Share Your Opinion 1.0 - Survey


Hello everyone! I’m sure there’s been plenty of these surveys going around, but here’s one more! Share your opinion on Wattpad Paid Stories by filling out the survey below! Feel free to share with your friends so we can get as much data as possible.

NOT AN OFFICIAL WATTPAD SURVEY but your responses still matter.

Do you pay for stories on Wattpad? [POLL]

Uh just a note, it says reader or writer, and the answer is yes/no


Darn it. I’ll fix it.

I always mess it up.

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Aw that’s okay, it happens. I do it to :smile:

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Cool beans

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Just maybe add an option: PaidStories is not avaiable in my country.


Done :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a heads up that there’s another option which doesn’t involve coins - paid stories are unlocked for those using Wattpad Premium ^-^

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I thought I added that…darn I messed it up again


You may want to add multiple choice for that “why” question. I wanted to select 3 options

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Done :slight_smile:

@Azanthiel I suggest you confirm about the Paid Stories being free for the Premium users, Hollie :slight_smile: I remember Nick stating somewhere that the program isn’t free for Paid Stories as of now.

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Just checked on ‘The Dragon Chase’ by @.Arveliot - it seems they’re still available free for Premium users at the moment.

Though I think (if I remember correctly) there were discussions around a possibility of free stories for Premium users not being the case in the future, so not sure how long this’ll remain :slightly_smiling_face:


As another Premium user, I can confirm. Paid stories still let me into locked chapters with a message saying it’s available for a limited time. So, yeah, there’s no reason for me to have bought coins yet and I filled out the survey with Premium as my “other”. Wish it would be an option elsewhere though because I would buy coins if I had to and now it probably looks like I wouldn’t based on the first few questions.


Thanks for the clarification, my friend :slight_smile:



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