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The secret

Three friends Jax, Nova, and Oaklee were out in the town hanging out when they stumbled upon a mysterious cave. They decided to venture inside and stumbled upon a secret that the town has been hiding for over a hundred years. What will happen when they try to uncover the secret and tell the townsfolk?

Truth Or Dare

After a student goes missing, a teacher receives an anonymous text message offering information on her whereabouts … but only if he completes a dare.

However if he fails, the truth about his involvement will be leaked.

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Seijou Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School is a leading prestigious school with state of-the-art facilities. Ang mga estudyante doon ay may malayang pagpili ng kahit anong hairstyle at makakagawa ng kahit anong ninanais nila kaya marami ang mga estudyanteng gustong mag-enroll. Seijou Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School is a paradise-like school, pero ang totoo ay ang mga matataas lang na posisyon na estudyante sa school ang makakatamasa ng mga magagandang bagay galing sa school. Rayne Kurizaki, isang estudyante sa Class D, nandoon lahat inilagay ng school ang mga mabababang estado ng mga estudyante para pagmaliitan sila. Sa hindi malamang dahilan, si Rayne ay nakakuha ng mamabang score sa kanyang entrance exam kaya siya napunta sa Class D. Nang makilala niya sina Yanne Suzuki at Aya Hajime, nagsimulang magbago ang sitwasyon ni Rayne.


Madison Miller is thrown in the middle of a criminal investigation when her neighbour’s only son is kidnapped in a way much too similar to the way her son was kidnapped.


Ten children, ten weeks, one killer.

Abandoned bodies of ten-year-old boys have been turning up all over Charlotte, North Carolina and the inhabitants are petrified. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a gunshot to the head, and still nobody has a clue who the deranged killer is.

Laid-off news reporter and part-time babysitter Madison Miller, is tired of receiving nothing but rejection on her resumé, and so, she delves into babysitting as a fulltime career. Little does she know just how this will affect her.

Being the only mildly trustworthy babysitter, she’s entrusted with ten-year-old Ethan Daniels, only son of the now-barren couple, Lauren and Parker Daniels.

The boy goes missing, throwing Madison Miller into a thrilling panic and into the centre of the investigation. Her only clue, a call begging for forgiveness.

She enlists the help of courageous former detective Adam Walker, a long time neighbor.
Can Walker pull himself out of his rut and help Madison find answers before the deranged killer and his deadly gun claim another victim?



Status: Ongoing


Seventeen-year-old incoming senior high school student Athena Forbes is a consistent overachiever in Luther King Academy.

When a mere sight of her is seen by anyone in her school, they voluntarily kneel right before her and start commending her.

But one sudden day, things took a turn for the worse.

She suddenly can’t trust no one.

Not even the ones closest to her.

Enjoy reading! :orange_heart:

İnsanların çoğunun zombiye dönüştüğü ve sokakların artık onların kontrolünde olduğu bir salgın sonucunda her şeyini kaybeden 19 yaşındaki tıp öğrencisi Kenan, tek başına korunaklı evinde yaşamaktadır. Bir gün erzak ve teçhizat toplamak için eski lisesine gider ve aklına eski arkadaşlarını bulma fikri gelir. Bu saatten sonra artık hayatta kalmak daha anlamlı bir hale gelecektir. Başlangıçta saf görünen bu çocukların aslında hayatları hiç de günahsız değildir.
Karakterler geçmiş ve şimdiki zamanda gidip gelen yaşamlarıyla ileriye nasıl şekil verecekler?
Ek olarak bu amatörce, edebi yetkinlikten yoksun ve zekice bir iş olmayan bir Wattpad hikayesidir. Gerçek bir roman olmaktan çok uzaktır. Ona göre okuyup değerlendirirseniz sizin için daha iyi olur. Hikaye yaklaşık bir ya da iki saatinizi alır.çarpışma-zombilerin-yolu

Book : LOST
Genre : Mystery and Suspense
About : Parents disappeared. Brother disappeared. A stranger lurking in her room. An abusive and greedy aunt looking for an opportunity to do away with her. Stephanie only has herself. While she finds solace in Chris, there are things unexplained. On a path to escape from everything, will she be able to hold on for long? Or die exactly how the enemy wants her to?

Reads : 2.23 k
Link :

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Scarlet Swift, a spunky, bombshell teen is drawn into a ghostly mystery this time involving the wealthy Gray family. They contact her to help solve an old riddle left behind by a crazy dead uncle, who had hidden a fortune in the property decades before. She must hurry to find the treasure hidden on the vast haunted estate before the city can demolish the property. The more she digs into this mystery, it becomes that is a family is trying to keep something from her. What does this family have to hide that is worth killing Scarlet to keep it a secret?
Click here to read

Once a Twin u c

Title: Once a Twin

By: June Miller (writercat383)

Once, Sam had a twin. Danielle. The two have always been as close as could be. They always knew when the other twin needed them, and they were always there for eachother. But when Danielle is found dead, Sam knows that the “suicide” proclaimed by the news is a lie. Danielle would never do that. Danielle was murdered, Sam knows it. So she takes the case. And when she does, she starts finding things she never knew. Things she thought she’d never find. Things that she may wish she’d never found . . . that will change her life forever.
Perfect for lovers of thrillers and mystery seekers!!!


-June Miller

Title : The Mystery Of Team Shadbala

Blurb : Destined to battle but leading normal lives in different parts of the world; six strangers unite to form the team Shadbala as they come across several mysteries of their unknown past.
Backed up by the only last surviving member of the previous team will they be able to retrieve the cosmic weapons from the bad guys and find the gems at the right time? Or Will they fail the task and leave the world to be consumed by darkness?

Status : Ongoing

Chapters completed : 16

Updates : Frequent

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