small shops.

Nathan helps his dad working in their shop and to keep it running for generations. He didn’t need much to live a happy life, just family and everyone on that street was to each other.

One day, her life changed when a boy rescued Ruby and little did she know her heart was going to change direction and meet Nathan. He was only doing a kind thing and falling for Ruby was not part of the plan.

With Ruby’s strict dad and wanting his claws on the street, could this be the star-crossed lovers that shouldn’t of met? Will they be able to have the perfect relationship that they want, or the fact that they are from different worlds tear them apart?

It all happened on that one street…

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Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Status: Ongoing

Boy meets Girl, they instantly fall in love and live happily ever after…? Scratch that.
It wasn’t love at first sight, nor was it a ‘story-tale’ love story. But it was great love, and it was sincere, true, life-changing. Above all, it was real.

Ever heard of ‘falling in love unexpectedly’ or ‘unconditional love’…? She has.
Not only has she heard about it, but she’s also had it, experienced it, became its definition… All until one day, it fell apart, and she was never the same again…
They met in a country, that was not yet, but had still to become her home. New lifestyle, a different routine, unknown faces… and him - unexplored, unfamiliar, unique.
A story of love, lust, hope, and jealousy. Race, money, drugs, family, acceptance, and rejection, devotion, and hate… How will these come in between them, change the course of their love?

Find out now!



As a werecat living among a pack full of werewolves, Catherine Heartfilia must blend in with humans to protect her family, and herself.

Everything was going as planned until she bumps into the soon-to-be Alpha.

That touch electrifies the wolf, and he does everything he can to feel it again.

Their worlds soon intertwine and things don’t go as planned.

Werecats of America Series | Book 1
Ongoing || Chapter 42/50, weekly updates’s-cat

Mature for language and explicit sex scenes in later chapters


Kissed by a Catalyst

Title: Kissed by a Catalyst (Book 1: Kissed)

Status: Trilogy Complete

Within a reflection there are always 2 sides, like good and evil each has their own master who can lead you astray or bring you home where you belong.

In the 1st book of the KISSED trilogy, “Kissed by a Catalyst” we open on a warm night in June. Cecelia Astaroth is fit to be tied after a heated discussion with her husband, that became violent. While in the shower, all the lights go out, in the house and she finds herself alone in the dark. This, she will soon find out, is only the beginning to Cece’s long hot summer.

After days without power, Cece and her husband Dan, try to get along, but things have changed between them. Maybe their life together was never that perfect. Those warning signs she kept ignoring could have been true, or are there other forces at work.

Once, the entire Astaroth family arrives, seeking shelter, Cece starts to learn many new things about her family, the man she loves and herself. Also, that something evil has found its way into her quiet little hamlet, which has now been transformed into a war zone, between neighbors. Life is no longer simple, everything is altered, and her in-laws have incorporated themselves in to her world. Cece has the power to correct the wrongs that have been done to her, but will she find it within herself to use them.


kissed Cataclysm

Title: Kissed by a Cataclysm (Book 2: Kissed)

Status: Trilogy Complete

She’s isn’t just fighting the demons from her past, Cece must now dance with the devil himself to save the ones she loves from a fate worse than Hell.

In the KISSED trilogy, our 2nd story “Kissed by a Cataclysm” continues when Cecelia begins her new life, with hopes and dreams for the future. That is until life gets in the way once more, reality becomes twisted and her nightmares return. Unable to run from the past, she is haunted by her dreams and the man she once called husband.

As she becomes more accustomed to the fact that she has gifts, Cece is still unsure of how to use them. This is all new to her, but the dark forces messing with her life are quite talented in the art of witchcraft. They know how to play the game and Cece is an unwilling contestant. Her goal is to once again find out the truth and save her children from the same fate, as her own.



Kissed by a Catastrophe


Title: Kissed by a Catastrophe (Book 3: Kissed)

Status: Trilogy Complete

All is fair in love, witchcraft and war…

The next generation of Astaroth’s must come together to defeat their enemies, but who is after them now, the devil, the unholy trinity, Cain or Zeus?

Eighteen years have gone by and Andy Manchester is graduating from college. Cece and her family are going to the graduation in Washington D.C. to celebrate his day. Her sister is hosting the huge event and everyone that is anyone will be there. This is the first time in a very long time that the entire family will be together again, so what could go wrong? Plenty, I’m sure if you have read the first two books. Either way, this should be an interesting time and meeting all of the cousin should only add to the mix. As always, Cece is placed in the middle of good and evil and she must protect her children while saving the world that she loves.

“Kissed by a Catastrophe” is the conclusion to this trilogy. This is now the end of days, chaos may reign supreme, if she doesn’t win this one last battle.



Title: 14 Days To Remember


Our memories truly are a work of art.

Pieces of fine gold melted with the flames of time and sculpted by our bare hands. They are like puzzle pieces–when put together in the right places–they resemble us. Our personality, our character. They should be valued, appreciated, and cherished.

Mistaken as artifacts of our helpless days, they shouldn’t be thrown into the darkness to never be seen. They should be with us, in every step that we take towards the light. We need them. Without them, we’d be lost.

But then again, I guess I never really treasured the memories I had.

Until I lost them.

Take someone’s memories from them, you’ll render them disoriented and astray. Like a lost puppy in the middle of a jungle, they’ll wander aimlessly. Doubting everyone and everything they see.

After a tragic car accident, a twenty-year-old college student wakes up with no recollection of who she was.

Six dull months later, she finds herself immersed with the provocative idea of rediscovering her past. And the thirst for recollection enthralled her to slowly give in as she ineluctably starts to question everything.

One of which was the said fact that she was in a very serious and stable relationship with a supposedly faultless guy named Noah–who had no interest in helping her remember anything.

So what if the only person that could help her find her lost memories was someone who acts with such violence and savagery? Will she be able to take that risk when she’s already committed to someone who’s seemingly too perfect?

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