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Does the term #NaNoWriMo mean anything to you? If you’re a writer—especially a young writer—who’s been online for the past 15 years, then it probably does.

In 2009, I first set out to finally achieve my goal of writing a novel. The premise behind National Novel Writing Month, founded in 1999 by Chris Baty, is to write 50,000 words by the end of the designated month, which is always November.

Although I won the competition (along with hundreds, if not thousands, of others), my novel was still incomplete, life happened, and I abandoned my novel as a result. Five years later, I began the journey to resurrect and complete it.

Here’s my story. (Complete with updates from my 2015 NaNoWriMo journey!)

Note: Although I’m participating in the competition again in 2018, I won’t be updating with new information because I’m actually using my own story here as a guide as well. I feel adding anything more to it would be redundant.

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It’s simple I love reading, also love talking about the books I read.


i am a beginner writer, and i think community will help
it says “Make sure you’re not posting a link to your story–ads are only allowed in the SYS threads”
so i can posting link to my story isnt it ? since it only forbid us not to posting ads, i just realized that i can put ads

well my story is not finish yet , actually still preface (first day tho).



This is a very short story about a gay couple. One loses the other to AIDS and it is about the torment he undergoes. It is a true story.



Are you feeling stuck? Lost? Confused? Uninspired?

Grab some tea (or coffee), a biscuit and the start of your book (you might even find that while reading this book?).

I have tips on a number of things that I have learned while writing (btw, I am still learning). Hopefully, I will help you get you on track to finding new ideas, getting unstuck, and to improving your writing.

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Lonely Lover & Caged Love
This piece is a bit of self-reflection after the wrongful conviction of my spouse. The second portion is the beautiful mirror-piece he wrote back to me from his cell.

Alaskan Winter
Just a little piece of microfiction - the result of a beautiful writing exercise.



the first part has been published and ready to take some hardcore comment.
Your vote and comment will help me, at least it will build some courage within me to continue writing


It isn’t every day that you find yourself waking up and realizing “Hey, I’m a mean girl.”
I could make sure people like you didn’t make their way into our circle and I was very good at it. You wanted to sit with us? No thank you. You wanted to talk to one of us? Sorry, no can do. You wanted to collaborate on a school project? I.Don’t.Think.So…nothing personal. It’s just, look at you and look at me? Do you really belong here?

That’s the age-old question isn’t it? Do you really belong here? What does that even mean anyway? Of course, you belong here…right? You might be wondering why I’m telling you this. If you are patient I will explain. In order to tell you, I have to share some dark stuff. You might not want to hear it. If you don’t, that’s alright, I don’t really care. I’m a mean girl after all. If you are interested in finding out how a person becomes “mean” than don’t go anywhere. Things are about to get interesting…

When You Realize You’ve Become The Mean Girl…and What Comes Next


Ohh! Nice, kababayan! :slight_smile:


Divorce is a terrifying thought to most people. The unknowns cause anxiety and sadness. Although, there are many books about divorce, with great advice and things that you can expect to happen, they aren’t based off of my unique experience.

Whether you are facing divorce, know someone who is going through a divorce, or you’re thinking about divorce, this is the book for you.

Divorce Sucks offers hard hitting truths, informative advice, with some humorous exploitation of my own experiences thrown in for good measure.


a series of thoughts that I will post when I randomly decide to write down what’s going through my mind.


I Swear I Can Write

A quirky collection of some quirky writing.

It’s a bit disheartening to find so many Mary Sue and Gary Stu stories all over the Internet. Recently, I got interested in the non-fiction genre, especially creative non-fiction. It’s so refreshing to read from unique perspectives and learn of the different insights of the same things from different people.
But these stories are far and few between, I struggle to find well-written and interesting non-fiction. So I guessed it was time I brought some of my own fancy to this near-empty table.

I Swear I can Write is an odd narration of unpopular opinions, possibly rants, and rejected manuscripts. I also like football, so I make a lot of those references as well. Honestly, I’m a fairly strange person, I think my writing would make for some good amusement haha.

[I can neither post a picture nor a link cos I’m new, sorry! Please follow the link to my wattpad via my userpage to find my book, thanks.]



Want to learn a new method of writing? Join me on my experience writing with tarot cards, complete with a guide, and tips and tricks!

What makes us the way we are? Should we change just because other people don’t like what they see? Should we stay true to ourselves? These and some other question will be answered here. Have in mind that this is only a point of view of one person who wishes the world to be a better place.

People have different opinions about traveling and all of them have some valid points. This is my view of what is it like to travel.








Pues, es la primera vez que escribo y lo comparto, una amiga me recomendó este sitio para empezar, no eh visto por el momento mucho español. i could try translating my stories, but… im not now, maybe in a few days.


No hay mucho aqui en Espanol. I planned to make my new book in Spanish and English but I’m not sure there’s a market for the Spanish. What do you think?