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CEO Seto Kaiba visits his brother Mokuba’s side venture in California and goes on a power trip, threatening to fire Mokuba’s best employees and calling the art director’s girlfriend a whore. Who will win the ultimate battle for control? Join the Kaiba brothers at the Silicon Valley Game Developers Summit to find out!'s-prostitute


Magic & Transvolution (Pokemon Fanfic)

Description: After realizing he has amnesia, Ramon the Zorua journeys through the Wizlore region, seeking for any knowledge to recover his memories. His two human companions, Justin and Ada, journeys with him for their own purposes. One seeks to get her revenge, the other seeks to find his mother. Regardless of their goals, the three will experience two elements that makes the Wizlore region grand and impactful: Magic & Transvolution.

This Pokemon fanfic is rated T, meaning it’s only suitable for teens and up. Link to the fanfic:émon-fanfic

This is also open fanfic, btw. So anyone is free to read this fanfic without having too much knowledge about the series it’s from.

  • Book Title: The Phoenix Pact Into The Marvel Universe
  • Genre: Marvel (Comic) Fan Fic, Satire, Slice of Life, Humor, Action, Adventure, Meta Humor
  • Plot summary: Four immature, irresponsible and reluctant Superheroes known as the “Phoenix Pact” get teleported from their simple superhero world to the chaotic Marvel (Comic) Universe. The story follows their many comedic misadventures as they try to adapt and survive to their new Marvelous surroundings while trying to find a way back to their universe. (Open FF)
  • Rating: Mature for (Mature Themes, Graphic Violence, Strong Language and Drug Use)
  • Link:

Love writing this series hope everyone who clicks the link enjoys it too.


Special Agent Loki Laufeyson

(Marvel/NCIS crossover)

After the devastating invasion of New York, the war criminal Loki is being punished. He has been sentenced to work for a mortal law enforcement agency, and S.H.I.E.L.D. has been given the task of choosing exactly which agency to send him to.

They chose NCIS.

Agent Gibbs and his team take on the rehabilitation of Loki Laufeyson reluctantly, not knowing what to expect from the Asgardian god of mischief. But Loki and the team get along better than anyone could have ever expected, to the surprise of both the team and Loki – and the timing is perfect, for the murder case NCIS is attempting to solve just got more complicated than anyone could have foreseen.

And Loki might just hold the key to solving it.

As NCIS might just hold the key to saving him.

@MarvelSocietys Marvel Book of the Month for November

Reviews: “The dialogue is very realistic…I really like how Loki’s lines all sound like something exactly he would say…my head automatically reads in Loki’s voice.…I felt like I was watching a movie….Your story is amazing and well written, and utterly hilarious. You have me on the edge of my seat….Everyone in Marvel is in character…At some points I forgot I was reading a fanfiction since you are so good at writing and grammer…This, this is amazing. I cannot stress enough.…this is gold, pure gold, please don’t ever stop!”


Contest of Champions

(A Marvel AU with a Hunger Games plot line)

In a galaxy where Infinity War happened about forty years before it was supposed to, Thanos rules the remaining population with his Infinity Gauntlet. And to celebrate the Balance he has brought to the universe, as well as his defeat over the rebel uprising that followed his victory, an annual Contest is hosted where two contenders, a male and a female, are chosen from each of the districts. They must participate in a fight to the death for the honor of the everlasting Balance, where only one can triumph above the others.

When Loki becomes a contender for the Contest, he is determined to do whatever it takes to win and fulfill his promise to his best friend. But to win, he will have to decide who he really is, who his allies are, and if he can even trust the advice of his enigmatic and seemingly hypocritical mentor.

Welcome to the Contest of Champions.

Reviews: “This is spectacular! I am in love with your writing….You deserve an award!!! Gosh, I wish I can vote for chapters more than once because ALL OF YOURS would have a million votes! How has this book not had 100k reads yet?”


Ron/Draco Harry Potter Fanfiction [mature]


Description: Tired of Draco’s constant bragging- Blaise decides to dare the Malfoy heir in trying to get someone he thinks will be impossible. The redheaded, all-too-moody sidekick of the Boy Who Lived -Ron Weasley- is the chosen target. The light blond Slytherin secretly has a thing for the tall, freckled boy and loves a good challenge- but will he be able to pull it off without developing any real feelings?

Mature content, profanity and slash.

Link: Ron/Draco Slash story


Title: The First Saniwa
Canon: Touken Ranbu,Onmyōji
Summary: This mission to the Heian period is unlike any other missions they have faced. Not only is the outcome of history dependent on its success, so is the very existence of the touken danshi themselves.
Protect Minamoto no Yorimitsu, the first saniwa.
Warning: SPOILERS for Onmyōji canon
Originally posted on AO3

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Summary: Y/n and Bakugou’s relationship will it be a happily ever after or will it all be a waste of time?

