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Reason tells me who I am. Love shows me why I am.

Highest ranks to date: #1 in Enlightenment, #1 in Naturalism, #1 in Accomplishments.

Click this link to read “Enlightenment.”

What readers say:

“Out of everything I have read from other writers on here, your words resonate with me the most.”

“…seamless and intelligent…perspectives I’ve never thought of before.”

“While the author recognizes limits to the written word, his use of the medium is beautiful.”

"A book to keep by your bedside…more wisdom and common sense than Solomon!”


Conversazioni per comprendere il mondo, ciò che ci circonda e la propria vita.`

What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you? Did you feel hopeless? Angry? Were you afraid? Do you wish that the pain would just go away? Do you wish, that it never happened?

What if you’ve been wishing for the wrong thing the entire time? What if you could turn those experiences into powerful lessons that become your greatest strengths? And, in discovering your strengths, you heal the pain the experience caused you and live a more positive and happy life. Would you still wish your worst thing never happened?

If you answered ‘no’ you should read this book. It has the tools and process to allow you to turn your worst experiences into your greatest strengths. To turn your pain into your POWER.


John (not his real name) says feminism is harmful, pointless, and “no regular male” wants anything to do with it.
That no regular male thing got right up my nose, as did the rest of his anti-feminist MRA non-sense.
So I posted a point by point response.
John got angry (as I knew he would) and exposed the ugly arrogance beneath his ‘rational man’ front.

wattpad feminist cover 2

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Wattpad’s Guide to Attracting Readers (Completed)

Wattpad’s Guide Series in order:

• Wattpad’s Guide to Attracting Readers Click here to read.


Tips, tricks, cliches, and cheats on how to build up your stories and maximise your potential.

Don’t get discouraged. This book covers info I wish I had known when I first joined Wattpad.124041434-256-k713534


Click here to read

Don’t procrastinate, strike when the iron is hot, and make a name for yourself.

This guide is filled with tips and tricks to help promote your writing career.




Are you unable to continue your writing or feeling drained of creativity?

This guide is filled with tips and tricks to help you slay writers block and get back your passion for writing.



The official magazine of the Team Of Dreams

January 2020 - to dream your dreams

We want new and experienced authors to become more comfortable in their own skins as writers and poets. To this end, it is our mission to offer activities, education, and connection that further the success of the members of our Wattpad community. One such endeavor is the Aspire Magazine.

1st Quarter 2020


Published this month:

  • What’s New? - Upcoming projects by TeamOfDreams
  • Ongoing Projects - What we’re doing right now!
  • Book Review - The UnTitled by @LanaJoKing
  • Education - How To Hook
  • Interview - @CRNedd
  • Team Picks - Favorites around Wattpad of each Team Of Dreams admin.
  • Flash Fiction - Cubby’s Rescue by @spacetodream (Stacie Eirich)
  • Motivation - Motivational quotes, songs, and pics to inspire you.
  • Writer’s Block - Writing prompts to help get you going
  • Poetry - Tavern by @MelBraxton
  • Copyright Info
  • Daily Dreams (daily questions for you, the reader!)


The Dream Shop Story Creation 2019 Workshop, consists of three, mini workshops each with their own workbook. It is designed to get you primed and ready to write your next novel. You can choose where to begin: World Building, Character Development, or Plot Generation. This book will help guide you through the program while you access the other workbooks.

If you would like to access the other workbooks immediately, check out Chapter 3’s comments for the links!

Good luck and happy writing!



Have you just joined - or been on hiatus - Wattpad? Or maybe you’ve just been feeling so overwhelmed by all the changes and you need a guide. Whatever the case may be, the Team of Dreams is here to present you with that guide.

Our How To: Wattpad book will present you with explanations on Wattpad and how to work your way through its mysterious world. Go ahead and take a look inside.





Looking for advice on how to best take care of your hair? Do you want beautiful, healthy and strong hair like the models on TV and in magazines? Do you want hair that people can’t help but compliment? Then you need to be good to your hair.


READ The Paralyzing Sleep Monster

I decided to write about a “sleep phenomenon,” I experienced this a few times in my life and it sort of made me believe that I was having an out of body experience.


READ The Unfairness of Sexism

An article about sexism in society towards women.

  • Published on March 14, 2012 Sync Weekly Vol. 5 Issue 47

This appeared on my birthday. The direct link to the article is lost but I posted it again from the print issue that I’ve saved.

Title: Kick-ass Career Guide for Women
Author: @elusive_6788
Summary: The purpose of the book is to empower women in the workforce, and give them confidence to set boundaries and thrive in their careers.

:star: Featured on Wattpad’s official Non-fiction page. Earnesty Awards 2019 honorable mention.


This is a short story I originally typed years ago, as a way to cope with the troubles I was going through with a particular boy. It entails all the ups and downs that I went through with him over the course of a year and a half, and what pain he caused me. Warning, when this happened I was a young age, so yes this may sound stupid to a lot of you.
I am releasing this because I feel that it’s time for it to sit somewhere other than the files of my laptop. Everything is mainly written the same, but names have been changed for discretion

Unsung Heroes of Entertainment


Description: A problem with many video game and movie critiques is that they give this binary first impression. The work is either horrible or its a masterpiece and credit is not given where its due for those titles that are swept under the rug so to speak.
Here I write reviews for some of the more underrated and unfairly reviewed titles in the past couple of decades, not necessarily to include them among the greats but to, as I said earlier, give credit where credit is due.
A bad review is even worse than a bad game or movie, because a review influences the way people think of a work for better or for worse.

Maxims, Aphorisms and Epigrams by Y.F. Andrews @Huxleys_World

Maxims, aphorisms and epigrams about life and all of its intricacies, mysteries and absurdity. These ideas I have formulated by living life and ruminating on it during my moments of solitude, isolation, and loneliness. I wanted to share these with you all. I hope these may provide you with some value. Thank you for reading! :slight_smile: Much love for you all!

** Beneath The Willow Tree: The Strange Journey to Discover The Soul by Y.F. Andrews** @Huxleys_World

Beneath The Willow Tree is a semi-autobiographical humorous story. One man’s myth to discover the purpose of life, or at least his life. It is the modern myth for modern society. Similar to the tale of Ulysses by James Joyce in regards to the loose story structure and the modern myth. The main character is dealing with existential crises, and attempting to find meaning in a modern society that deems the individual meaningless. This tale is one of the human experience, all genres included. Our main characters deals with the same issues that plague many of us today: who in fact are we, what is our purpose (if there is one), how to be an individual in a society that attempts to form us all into faceless statistical masses that are considered valuable as only functionary units to the state. The troubled character encounters and recounts an array of events, stories, characters he has met, and lets you inside his internal dialogue and the thoughts that perplex and interest him. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy :0 Much love for all of you! xo :smiley: