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Purple and Orange Shapes Electronics Facebook Feed Ad

Expand to read an excerpt from this funny and relatable story that is sure to leave you wanting more!

Everyone knows how awkward it is to take a shit in public, but how about taking a shit in public while two people are going at it in a shower stall five feet away? Yeah. Too awkward for words to describe.

Five minutes ago, I strolled into the washroom, and the door swung shut behind me. The shower was running, squeaking, probably because they hadn’t been updated since this residence was built ages ago. The counter might have been yellowing, but it was clean, so I plopped my things onto it, blissfully unaware. I locked the stall behind me and dropped my pink flannel pants.

A hint of a moan rose up from the general direction of the showers.

I stared at the tiled floor, eyebrows squished together. Someone must’ve really been enjoying their shower. But who was I to judge? I habitually balled my eyes out in the shower. My brows relaxed as I leaned back and crossed my ankles.

“Harder, baby!” squealed a high pitched voice. It was followed by an… enthusiastic moan.

A flush of adrenaline tingled through me. I let out a bark of laughter.

There were two other people in the adjoining showers making sounds that were clearly not normal shower sounds. Were those even normal sex sounds? Maybe my university decided to film a porno in the showers without telling anyone. At this point, that seemed more likely than this scenario.

She moaned louder over the spray of the shower.

I blinked rapidly, then openly stared at the motivational quote slapped on the blue door of the stall, likely by my RA.

Life is not a fairy tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re drunk.

I rolled my eyes. This was not happening right now. Instead of staring at useless quotes, I needed to hightail it out of here without running into Romeo and Juliet.

“Oh my God!” She gasped.

My chest tightened. I pulled in, then slowly released a deep breath.

I just needed to dash out of the stall, wash my hands (because ew, who doesn’t wash their hands), and speed walk back to the safety of my dorm room, avoiding all conflict.

Easy, right?

Well, if there were space in the small stall, I would’ve been pacing. “Just do it,” I said under my breath and in one fluid motion, unlocked the stall. The door swung open.

The steady stream of water screeched to a halt.

My already racing heart was about to explode. Body ready to bolt, my leg muscles tightened. Shit!

I rushed to the sink, movements jerky. Turn on faucet. Ouch, hot. Wrong handle. Press soap dispenser. Wash hands as quickly as humanly possible and–

The curtain separating the showers from the sinks, toilets, and urinals pulled back, revealing…


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Incidental Cougar (Book 1 of 6)

:heavy_check_mark:New Adult Romance - Love Story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heavy_check_mark:Completed :heavy_check_mark:Series

:point_right: Click here to read Incidental Cougar Book 1!

:star:Gavin was too young, too jealous, too possessive… and Sadie was in too deep.:star:

Gavin, 22, was a hot New Yorker who used the f*word as a noun, adjective, and verb. He transferred to San Diego to finish off college and escape a painful past that New York never failed to remind him of.

Sadie, 36, had moved to San Diego to be close to her college freshman son Grant. She was content with being single and focusing on her career as a nurse. Until she met Gavin.

He was too young, too possessive, too jealous, and there was no way she could risk her son finding out.

She knew better than to give into him, but she’d been single for years and her body had been too deprived. It would just be a fling and that would be that.

Only Gavin had no intention of letting her go. She was more than a one night stand. In fact, he’d never felt this way about anyone before and he wasn’t about to give her up.





New new book cover twitter10
Title: The Art of Her
Genre: Mature Romance
Status: Ongoing (Currently 36 chapters published and updated regularly ~ 3 chapters left until complete!)

Find me here:

I have every intention of sleep. Fatigue slowly engulfs me, yet, as I close my eyes, all I can see is the man from the bar. Liam. I see his dark eyes stare into mine. I imagine his lips parted slightly as he leans into me. His rough hands exploring the curvature of my body; mine roaming over the dark images that permeate his. I fall asleep somewhere in the realm of my fantasy as his strong grasp holds me and his mouth follows through with what his lips started.

Charlotte wants nothing more than to graduate from college and begin a successful career in the field of Art History. With her experience working with Professor Daniel Greyston and the Prestigious Boston Museum, she believes that her prospects look good. But after meeting Liam, a mysterious and seductive man, everything changes. Jealously fuels the fire between Professor Greyston and Liam as Charlotte is thrown into the world of Black Market Antiquities, crime and dangerous passion.


