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Reason tells us who we are. Who and what we love shows us why we are.

Highest ranks to date: #1 in Enlightenment, #1 in Naturalism, #1 in Accomplishments.

Click this link to read “Enlightenment.”

What readers say:

“Out of everything I have read from other writers on here, your words resonate with me the most.”

“…seamless and intelligent…perspectives I’ve never thought of before.”

“While the author recognizes limits to the written word, his use of the medium is beautiful.”

"A book to keep by your bedside…more wisdom and common sense than Solomon!”

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Looking for advice on how to best take care of your hair? Do you want beautiful, healthy and strong hair like the models on TV and in magazines? Do you want hair that people can’t help but compliment? Then you need to be good to your hair.


READ The Paralyzing Sleep Monster

I decided to write about a “sleep phenomenon,” I experienced this a few times in my life and it sort of made me believe that I was having an out of body experience.


READ The Unfairness of Sexism

An article about sexism in society towards women.

  • Published on March 14, 2012 Sync Weekly Vol. 5 Issue 47

This appeared on my birthday. The direct link to the article is lost but I posted it again from the print issue that I’ve saved.

I will gladly do read for reads with anyone who is interested:)

Title: “The heart that’s inside”

Synopsis: Fourteen year old Ellie Meyers is about to learn a hard truth: She’s pregnant.

Follow our young heroine through her own version of self discovery and what life is really like dealing with a teenage pregnancy. A heartbreaking, yet remarkable account of love, strength, and overcoming some of life’s greatest obstacles. Grab your tissues, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

As for me? it all started with a test.

This novel is based on the Authors real life experiences, names have been changed for privacy.


Title: Kick-ass Career Guide for Women
Author: @elusive_6788
Summary: The purpose of the book is to empower women in the workforce, and give them confidence to set boundaries and thrive in their careers.

:star: Featured on Wattpad’s official Non-fiction page. Earnesty Awards 2019 honorable mention.


Hello Everyone,

I would love input on my summary and new book cover. Any other feedback, opinions, and such are always appreciated. Thanks.

Title : #JoinTheConversation
Author : CoralSands
Summary : These little hashtags pepper our lives. These are mine and how they represent me. At least that is how I wanted this book to be. A fluffy book about social norms using short articles using a hashtag as inspiration. However, it has grown and changed as I have.

You know that feeling of satisfaction when you make a really great point in a conversation, but then that moment of disappointment when you try to explain it later on and it all falls apart. Well, I hate that. I wanted a place for my not so short social media posts. I wanted to dig deeper into why I felt those posts or points were valid and whether I had good reason to believe my position. This became more important to me in 2016 as I watch our country and families become more divisive in its political climate.

On the Eve of POTUS 45’s inauguration, I challenged myself to step further outside my bubble. I sought out not only people who don’t share the same opinion as me in one or two things, but those that stood at the opposite spectrum. I wanted to understand them, but the further I researched, the more I realized it forced me to ask whether my current beliefs are consistent with my morals and ethics.

#JoinTheConversation is my contribution to the marketplace of ideas. Its an ongoing book of short essays surrounding various social, religious, and political topics. Many may be controversial and thus might offend. Hopefully, it stands up to scrutiny. If not, let me know. Maybe you will change my mind.

Don’t be afraid to join in the conversation; our fluid and diverse voices make our society unique.

Wattpad’s Guide Series in order:**

• Wattpad’s Guide to Attracting Readers Click here to read.


Tips, tricks, cliches, and cheats on how to build up your stories and maximise your potential.

Don’t get discouraged. This book covers info I wish I had known when I first joined Wattpad.124041434-256-k713534



Are you unable to continue your writing or feeling drained of creativity?

This guide is filled with tips and tricks to help you slay writers block and get back your passion for writing.


Other Works

Click here to read

All the things I wish I knew before attending college.


Are you experiencing writers block or just looking for inspiration? If so, then this guide is for you. Each chapter contains a long list of writing prompts based on different genres.


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In October 2016, I was given a death sentence, Stage IV with a nearly always fatal cancer. My life expectancy was now months, not decades.

Mortal Musings is a stream-of-conscious book written as I battled this horrible disease. I describe in detail what I was experiencing physically, emotionally, spiritually. I talk about how the cancer impacted not only me and my career, but my wife, family and friends. I discuss various coping strategies from the perspective of not only a victim, but one with a psychology background.
I reflect upon my life, and how it has gone through so many dramatic cycles. I also speculate about the very meaning of life, why are we here? Why me? And, what lies beyond the corporal shell of existence?

The unique writing style will let you understand better what terminal patients go through. It will give hope to those fighting for survival and comfort to those who love them.
This is the story of my father, John Wait, Jr. His has been called the “Greatest Generation” for good reason, and his story is a great example.

He grew up in a three-room house with no electricity, plumbing or even an outhouse. He shared it with four other siblings and his parents in rural Kansas during the devastating dust bowl years, which coincided with the Great Depression. After learning to fly while in college, he enlisted in the Army Air Force six months prior to Pearl Harbor. He was one of the first fighter pilots to go overseas to England. How he went from flying beat-up spitfires to essentially commanding two of the world’s most famous airports - Heathrow and Le Bourget - to being one of the first Americans to enter Hitler’s Bunker is a truly amazing story.

The book is full of rich story-telling supplemented with historical documents, information, and lots of pictures.

This is my personal story. A diary or journal of sorts. It tells a lot about me and who I am. Hope you enjoy.

I have many interesting and fun nonfiction stories for you to read!

What do a motorbike, a cat, a nurse in a Camaro
and a bisexual have in common?
Well if you knew me, you’d know.

This is my entry in the Lenovo Back to School Contest. Please Read and Enjoy!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

HATE your gonna LOVE
Somewhere in Wattpad lie the many Hates of Parogar, which he calls Haters Gotta Hate. Somewhere else lie the not so many Loves of xxmajaine that she calls Lovers Gotta Love. And I can’t decide which of those I Love more.
I Hate that!
Since Maja seems to Hate the way she Loves Parogar’s Hates, where he in turn so Loves the way he Hates Maja’s Loves, and since both seem to Love the way they Hate that sorta stuff about one another…
Shoot…I forgot where I was going with this.
Oh well. Anyway, here’s all the stuff I posted to them about their Hates and Loves and such. So if you ever Hated Loving something, or you can’t help Loving something you know you really ought to Hate, then this book is for you.
Or not. I mean, what do I know?
I’m crazy.
HATE your* gonna LOVE

*Yes. I know. It’s wrong. It’s a joke from long ago.