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I lived in my home, the grand city of Torino. We survived the Second World War, tyranny and gain freedom to rebuild a glorious town. My family was at the center of it as my father was a wealthy businessman who owned, sponsored several new projects which would help Torino reach the entire world.

What I didn’t know was that my father knew about the beasts in the shadow. An entire race living in obscurity from us mortals. It got the attention of one of them. A beast in form of a beautiful woman. She came to me in the night, forced me to drink her blood and then slayed us all. She would be the end of my family, but dawn of my new life. My life as an Ascendant of the I Soli clan. I am Valeria Di Santis and this is my tale of vengeance and path to power.

The story can be found here:

Hey, I’m rewriting and finishing my work on girl going through vampire apocalypse in an underground bunker maybe turning into vampire and trying to solve the situation with other underground creatures. Read on -> The story currently has over 25k words. I would appreciate feedback!


The True Covenant- The Summer of 1989

Erin knows her family is running from something. From her father’s insistence she learn to defend herself, to her mother’s hesitant introduction to her “bloodrite,” Erin has always known they were fleeing something otherworldly. Secrecy and solitude are the mantras of her parents. Her’s is a life without a permanent home, without a proper family and without friends.

When three men arrive unannounced at their remote house in Indiana, her life is turned upside down. It is time for her to confront the world of her parents, the world they are hiding from. She needs to learn quickly who among her kin can be trusted and who is a threat to her very life.

Will she embrace this strange new life with the supernatural? Or will her power, spurred on by her mysterious Uncles, consume her heart, body and soul?



Waxahachie, Texas, 1970: a woman brutally murders her cheating husband, his mistress, and her two kids, before killing herself. Flash forward to the 1990s. A new family moves into the murder house.

Paula Harris is determined to start a new life with her family in Waxahachie. The realtor and neighbors warn Paula and her husband of the tragedy and rumored hauntings, but they write off the stories as small-town gossip and move in any way.

Weeks later, evil spirits torment them. It starts with voices, footsteps, shadows, and progresses to apparitions of the murder victims. During the day, the home sits quiet and peaceful, but at night the evil spirits possess one of Paula’s children. The family is horrified when the evil spirits try to kill them. The matriarch of the spirit family transports Paula to 1970 to witness the long-ago murders.

Through painstaking research, Paula learns that every family who has ever lived in the home has either fled in terror or mysteriously disappeared. Unable to leave because the evil spirits attached themselves to her family, Paula desperately tries to destroy them and rid the house of their presence. She knows that if she fails, her family will die.


Fourteen years ago, a teenage girl accidentally set her friends and a store on fire.
Today, every ability-wielder is tested, categorized and closely monitored by the Civilian Security. Behave and you get to live. Misbehave and you will be hunted down and locked up - or worse.

Makoto and Amanda messed up and are on the run, Trackers close behind.

Theo thought his ability would forever lie dormant. He was wrong and now they are trying to recruit him.

Brad is the leader of a resistance group that isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty and have been on the country’s Most Wanted list for over a decade.

And now, two extremely powerful and dangerous individuals have escaped from a highly secure facility.

Read it here.

Protecting His Mate- Bear Shifter

Paranormal/Romance - Mature

Sheriff Axel Pexton was growing restless. His bear wasn’t helping either. Normally a bear shifter would of had their mate by now, but yet he is still mateless at 26.

All he wants is to find his mate. To cherish her, show her all the love and affection she deserves. He wants to love and be loved. But to have that, he needs his mate.

What he didn’t know was that what he wanted was coming soon, and she wasn’t going to be alone. He was going to have to fight for his mate.

Ayliah (a-lie-ah) Samson was only going to stay in Blue Creek for a few days till she could figure out her next move. Her ex boyfriend didn’t seem to get the ‘ex’ part and was now stalking and harassing her. But she doesn’t want him. Not only did he cheat on her but she just had this feeling, like something wasn’t right when she was with him.

What she didn’t know was that there was someone special waiting just for her.

And he would do anything and everything to have her.

She was his, and he wasn’t letting his mate go.


After encountering something of myths one day after work, Valentina begins questioning her once mundane world. Seeking answers to prove she’s not crazy, she receives another shocking truth that hits even closer to home.

Mason returns home to escape his past, but familiar faces return, and new threats arrive in town. Keeping an eye on the enemy, he struggles to avoid getting involved any more than he should.

But, when their paths cross, they learn not everything is black and white, and the people you least suspect could be your enemy.

‘This is a dumb idea’ she thought to herself.

Slowly she began reaching her hand towards the animal, feeling compelled to touch it. The sudden desire to be closer to this animal was beginning to overtake her mind, especially as her hand neared its head.

The whole time the animal only watched her with those large eyes. She imagined it almost asking for her touch. As her finger just barely grazed the animal, multiples things happened.

She felt something shock her causing her to pull her hand back, just as thunder and lightning sounded. When the light cleared the animals’ eyes, were narrowed into slits, and it was growling. It was a deep menacing sound that sent her stumbling backward. It bared fangs the size of her hand alone dipping its head.

