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Erin knows her family is running from something. From her father’s insistence she learn to defend herself, to her mother’s hesitant introduction to the “family curse,” Erin has known it wasn’t something normal they were running from. When three men arrive unannounced at their remote home in Indiana, she finds out there is much more to her parents than she has ever imagined. Will she adapt to the reality that they came from? Or will she be taken by the Whispers?





Mari always thought she was a normal type of girl:
The one who never got asked out, the one who constantly looked like she just woke up, and the one who was in love with her best friend.
During her father’s funeral in England when she was five, Mari saw something no one else could see. A big, black dog with bright yellow eyes.
It turns out that there is a connection between the two, and her life spirals down as her eighteenth birthday grows closer and closer.

Sneak Peak!
Mari kept her purse close. She had her earphones in and listened to the screams and cries of the men in her phone as she nodded her head to the beat. The city that she lived in wasn’t the safest, but it also wasn’t the worst. She continued to shift her eyes, waiting for a hooded man to charge at her.

Once she got to the neighborhood, she started to notice something strange. The lights above her that lit the roads were starting to burn out. Not consecutively, but randomly. She paused and looked around, wondering if it was some weird outage.

Mari continued walking, ignoring the lights, but once it started to get much darker, she started to worry. The only lights that she could clearly see were the ones coming from the inside of some houses.

The lights were turning off faster and faster and almost violently. Some of the bulbs exploded, causing the young woman to jump and wildly look around.

Finally, all the lights were out. All but one.

The lamp post in front of Mari was the one left standing, and the light it emitted created a little spotlight on the road.

A pair of yellow eyes appeared in the darkness, and it was coming much closer. Mari stepped back, unsure of what to make of the eyes. Was it a cat? Was it a freak wearing bright yellow contacts?

It was a black dog, and a big one at that.



Gothic / Short: An unusually warm late-autumn dusk, two teens having a meeting in a deserted playground turned cemetery.




Waxahachie, Texas, 1970: a woman brutally murders her cheating husband, his mistress, and her two kids, before killing herself. Flash forward to the 1990s. A new family moves into the murder house.

Paula Harris is determined to start a new life with her family in Waxahachie. The realtor and neighbors warn Paula and her husband of the tragedy and rumored hauntings, but they write off the stories as small-town gossip and move in any way.

Weeks later, evil spirits torment them. It starts with voices, footsteps, shadows, and progresses to apparitions of the murder victims. During the day, the home sits quiet and peaceful, but at night the evil spirits possess one of Paula’s children. The family is horrified when the evil spirits try to kill them. The matriarch of the spirit family transports Paula to 1970 to witness the long-ago murders.

Through painstaking research, Paula learns that every family who has ever lived in the home has either fled in terror or mysteriously disappeared. Unable to leave because the evil spirits attached themselves to her family, Paula desperately tries to destroy them and rid the house of their presence. She knows that if she fails, her family will die.


Adam thinks his best friend Eve is crazy,
but neither of them cares. Sometimes Eve
will even admit that Adam may be right.

Now that Adam is thirteen, he’s having
cuter thoughts about Eve. But Eve is
only eleven, so it’s going to be a while
before she agrees or disagrees with him
about things like that.

Adam doesn’t mind waiting. There’s not
much else to do when the flatlands of
South Dakota are your home.

Eve is good at finding things to do while
living in the middle of nowhere. For as
long as Adam can remember, it’s been Eve’s
sworn duty to watch over the trees, keeping
the Evil beneath them buried.

Eve helps the trees keep Evil in the ground
by using a pitchfork to smash unwanted
pumpkins in the fields of her mom’s farm.

I did mention Eve is crazy, right?

On her seventeenth birthday, Eve started
paying more attention to Adam and less
attention to the trees. That may not be the
best idea she’s ever had.

Maybe Eve isn’t so crazy after all.

“Crow, you call me crazy and you may be right.
But I’m not crazy for the reasons that you think.
There are things inside the Earth.
Things that shouldn’t be seen.”

