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ocean spirit

thousands of
ocean fireflies glisten
as waves crash
like fallen stars

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1st place winner of the lavender awards

prairie dreams

a field of green
summer breeze sends
ripples across the sea
dreams perched on milkweed
flutter away

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Valentine's Day Cover

I am happy to exchange reads with any serious poet.

"Valentine’s Day Every Day," by Jim Riley

Highest ranks to date, #1 in Deep Poetry, #1 in Mantra, #1 in Enlightenment, #1 in Naturalism, #1 in Accomplishments.

Verses our hearts might sing, had they voices.

Click this link to read "Valentine’s Day Every Day.”'s-day-every-day-song-of-the-heart

What readers say:

“Some of the best poetry I’ve ever read.”

“You could not have done the subject of love more justice.”

“A must read.”

“There is so much to love.”

“So relatable and so true.”

“I can’t stop reading.”

“Such an amazing creation! I’m enraptured.”


“Hit me right in the heart.”


”Haikus of Conscience," by Jim Riley

Highest ranks to date, #1 in Haikus.

Conscience speaks. Poet responds, “I must write. So let me write with your voice.”

Click the link to read “Haikus of Conscience.”

What readers say:

“Exquisite. I tip my fedora to thee.”

“Witty and rings true, does not sacrifice artistic flair, yet employs art to communicate a message.”

“…thoughts that need saying.”

“Multiple layers of political chaos boiling at an universal temperature! Bravo.”

“…brought tears to my eyes.”

“So powerful it had physical impact…”

“I could think on these musings all day. Very thought-out and full of contemplation.”

“Profound, true, and important.”

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Title: Reach Above and Beyond

Description: A collection of poems reflecting the inner workings of the human mind, challenges, musings, desires, and emotions. Let your imagination soar and be free. Overcome your limits to reach your goals. Reach above and beyond the horizons. You’ll be surprised by what you can do.

SECOND PLACE WINNER @TheRubyAwards [First Edition] in Poetry

FEATURED on WattpadPoetry’s Reading List

Excerpt from Dear Somebody

Dear somebody,

Do you hear me out there?

I’m standing by this lonely hanging tree,

Wondering what in my life, I have held dear.

I see the wind playing with its twisted branches,

The crimson leaves falling from its cloak,

The sigh and the groan of its trunk,

As I think about how my dreams went up in smoke.



Whirlpool of the Mind

Whirlpool of the Mind

The mind is surreal. It’s magnificent.
The thoughts are perplexing; malicious or innocent.


title: delirium


The Fourth Wind (4)

“…when the darkness outside my window turns gloomier than the one inside me, the words embedded in my chest sparkle like jewels.”


Settled Mind



She Can Finally Breathe, She Learned To Be Free

“The words written on these pages are my feelings, my thoughts, my heart and my soul.
This has been my diary since the year of 2.000 when I met my first love, my first sorrow and my first regret.
Each poem represents my brightest but darkest moments. Each poem represents the tears I have shed and the smiles my lips have played. Each poem represents a part of me.
You are about to dive inside my chest and inside my head. Welcome to my world.”


Humans Have Soft Bones

Status: Ongoing
Genre: Poetry
Summary: “Humans have soft bones, from their hearts to their bones.” The volatility or fragility of the human condition, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Themes include human anatomy, relationships, discord, death, and the juxtaposition of light and dark.

Feel free to follow my Instagram to keep up with my latest word weaving:
@ fw.poetry






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girl of teeth.


An honest poetry collection featuring personal themes of chafed self-image, strained parental figures, teenagedom and mental illness written in free verse.



Name: Inside
Genre: Poetry

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it’s so ironic. only when i am most lost does a firefly’s nightcandle alight before my cozy corner in this void. at least when my fingers hold a pen, there’s a semblance of touching it.


there’s always so much still left to say, so i tell them to the page; you are welcome to listen.

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Who are we at heart?
What secrets do we hide?
What wars are being waged in our mind?
I was unable to share the cover of the book

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Title: 10.58pm
Language: English

" Is this even poetry? In the end it doesn’t matter, because it is poetry for me. A way to express my feelings and thoughts. To get my head free."


A Life Long

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This poetry and prose collection is for all those who have ever felt repressed, restricted to be themselves by any form of entity or, even, by their own selves. This is for all those who once, twice, or have ever felt broken and the courage it took to admit it and move forward. I hope this collection relates to you in your darkest moments and lead you out to rays of hope.

Here’s a sneak peek:

“I just wanna tear you out, dispose of you. Never see you again. You tear-jerker.” —Untitled 1

“The piano playing and the singing at long last enters a halt, during the prayer I am not thankful. I ask: when? When will I be set free?” —When?

The Results of a Failed Abortion : A Collection of Poems

by Shaun O. Smith @ShaunOSmith

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry

The Result of a Failed Abortion is an autobiographical collection of poems by Shaun O. Smith. Dealing with issues from sexual and mental abuse to living with depression and anxiety, Shaun openly discusses the pain that has kept his mind captive most of his life. Freeing himself from these struggles, he hopes to either speak to or connect with others who have similar thoughts and problems. For those who can’t relate, he acknowledges the role they play in letting him vent his issues.


Title: Where Will I Go


Genre: Poetry

Status: Ongoing


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a trail of ink drawn between inward glances because i gave up on shouting myself down.

you are welcome to listen.