Ellie wanted nothing more than to be done with high school, step out from under her brother’s shadow as the school’s football captain, and discover who she is. Unfortunately, she’s stuck with her only friend Harper, waiting for senior year to expire. At the end of summer, on the Santa Cruz boardwalk, a rival school’s star quarterback Logan intentionally switches their cell phones in a plot to get to Elle. It backfires as they unexpectedly fall for each other. Will Logan do the decent thing, or will Ellie’s heart get broken by the exact stereotypical player that she despises?

*** Excerpt ***

“Why did you come then?” I asked quietly. He glanced down, sliding his hand into mine.

“You know why.” My fingers tingled as his wrapped warmly over them.

“You said we shouldn’t do this.” My eyes slid down to our hands, before lifting them up to rest on his. He wore a distant look in his eyes, as if he was lost in his thoughts.

“I’m having that argument in my head right now.”

*** Note *** some of the chapters have slightly mature content. Mostly swearing, little bit of messing around.

status: ongoing. Updates on Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

DM me for read for read’s - happy to trade feedback/critique!!


Title: Love is Black and White

Description: The aspiring writer Leon has an old and secret love for his best friend Jade. Frustrated by reality, he writes a book with two versions of the same story: his real friendship with her and the love story created by his own mind.

‘Love is Black and White’ is a new perspective on the concept of love, its colors and phases, from the pure love of childhood to the fears and challenges of new adult life.



Title: Hard To Find

Genre : Romance (New Adult)

Summary: Rough is a word Skylar Leighton is quite familiar with.

Learning to navigate the real world with only her sister by her side, she’s made the most out of what she has. But fresh out of college with a new job, Skylar’s life is nothing more than vanilla.

Just when she believes she’s hit a plateau, someone from her past coincidently shows up in her life, setting everything off balance.

Something is lurking in his past that he cannot get away from.

Suddenly, her life is much more than vanilla.

Will he choose her over his past? Or will the past control him?



Title: 31 Days of December
Summary: Hailey just wants to finish her fall semester of classes. She wants to be able to go home and spend the holidays with her family. She doesn’t want to have to worry about classes for a whole month. Hailey wants to be left alone. However, fate has different plans.

When Hailey least expects it, Ethan comes crashing into her life. The two have an unlikely bond that keeps pulling them back to one another. Hailey just wants to be happy while Ethan wants to know about this girl who keeps appearing in his life. Together they make a wild end of the year.

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@F3th3rA This sounds very interesting! I’ll have to check it out :slight_smile:


Title: Golden


Status: Ongoing

Blurb: As her twenty-second birthday approaches, Natalie Thomas decides it’s time to finally take the bull by the horns and step out of her comfort zone once and for all as she sets her sights on travelling halfway across the world to live in Sydney.

The plan was simple. Late nights down Bondi, unforgettable memories with her two best friends and newfound confidence after living in the big city.

What she hadn’t anticipated was a gorgeous American who refuses to leave her mind as he charms his way into her summer…


Saudade… the love that remains is an angst filled romance where you get to see the character arc of the protagonists from their teenage to adulthood. All my romantic stories, highlight the real life problems the protagonists face in their adulthood and the dynamics they share not with each other but the rest of their family and have detailed backstories.My female lead Chandni is a tough survivor who goes through depression and PTSD after her disastrous teenage romance.

Title : Saudade
Genre : Romance, Young Adult
Status : Completed

Link :



Saudade… the love that remains… longing for someone you have loved and lost, even though they might never return.(Portugese)

Advay Singh Raizada, Innovator, Brilliant Techie who did his best to shield his broken heart and restless soul behind a Casanova image, had only one girl in his heart.

Chandni… his soulmate.

He promised himself, to love and cherish her, and hoped her love would make his empty life whole, only to realise that, like all other things, she became his enemy, his ruin.

It was difficult to define the feelings on Advay and Chandni’s faces as they gazed and assessed each other, after the initial shock !
Hatred ? Loathing? A Sense of Betrayal ? Or was there somewhere a suppressed feeling of

Saudade, the love that remains… in spite of everything.

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Summer has arrived. | Zoe Asbury is a young college graduate. She could finally taste the freedom of life after months of hard work. Her plans for the next weeks are to relax, take it easy, but an unexpected event throws everything away. She has to postpone everything she wanted to do. In this wild roller coaster ride, Zoe will find that love can happen in the most unexpected way.