“The trees are losing the fight.
Stuff is getting out.”

in @AmbassadorIN 's LOVE SHOTS Contest!



OPEN CLARITY - A Paranormal Romance


Have you ever wondered why you share an immediate connection with a certain person? What if that person were your soul mate?

Lia Russo sees Matthew in her dreams for the first time when she is seven. She doesn’t realize it yet, but Matthew is her soul mate. What Lia also fails to realize is that her soul travels as she sleeps and is able to interact with others. Throughout her adolescence, her dreams are filled by encounters with Matthew but are also plagued by other mysterious forces. OPEN CLARITY follows Lia’s enigmatic journey as she learns, through her aunt’s deepest secret, that her dreams are more than just the subconscious thoughts and memories of her physical life.

This novel is an original work and is complete. A new chapter will be posted on Wattpad each week.

Thank you for your support!


Link to the Story >>>

Withdrawn from his immortal life of war and bloodshed, Vincent Fenrir seeks redemption from his sins - a sinister wish that would never be granted.

By burying his own selfish anarchy, Vincent begins by becoming a shield to his brother Seth. A young soul tormented by terrors of another life.

Their life of solitude is shattered when a familiar face comes back for blood. Secrets are revealed, loyalties tested and the body count rises.

Vincent knows what he must do to stop the chaos, but will his conscience allow him to finish what he should have years ago?

Or will he witness his brother transform into the biggest threat of all?


what l lost is about love, lose, friends and superpowers
What l lost




Angels and demons, the classic dichotomy of good and evil. It’s easy to leave it at that, but have you ever met one or the other? If you could, would you want to? Would they be what you thought they would, or would the knowledge leave you with more questions than answers?
Their is a war in the shadows, and the battleground is the earth. A titanic struggle for the human soul waged outside of sight and mind of the general population. Gavin has been a warrior for his entire existence, fighting to protect what he treasures most. He stood in the light, doing what he believed to be right, only to suffer a penalty he did not deserve.
Eliza is on the run for the crime of simply existing. Her secrets separate her from the rest of humanity. She doesn’t know how or why she has this curse, but she knows she has to keep running. What else is there in a world of monsters?
These two are on a crash course that will force them to face their inner fears. Will they find salvation in one another? Or will they only find destruction? Only time will tell.



After encountering something of myths one day after work, Valentina begins questioning her once mundane world. Seeking answers to prove she’s not crazy, she receives another shocking truth that hits even closer to home.

Mason returns home to escape his past, but familiar faces return, and new threats arrive in town. Keeping an eye on the enemy, he struggles to avoid getting involved any more than he should.

But, when their paths cross, they learn not everything is black and white, and the people you least suspect could be your enemy.

‘This is a dumb idea’ she thought to herself.

Slowly she began reaching her hand towards the animal, feeling compelled to touch it. The sudden desire to be closer to this animal was beginning to overtake her mind, especially as her hand neared its head.

The whole time the animal only watched her with those large eyes. She imagined it almost asking for her touch. As her finger just barely grazed the animal, multiples things happened.

She felt something shock her causing her to pull her hand back, just as thunder and lightning sounded. When the light cleared the animals’ eyes, were narrowed into slits, and it was growling. It was a deep menacing sound that sent her stumbling backward. It bared fangs the size of her hand alone dipping its head.

Had her touch angered the animal into finally attacking her? She kept moving backward in the rain, slipping in her converses as the creature continued growling. It was then she knew she was prepared to run, no matter what happened.


(If anyone is willing to give my story a chance I’ll do the same)


~ A Tapas "Staff Pick"/"Noteworthy Novel"

~ Often compared (unfairly to them because they’re real authors) to the style of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett

~ Was in the top 200 in the Victorian tag for awhile

~ Also

~ My brother seems to like it and he has Very Discerning Tastes™

Mr. Mortality & the Heart Collector

The year is 1896, and Michael MacBranain is in desperate need of a job.

Fortunately for him (or perhaps not-so-fortunately), the Grim Reaper is also in desperate need of an assistant!

The trouble is, Michael is terribly superstitious and loathes himself for his own cowardice.