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Friendship. Trust. Loyalty. Sacrifice. Love. Acceptance. Fear. Dependence. Prejudice. Religion. Life. Shame.

A Filipino fanfiction of the famous Norwegian TV Series SKAM. The story would follow the same plot as all the remakes but would include alterations from time to time.

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A lonely facilities manager working late one night finds herself trapped in her high-rise office building with a psychotic killer.

Based on the 1989 made-for-TV horror film directed by Fred Walton (When a Stranger Calls).

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Formerly called “Some Things are Meant to Endure”


Formerly called “A Warrior’s Heart”







Formerly Called “Please Stay”


First Place Winner in the Fallen Angel Awards for FanFiction
First Place Winner in The Excelsior Awards in the Mixed Category
July Winner in the Mystical Awards for FanFiction
Third Place Winner in the Fireworks Awards for Fanfiction


Second Place Winner in the Heavenly Awards for FanFiction
Second Place Winner in the Angel Awards for FanFiction

Coming Soon


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Astri has lived eleven hundred unhappy years. As a half-blood daughter of Poseidon, she has known pain, fear, power, and helplessness. As well as resentment, anger, and hatred. But she has never let that get in the way of succeeding on the journies she’s given.

At the age of eleven hundred and sixty-nine, just when she has resigned from the world of the gods and had hoped for some peace, she is roped into the major, catastrophic messes of the gods.

Given the task of watching out for her brother, Percy Jackson, she’s taken on adventures she hasn’t been on in centuries. Adventures rich in danger, doubt, and self-discovery.

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World’s favorite gadget cat from the 22nd century, Doraemon, and world famous sailor princess, Sailor Moon, and the gang from both worlds collides in a brand-new fan-fiction universe.


Suneo once again brags, this time is about his recent adventure of picking the expensive Matsutake mushrooms. Nobita can’t help but feel jealous, and started to wish that he can go. Nobita, however, think that no matter how big Doraemon’s three-dimensional pocket is, there’s no way a mountain can fit in there. Or is it?



TAKESHI GODA THE MASTERCHEF: Giant decided to cook for everyone, much to Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, Chibiusa and Hotaru’s shock. Doraemon gave Nobita “Super Gourmet Spice” in order to help their sense of taste and smells. Can they survive Giant’s cooking with it?

EAT BY LOOKING: “Food Visualizer Gas” is introduced, giving an opportunity for Doraemon, Nobita as well as everyone a taste all types of foods by looking into various mediums. Meanwhile, after an encounter with Mrs. Honekawa, Tamako determines to cook French cuisine.



DIG MY FOOD DEEP: Courtesy of Doraemon’s latest mining gadget, Nobita, Shizuka, Hotaru, Chibiusa, and Suneo decided to make a mine out of autumn-related foods, from fresh fruits, roasted sweet potatoes, to Suneo’s exquisite cakes.

SAKURA FROM A CAN: Nobita wishes to experience hanami this year so Doraemon decided to held a hanami inside the house, inviting Shizuka, Usagi, Chibiusa, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Mamoru in tow. (This story occurs before the Infinity arc.)



NON-STOP PILLS: Doraemon introduces ‘Non-Stop Pills’ in order to curb Tamako’s cravings for senbei. Meanwhile, Giant announces that he decided to hold a recital, much to the neighborhood kids’ terror.

SUNEO THE POOR CHILD: Suneo’s birthday has arrived. But trouble arises as Nobita, Shizuka, Giant, Hotaru, and Chibiusa needs to find a present for him.


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Life’s hard when you’re spending your time within dreams, but Giana doesn’t believe in this. Ever since she got her Red Crystal, her whole life took a turn once she fell asleep, every night.

After facing two dragons whom posed a threat to her and Maria, Giana finds herself entangled in another adventure. A new foe looms over a castle which lies within the Goth dreamland… a mysterious and uncharted place for the little blond to explore.

Using the tricks of his predecessors, the new evil uses Maria to lure Giana to his lair and finish the job that others couldn’t. Giana doesn’t waste a minute and rushes towards the new land where she will find new foes, obstacles and a powerful transformation that may or may not be the key to her success.

Note: This is not final. As more ideas come to me, I will add them to the story.

  • Cover edit by me -
  • Original picture by Pikomi -

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Was haben wir hier?
Eine deutsche Fanfiktion Geschichte aus dem Tolkien/The Hobbit Universum!