Had her touch angered the animal into finally attacking her? She kept moving backward in the rain, slipping in her converses as the creature continued growling. It was then she knew she was prepared to run, no matter what happened.



Uncanny events started to occur around Kei, when his father inherited an ancient house. As the chain of unexplainable incidents started to push Kei towards the very edge of reality, a crisis emarges out of blue. Will Kei find the answer? Or will he be devoured by those who lurk in the darkest corners of the house and the vast forest?

I can recommend


by: xxkrislynnxx


Girl accidentally casts a love spell on a demon

Read the movie now!

Title: What We Are, We Are Hunted For
Status: Ongoing! Updates bi weekly!
Summary: Bailey has a new pack. It is her first pack she’s lead. Doing the best she can to lead them and help them with the struggles of the being werewolf. Always on the road, running, hiding, just to live alittle longer. After the fallout of a new pack member’s change, the pack has to go a safe town to regroup. To Recover. To hide from what is chasing them from the chaos that was made. By that Full Moon.
Hope you enjoy!

The year is 1692 and the town of Salem is gripped in hysteria. Witch trials and executions are happening regularly and residents are growing more paranoid as the days pass.

Ebeline Vidan lives on the outskirts of town, the outcast nobody pays any attention to. The orphan left to look after herself. With rationality slowly leaving the town, Ebeline is aware that it won’t be long before the villagers turn their sights to her. After all, not only does she live alone on the outskirts, but her appearance isn’t exactly conventional.

But Ebeline has a secret. A power that she can wield, despite having no knowledge of witchcraft.

Then she gets caught.

But it is in getting caught that Ebeline will discover the secrets of her past, make her first friends, travel to places beyond her wildest imagination and…

Become the leader of a rebellion that’s been waiting for her.


A new paranormal novel by Arthur Foo - Wattys2018 Shortlisted Author.

***** This story is in the Top 30 of The Historical Award 2019. *****

Highest Ranking:

#1 in second world war (26 February 2019)

#2 in the historical award 2019 (09 April 2019)

#15 in mystery-thriller (26 April 2019)

“In 1940, as the British Army is retreating to Dunkirk, Private John Anderson, his whole unit obliterated by the Germans, is rescued by a mysterious stranger with only a bow and arrow for his weapon. Calling himself Robin Hood, he brings Anderson to an abandoned winery. There, Anderson is introduced to his young daughter, Olivia, who instantly becomes amorous of him.

When Anderson eventually succumbs to her advances, he realizes too late that the price of lust can be fatal …”

In The Pines (Now has over 5.5K reads!)

Link to Story:

One sentence synopsis: Annabel Lee enters into the highest rated gameshow of the afterlife to win a second chance at life.

Full Blurb:

In a last-ditch effort to gain a reputation before the new school year, Annabel Lee attends a farewell to summer bonfire. It’s her last chance to make a name for herself. Otherwise, she’ll slip back into obscurity.

After her body is discovered as the most recent, and youngest victim of The Black Hills Heartbreaker, she finds herself waiting in a line. With no idea what’s happening, she’s given a number and sent with fifteen other souls to compete in a three-part contest to win her life back. Will Annabel win her second chance at life?

What if Star Trek’s famous Prime Directive is reversed, where Earth is in danger and an alien race is being forbidden to help?

The Zanchee, who have been studying Earth, learn a terrorist is going to set off a nuclear bomb near LA, with catastrophic results. Yet their laws prohibit intervening. Axel, the teenage son of the Zanchee leader, is unwilling to accept the inevitability of this disaster. With his Mentiot companion, Chermal, Axel hatches a plan to skirt Zanchee law and save humanity. He just needs to mimic his future self, steal the fleet’s time-warp ship, recruit a human teenager with psychic potential, and stop a terrorist plot without knowing who is involved, or exactly where it will happen, and do it all in three days without being caught by human authorities or Zanchee.

Prime Directive:Earth follows the adventures of Axel, Jeff Miller an American teen with latent psychic ability, his sister, girlfriend and their friends, plus FBI Agent Doug Stanton as they track a terrorist bent on upsetting the world order. Ultimately, Jeff must choose whether to save his friends, or prevent a nuclear disaster.

Please read and provide feedback. I need to know if its good enough to publish. Thanks!

Hey everyone please check out my short story

Title: Aspire

It’s about someone who dies and decided to stick around for their funeral.

You can find it in my profile :slight_smile:



he first book in a saga about Bonds Broken made a new.

They met in the darkness. Brandon a mortal. Ezekiel a Shifter.

Their meeting will be the first dominoes in an epic saga that branches through not only time, but blood as well. Broken Bonds will come too light. A new Bond will form in the stillness of the night. And trapped beneath the cogs of fate will be Brandon and Ezekiel. Two beings that were never supposed to meet.

Brandon is a lost soul, beset by tragedy and horrors dark enough to shatter any one mans soul.

Ezkeiel is monster…and a Guardian. He struggles but in Brandon he finds mysteries and desires that intrigue this beast. That entice this Beast.

Things that set into motion that will change everything…no matter the costs.