But with a dark supernatural force on the loose in New York City, there may be more at stake for Michael and his employer than just job security!


A multi-part short story, serving as a prototype for the future web-serial “Mortality”, the episodic adventures of the Grim Reaper and his assistant. While this story is not as well-researched or polished as I hope for the actual series to be, it does give something of an idea of what I’m going for character and story-wise.

I hope you enjoy this debut~


May you please add a link


I’ll take you up on that deal. My novel is the one posted just above yours. I just recently finished and uploaded the complete work. It needs some polish, so I would enjoy feedback from another writer. I look forward to reading your work!



“He waits for you, dear child. The devil himself has you in his sights.”

Persephone Echo Remes was beautiful inside and out. Everyone who has come to known her had said the same thing: she is destined for greatness, whatever that meant. She had everything that she could ever want, except for a man’s heart.

Someone who would fight the whole world to be by her side. It was something the young girl desperately wanted, though every time she felt remotely close to a male, he started to become insane talking about demons and such.

Persephone didn’t know what it all meant, until her first day of classes when she bumped into a male with eyes cold as steel.



The world will end in fire and ash.

Scorched by the flame–

A grief that consumes.

The Lesser will betray, and

The Greater to hell he dooms.

For twenty years, Jensen Avery has been raised with the knowledge that at the rise of the moon on her twenty-first birthday, she will murder her twin brother. It is a tradition that she had been born to carry-out.

She is the all-powerful monster of her people; destined for glory; destined for isolation.

Jensen has never wanted to be the monster the world takes her for, but a tragedy shakes her life and rocks her resolve. For the first time, she begins to genuinely fear for the very state of her soul. She could see the darkness forming in her eyes and she knew that it would consume her if she stayed.

So she ran.

She didn’t expect to get far and she didn’t expect to meet Kaleo. An unexpected and volatile partnership, the longer she stays with him, the closer she grows to losing the best parts of herself.

It is a lesson she learned long ago: darkness cannot sire light and monsters cannot truly love.

But, is it a lesson that she will continue to heed?



A new paranormal novel by the Wattys2018 Shortlisted author, Arthur Foo.

“In 1940, as the British Army is retreating to Dunkirk, Private John Anderson, his whole unit obliterated by the Germans, is rescued by a mysterious stranger with only a bow and arrow for his weapon. Calling himself Robin Hood, he brings Anderson to an abandoned winery. There, Anderson is introduced to his young daughter, Olivia, who instantly becomes amorous of him.

When Anderson eventually succumbs to her advances, he realizes too late that the price of lust can be fatal …”



Angelical Screw-Ups

Humour / Fantasy / Paranormal / new adult

They screwed up big time.

And now, there was no going back.

Alice and Alicia were twin angels in heaven, the kingdom of the gods. They were the classic good-and-evil variety, where the good twin did good things and righted the wrongs that the evil twin always did. But, in this case, the evil twin might just be a manufacturing defect – a misfortune. Alice is always trying to help Alicia do the right thing at the right time, until there comes a situation where they both screw-up big time. And this continues on like a domino effect and finally creates such a complicated chain that the entire universe is suddenly plunged into danger.

It’s now up to Alice and Alicia to save the universe. And for that, they need to go to the planet of the humans.

Would they survive on it long enough to correct their mistakes? Read on to find out!




After ‘the incident’ Lillith had to run away from the town she had grown up in. It was, literally, a matter of life or death.

She was wandering alone for so long, walking dozens of miles every day and staying alert all the time that she could barely stand anymore. She spent a few weeks hidden in the forest, badly wounded. She needed to heal before starting the journey to a new and safer life. She couldn’t even count the days that passed since the last time she had eaten. Everything tasted like a mix of rotten eggs and smelly fish in her mouth, disgusting. Water was the only thing that helped her to keep her sanity, or what was left of it.

A few of months later, she was able to finally reach her destination. A dark, cold and foggy big city in the north was just what she needed. Nobody knew her around there, and people dying and disappearing everyday would make things easier for her, an all you can eat. At least that was what she thought.