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Part 16 is now posted. You can read it here. Thanks for checking it out!

Seventeen year old Alida, born to an angel mother and vampire father, wants to accompany her mother on healing and helping missions in their forgotten, run down New York City neighborhood. With no explanation, she is restricted to their block. Alida has never known her father, and her mother isn’t answering any questions. But when her mother disappears in white flames, Alida is left without access to the ‘pink drink,’ as her mother calls it, a potion that quells her bloodlust. Without it, her father’s lineage begins to burn inside.

Thirsty, and for the first time, feeling her vampire nature rise, Alida sets out to find her father, hoping he knows what might have happened to her mother, and where she can find the pink drink. Along the way she meets Pup, a white witch, and his sister, Sara, who claim Alida is The Gloamkind, a special child meant to stop a great evil.

But time is running out. The vampire inside Alida wants blood, and soon the human relationships she cherishes become threatened. The scent of war is in the air, and when Alida uncovers a family secret, she must decide if blood is worth the price of her friends, a boy named Evan, and her soul.


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Even love can be poison.

A dark fortress of trees twisted and crippled by time, the Clearwater woods is no place for two teenage girls. When sixteen-year-old Ivy Farewell and her best friend Margaret end up lost, their only hope is in each other. But the woods are deeper than Ivy imagined, each turn only bringing them farther from home. All seems undone until a stranger persuades them back to his cabin. Under his spell, Ivy falls into a deep and complicated love, a love so treacherous it blinds her to what he truly is–a monster.




Marcus promised a lot…but promises can be broken. The man that is a leader of a supernatural gang, in same time hides a secret of his own. A secret that would bring him down, a secret that MUSTN’T get away. But what if the one knows?

The youngest member of the team, Terrance Jade, feels the passion and care towards his leader. The secret he keeps only because he is scared from his past, and scared to meet his future.

What happens when the two males find themselves in each other’s way, what happens when their secrets go out? Will there be love? Hatred? Or much more…

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