Dies ist die Lebensgeschichte von DÌs, Schwester von Thorin Eichenschild. Wir lernen sie kennen, als Dwalin und Balin sie nach der großen Schlacht aus dem Exil in den Blauen Bergen zurück zum Erebor holen.
Und dies ist ebenso die Geschichte zwei weiterer wunderbarer Zwerginnen, die die Geschicke des Berges mit bestimmen werden.
Wo sie recht hat

(Die Geschichte ist abgeschlossen und enthält doch einiges an “Erwachseneninhalt”, wie man hier so schön sagt.) :wink:



Title: Tempting Fate || Marauder’s Era
Summary: “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waiting for, it is a thing to be achieved.” - William Jennings Bryan

Contrary to popular belief, James Potter is not the only heir to the Potter fortune. Nor is Petunia Dursley née Evans the only blood relative to Harry.

Meet Edmund Potter. Older brother to the infamous James Potter. Proud Gryffindor. Potions master. Marauder’s number one prank consultant.

Was it mentioned that Edmund is a seer? Unlike Trelawney, however, he actually remembers his premonitions.

James Potter and his brother were as close as can be. It was a rare sight to see one without the other outside of class, and it was clear that Edmund had earned his place as the “Fifth” Marauder.

Edmund Potter made it his duty to protect James above all else from a young age. When the unthinkable happens and Edmund has a vision about James’ upcoming death, what’s a brother to do? Why, attempt to change the future, of course!

Title: Hogwarts: A Journey (A Harry Potter One Shots Book) || Marauder’s Era
Summary: “Growing up is such a barbarous business, full of inconvenience… and pimples.” — J.M. Barrie

Follow Edmund Potter and his friends as they make their way through Hogwarts and life in general- Up to Edmund’s final year.

-Prequel to ‘Tempting Fate’-

NOTE: TAKING REQUESTS/PROMPTS! Simply comment on the story with your request!

Title: Morality || Maurader’s Era
Summary: Pureblood.

Arabella Blakely has been brought up to believe that being a Pureblood was all that mattered. Her parents raised her to think that she is better than everyone simply because her blood is pure, and anyone with “tainted” blood is scum.

Even at a young age, she doubted her parents’ beliefs, wondering to herself why being a Pureblood mattered. In her eyes, every witch or wizard is the same. Some might be more skilled than others, but they can all perform the same magic. They all bleed the same color. They all feel the same feelings. She bit her tongue, though, not wanting conflict in her family.

Entering her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Arabella had no doubt in her mind that she was destined to be in Slytherin house. However, she struggled to get along with her fellow housemates simply because she didn’t agree with their views- which were her parents’ views as well. She began to argue with her housemates tooth and nail, being the stubborn hot-head that she was.

As Arabella learned that the world wasn’t always so black and white, she befriended people she knew her parents wouldn’t approve of out of spite, but learned quickly that she could trust them, despite what her parents made her believe. Her new friends shared her beliefs, and she soon discovered that she must leave behind her family so to speak if she was to be happy, for she knew she could never be happy living under their rules.

Follow Arabella on her journey as she learns how to stand up for what she believes in and her place in the wizarding world.


A Future
Without Fear



The Vampire Diaries
Wattpad Official Fanfic book


(scroll for more)

After Caroline Forbes wakes up as a vampire, she must learn to adapt to a whole new definition of ‘living.’

Everything is magnified - her speed, her strength, even her emotions - and every day brings a new challenge. For a control freak like Caroline, this should come naturally, but being a vampire is not as easy as she had hoped.

Luckily, her friend Stefan is there to help. Taking the new vampire under his wing, he shows her that life doesn’t have to end after you die. As their bond grows stronger - and with Caroline’s heightened emotions in full swing - she finds herself falling for her best friend.

When the brother of her history teacher goes missing, Caroline’s new skills are pushed to their limits. She is forced to overcome her fears, doubts, and insecurities in order to help her friends solve the mystery surrounding Kristof’s disappearance.

Their investigation uncovers dark secrets and sinister motives, but soon they discover that there is a much bigger problem: a 500-year-old demon has awoken from its slumber.

And it’s not alone.


(scroll for more)

“Focus,” he whispered. “What can you hear?”

Caroline closed her eyes and strained to listen: she heard the twittering cry of a cardinal in the branches above them; the thrum of a bumblebee several meters away, as loud as if it had flown in her ear; and in the far distance, she could detect the joyous babble of a brook—Caroline had the overwhelming urge to seek it out and cool her bones in the refreshing water.

“Pay attention,” Stefan instructed her. “If you focus, you can tell what direction the noise is coming from.”

Caroline nodded and cupped her ear. Finally, she heard it: the throaty, rumbling grunts of an animal and the murmuring reply of its mate.

