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Description :-

•°•To Possess Is To Destroy All Possibility Of Love•°•

Hailee Erickson :-

A girl with a broken heart. A girl who left her music career just to be with her brother. A girl who doesn’t have a home. A girl constantly surrounded by danger that comes from her own people. A girl so broken that she is beyond repair.

Ryder Montez :-

A carefree happy go-lucky guy. A guy who is infatuated with broken things. A guy who loves the thrill of chasing others. A guy who wants to fix every broken thing in the world. A guy who wants to fix Hailee Erickson.

But what happens when they become friends? The danger that surrounds Hailee Erickson makes a comeback again. Will they be able to survive it?



‘“The one who bears the torch sees all and with knowledge, comes power.”’

Eccentric police officer, Lee Jackson lives an unassuming, yet fulfilling life with his girlfriend, Sabrina.

Until everything changes one winter morning.

Finding himself dragged ever deeper into a world of intrigue, before now, unknown to sleepy Northern England, Jackson must battle against an elusive and deadly assassin, his own demons and the mysterious Torchbearer Association.

Meanwhile, Priya ‘The Dhan’ Dhaneshwari is fighting a battle of her own and drifts ever closer to desperation as she tries to hold together the very fabric of her own creation.

What will the light reveal?

Click here to take a read and please let me know what you think :smile:


Breaking Eden (Highest ranking in Mystery/thriller is #2)

Main blurb

Declan Payne isn’t your average multimillionaire CEO. He’s the owner of Pleasure in Payne, one of the worlds most profitable sex toy manufacturers. But underneath his poised, well mannered facade lies a sinister beast waiting to be released. And the moment he spots Eden the need to own her, in every way imaginable, consumes him. He’ll stop at nothing to claim what he believes is rightfully his.

Eden Burrows is a featured dancer at Harvey’s and couldn’t be happier. Only her days in the spotlight are numbered when she crosses paths with the stranger in room 6. What starts off as a routine job ends in betrayal and her imprisonment. Held against her will, Eden must over come her fear and fight to escape because dying is not an option.

This is not a cliché stalker/kidnapper story.



Eighteen-year-old Jessica never thought she would be pursuing the mystery of popular student Arlo, a lifelong friend that suddenly disappeared without a trace. But an old friend is eager to investigate. So together, they try to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind in the small town of Willow Creek: What happened to Arlo Dittman?
Jessica is trying. She is trying to be a good friend, a good student, and maybe even a good detective while living with the fact that she is not human, and she never will be.'s-effect-author's-note


In a world that cheated on me, why should I play fair?

My name is [DATA HIDDEN] but anyone who is reading this can call me T. When the Kanto game reboot was announced I couldn’t wait to buy the new game and to play it on my Switch. Since the date of the release was far away I decided to play the old Pokemon Red game. Even though I did have a GameBoy Color, I didn’t have a copy of Pokemon Red. So I ordered online a copy of the game but when it arrived and when I put it in my GameBoy Color I realized that this was no Pokemon Red game. I don’t know what it is but I will try and figure things out.



Profound Effect:

Hot guys, hot L.A nights and hot weather.

Short blurb:
About a series of unconnected thoughts and events that made the summer of junior year becomes oddly dangerous.

Long blurb:
Summer never looked delicious, but what happens when you start having experiences that might contradict what might seem normal.

You feel anomalous like someone is watching you, you look around, but no one is there.

A series of unconnected thoughts and events made two bestfriends Casey Arien and Nikki Maccalister blame this odd experience on a trick of their minds.

Life hasn’t been simple for both of them until the blowout party of the year changed the courses of their lives. What the two of them have in common -despite the screaming discrepancy-, is that everything happening in their lives always linked back to that same night that erupted their lives out of control.

When the past catches up with the present, love finds its way into their messy lives, secrets and lies overloads, and their safety becomes on the line, and in a result, their sisterly relationship will be tested when they get heavily swallowed into their scotomas.
Full link book!


65282972-256-k448975 Scarlet Swift, a spunky, bombshell teen is drawn into a ghostly mystery this time involving the wealthy Gray family. They contact her to help solve an old riddle left behind by a crazy dead uncle, who had hidden a fortune in the property decades before. She must hurry to find the treasure hidden on the vast haunted estate before the city can demolish the property. The more she digs into this mystery, it becomes that is a family is trying to keep something from her. What does this family have to hide that is worth killing Scarlet to keep it a secret?