Summer melodies
ONGOING ⋆new chapter available
Thank you for giving it a chance.


she was once a yucca flower, but her tentacle-like thorns are getting weaker as he chops them off.

after venturing into the world with her best friend, yucca ai was content with her life. she had a job she loved, friends who taught her how to have fun and supported her, and a wonderful environment of people who made her smile.

one night filled with passion changed everything. yucca became addicted to the mysterious an jisung, the onyx-eyed dilettante who managed to penetrate the walls her heart built. as yucca grew deeper and deeper into an’s life, she realized that she really didn’t know him at all.

click here to read this story

[updated every saturday evening]

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Book: She Belongs To Ceasar



I kissed Caesar and that wasn’t supposed to happen. It will never happen again."

“Do you love me?” He asked with his shaky breath stumbling on my face.

"Yes, "

“That’s all I wanted to hear.” Then he suddenly slammed his lips on mine.


Circumstances too difficult to interpret caused a simple girl’s love affair with a crown prince to become a flake of a broken dream which led to a break up that shattered them both…almost beyond repair.

The girl strived to erase the memories they once shared, both the good ones and the bad ones. But only if she knew, that it was too easy to fall in love but a difficult task to fall out of it. As a fire leaves behind smokes and ashes, so does the love they shared.

And because a broken heart can still beat again, there will come sunshine in the rain.

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Slow burn, soft NA M/M romance!


What do you do when Mr. Tall Long drink of water, I-know-I’m-irresistible with my smirk and my bedroom eyes walks in in the coffee you’re working in and starts flirting?
Ethan is not the kind of guy who’s going to faint at the first dazzling smile directed his way.
He likes to play it cool.
Unfortunately for him, all his plans fall apart when Aden makes him an offer he can’t - won’t - refuse. And Ethan will get more what he ever hoped to reap as he accepts the deal…



Junior Commercial Solicitor Samantha is your next dream woman―the one you so desperately want to be like; with a steady career, influential figures as family, vast wealth leaving a trail of envy behind and her own fast booming business.

To Samantha, her family and career has been an utmost priority not until unavoidable nightmare awakens which leads her to an alternative; proposing marriage to Filipino showbiz personality Javier. And no― not the way you’re thinking; it was on her knees with tears streaming down her face.


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The first anniversary of the car accident that nearly killed Beatrice ‘Trixie’ Leighton is fast approaching.

Spiralling into a black hole of reckless behaviour, sex and alcohol, she is barely holding her life together. The stitches around her broken heart are fit to burst.

Matt Quinn has his own past traumas to deal with.
When Trixie enters his world, he finds himself drawn to her fragility, but he has worked too hard to slip back into old habits.
Finding it impossible to suppress his need to save her, he does everything to keep her close.

But Trixie is far from helpless and it’s about time to change the narrative.

*** Warning: rated MATURE for sexual content and strong language. + Descriptions of panic attacks, PTSD, grieving and death. ***


Not sure if it’ll make it out of here, but here’s mine! :blush:

Koon Chai Cafe New Cover

Title: Koon Chai Cafe
Genre: New Adult Romance/BL

Synopsis: When Kopter’s mother gave Kopter the opportunity to live and study in New York for a year, he couldn’t have leapt at the idea any faster. However, there is one condition. To stay humble and grounded as he attends one of the most elite schools in the world, he must work his afternoons in one of the family’s coffee shops. Working there is Park, a classmate and opposite to Kopter. Park works there not to remain humble, but to support himself and his scholarship. Kopter is rich and Park is poor. Kopter is tall, athletic and outgoing, making friends everywhere he goes. Park is cold, reclusive and remains an outcast at school. So why do sparks keep flying between these diametrically opposed boys?


A Writer’s Nightmare

Writing a book in your own time, trying to sustain your passion is hard. Being ordered to write a book in a month is even harder.
What is a writer without their imagination, creativity exploding through their veins, what is a writer without motivation to find the words?
Lucas lost himself while creating a masterpiece which found him success, who was he without a screenplay of characters in his head?
Lucas accepted his career is over, throwing in the towel before he merely has begun, or was he just being a Jessie?

Link to book:'s-nightmare
Video trailer-

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