“Over there!” She could barely contain her enthusiasm now that she had grasped the basics of vampire hearing, and Stefan stifled a grin as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

“Follow me.” He grabbed Caroline’s hand again, and in a flash, they raced through the undergrowth, ducked between the trees. Thorns lashed at Caroline’s bare legs, and she winced. Adrenaline coursed through her veins and her heart pounded so hard in her chest that she felt sure it would alert their quarry.

He stopped abruptly and pulled her to her knees behind a fallen tree. The log was so rotten that Caroline could peer through holes in the bark. As she leaned forwards she inadvertently disturbed a giant centipede and squeaked in fright; Stefan clapped a hand over her mouth as it slithered into the undergrowth.

“I’ll show you how to run like that later,” he muttered in response to her bewildered expression. “Look over there.”


(scroll for more)

“A Future Without Fear is a beautifully descriptive and engaging story that had me hooked from the first chapter! The author portrays these lovable characters so accurately, but with enough of a twist that she makes them her own! A definite must-read!”
- LadyWazzy

“I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading this story. I am excited for the end but sad that it is almost over. You are such an amazing writer and you should be proud that you have written so much in just a few months. I can’t wait to read the other stories you have planned.”
- eaglerivergirl

“I have never seen the show before, but I loved the story from start to finish. I could understand all of it because it was explained so well and in such a natural way. I am already excited to read the sequel - and as someone who doesn’t usually read fanfiction, I consider that high praise!”
- slyce_potato


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Well if you don’t mind, I might as well post two that I have over at my other account! Hope you like them!
Title: Blue Reincarnation
Genres: Fanfiction, Fantasy.
Tags: Crossover, HTTYD, PJO, Greek, gods, adventure.
Summary: After the Giant War, Percy Jackson had thought for his demigod life to be placed on standby.
No more attacks from past enemies, no more prophecies to survive through, and no more near-death experiences whatsoever.

During a surprise attack at Camp Half-Blood, Percy finds himself with two choices at hand: stay and survive through the endless waves of Greek monsters, or leave and save everything he loves.

What he never would’ve predicted, is being transported into another dimension, transformed into a beast to shield him from his human appearance, and in great need to stop a war side to side with stubborn, hot-headed villagers and their “flying companions.”

Meanwhile, Hiccup Haddock the Third has critical problems at hand. Now knowing of the existence of a mysterious new Night Fury in the wake of Drago’s attack against the Dragon Riders makes the young Chief-to-be question the reality of the Berkian’s beliefs.

The truth of it all comes down to an epic battle of demigods and fantastical creatures against a madman sought to destroy both Greek and Viking cultures, no matter the cost.

Title: Mythological Supernaturals
Genres: Teen Fiction, Fanfiction.
Tags: Teen Wolf, PJO, gods, werewolf.
Summary: PERCY JACKSON doesn’t know where he is. Even worse, he barely remembers his name, another person’s name, and knows that he’s utterly alone. But if there’s one thing that he knows fully about himself, is that he’s different.

So after passing his days wandering around the small town of Beacon Hills, California, Percy soon suspects that he might not be the only oddity around.

SCOTT MCCALL has been having weird dreams recently. After dreaming about fantastical creatures, a girl’s sorrows, and the face of a teenage boy, he knows that something big and bad will go down in Beacon Hills.

That’s why he’s so shocked to see the same guy turn up at his house on a school night. And no matter how innocent this person looks, Scott isn’t letting his guard down on this one.

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Fanfiction Danganronpa

La voix des morts (Rantaro Amami x Reader)

(T/P)(T/N), Médium Ultime, se réveil dans un endroit totalement inconnu au côté d’une autre personne. Un garçon, Rantarô Amami, qu’elle semble connaitre, mais dont elle n’a aucun souvenir. Tout deux ayant oublié leur passé, vont se retrouver ainsi que quinze autres étudiants dans un jeu de tuerie. Grâce à son don, (T/P) est bien décidé a empêcher les meurtres. La question est: Peut-on vraiment tout arrêter?
Et quel est son lien avec le jeune homme aux cheveux vert?

8 Chapitres à ce jour (En Cours)

Hope Vs Despair (Tome 1)

Nozomi Shingetsu, une étudiante de Hope’s Peak Academy, sauve son petit frère de la maltraitance, et fait face a plusieurs autre tourment de la vie. Jusqu’au jour où tout déraille… Plusieurs élèves s’entretue et disparaisse, dont ça classe… Suite à ce complot, une étrange organisation l’a contact. Leur but? La chasse au désespoir.

1 Chapitre à ce jour (En Cours)

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Title: Through it all (a ten miles of peach blossoms fan fiction)

Fandom: Eternal love/ Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Summary: Bai Qian has returned from her mortal trials with her memory and her newly elevated powers. She wants her son, she wants her eyes and she wants justice. This time, she has everything she needs to make it happen