SUMMARY: Determined to have a good night, Scarlett Hayes heads home with a charming man she meets at the club, not realizing that he may or may not be the nefarious Brooklyn Ripper that’s stalking New York City.


The dream is a path for us to reach our own unconscious. We will understand the experiences and emotions we had in the past which we already forgot but somehow still affect some of our current behaviors unconsciously.How good is it if we can access our dream and solve the complex in our unconscious?
But first, we need to find a way into our unconscious before. Fortunately by technology in that time could make us go through and Anna Froden will usher us to the unconscious world. Then one day Jake Pagge brought someone to meet her and they found out he was not a normal person and might by involved in murder.Then, they needed to solve the puzzle from his dream and find his victims.


A lab experiment gone wrong. That’s one way to describe Jayla Thompson. For almost ten years, she has been away from her family but now she’s finally found her way back home and is determined to have a normal life. She has been tortured and experimented on. She has seen more than any human ever has, but she has remained strong.

Gabriel Woods is the definition of perfection. She has managed to remain secretive with everybody but him. He sees right through her and it terrifies her.

When people from her past show up and threaten to hurt the ones she loves, will she be able to stop them?



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For years Ian Valgrave has protected his younger sister Bethany from herself and from the world. When her mental illness appears to get the better of her, Ian is no longer able to save her. For the first time in his life, he is forced to face the world alone without his best friend by his side.

Rated Mature
Life After You


A person must be careful when chumming with

Eileen is an artist struggling with new-found fame.
Fame given to her by High Society’s Lauren Glas.
Naive and gullible, can Eileen withstand the forces
Of those that want her art?
Of those that want her friendship?
Of those that want her passion?
If she weakens and breaks, who will suffer first?
– – – – – – – – – –
Lauren spoke in horror. “Look out!”
“Baby… ” Eileen begged. “Just leave me be.”
Lauren grew furious. “What’s the matter with you?
"Are you trying to get yourself killed?”
Lauren’s mouth fell open as, with tears in her eyes, Eileen nodded.
– – – – – – – – – –
SHARK On Wattpad



Sheriff Mike Ryker is an old-school Investigator. He’s battling his own demons from the past and is confronted with a new challenge; a cold-blooded killer. When a U.S. Senator is shot in a rural juke-joint. Ryker finds himself thrown into a murder investigation. He enters a world filled with blackmail, adultery, and deceit. Ryker matches wits with a cunning opponent, but there’s no proof and the murderer may not be brought to justice. So a trap is laid and the killer falls for it.



Someone or something is snatching innocents from our town and leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Mutilated bodies. We’ve all become desensitized over the years almost to the cruel end of expecting more horror when we wake up each day.

Baine was the only friend at my sixth birthday party and he was my only friend the day he disappeared. Our Sheriff dragged in his hotshot nephew now that the case has gotten out of hand and all eyes have turned to me not as the suspect, but as the missing phrase to an unfathomable riddle. Grief takes a backseat as I watch the new Detective Donn Cross’ ambitions match my own.

‘I see it in their eyes when they pass me by, slowing down just enough to smile pitifully or click their tongues. They didn’t lose their loved one so they have the right to condescend on my loss instead. Despite it all, I won’t give up on bringing Baine home.’

Give It A Try:


What Dreams May Come

First in the Jamie St. Clair Mystery Series. Jamie St. Clair was a prodigy at one point or another, destined for a life of greatness, or so she thought. Life is funny, though, and instead of solving cases in New York or Los Angeles, Jamie finds herself working for the Current County Sheriff’s Department, trapped in Missouri by circumstance. When a body turns up in the Current River, just west of the little town of Linwood, Jamie gets pulled into a mystery that will shape her future - assuming she survives it.

“I don’t need to tell you anything about shooting Sheriff’s Deputy Stacy Richards just yet. Before I can tell you that, you have to hear about the body in the water, about the first murder in Linwood, Missouri, in 15 years, the one that started a string of bodies that took us all over Current County. The waters of the Current River ran red that January.”

Would love it if you clicked here to read, and let me know how I’m doing so far!