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“Those golden fields haunt me in my dreams
Whispering in a voice very similar to my own
That they remember me from a past life
A boy who lost himself in the babbling brook of heartache
And they inquire of what happened to that sweet child of golden thoughts
For now my heart is a thick brick of blackened coal”

A collection of poems featuring concepts of life and what it truly means to be human. Of lost humanity, the darker rooms of the human mind, and the universes beyond. (All poems in this collection were written by yours truly and the cover photo to the collection was also made by me)

Copyright © September 2017 by RhymesandFools

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author.'s-fallen-lullabies-wattys-2019





Everything I Wanted to Say But Never Did

❝some things you can’t put into words… so you make them into poems.❞

➢ a WattPad Poetry featured collection of poetry and short stories

Words have power. Power to explain emotions, to make you feel, to make you believe. They tell of every tear and every smile. They show you love and hurt.

This is everything I couldn’t find the words for. What I wanted to tell you but what didn’t leave my lips. When I couldn’t find an explanation and just kept quiet. Everything you made me feel, everything we had. The things that kept circling in my mind after our conversations, the things I wanted to scream when I nodded instead, the things I eventually had to let go of.

This is everything I wanted to say but never did.

#99 in poetry (October 18, 2018)

#35 in collection (October 8, 2018)

1st place in wallflower_r weekly writing contest #27

2nd place in wallflower_r weekly writing contest #28

“This is so so so beautiful and amazing I can’t even explain! You really have talent!” - she_made_echoes

“This is gorgeous. So poetic: gave me the shivers” - iamnotanastronaut

“This poetry piece made me cry you’re so great!” - itisdangerouss

Question mark.

I write white lightning madness!
Poems, Laddie! Poems!

– – – – – – – – – –

I put myself through oaken door.
Lightning blaze. Thunder roar.
By making entrance, this estate
Used yellowed wax to seal my fate.

Though alone was I, I was not alone.

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The flames in my soul, flowing through my heart,
Burning to love and inspire, in lyrical forms of art.

Just my soul transmuting into lyrics.

Something’s misplaced, it’s broken, it’s harmed and stabbed and hurt.Our visions are blur for we don’t look at what’s not visible.What’s inside, the power and beauty within and how it is misaligned.We need to heal, we need to mend.

“Love is mistaken for a lot of things, and in that it’s purity is lost.
Our love was a gift baby, but I gave it away.”

You could call this a short story. A poem. A raw teenage romance. It’s ecstatic beauty and it’s scary fragility.

Fallen p e t a l s
Poetry from the garden of my soul.
A collection of moments from my heart to yours.

Daydreamers, A Poem
by Kajwolf

Willow May is trying to survive high school-
Without her best friend knowing she loves her;
But one night, she records a love confession and-
Accidentally sends it to everyone.

Suddenly, her complicated love life becomes tragic.
This is a fast-paced poetic retelling-
About star crossed lovers and-
Their journey to happily ever after.

Author Note: Daydreamers is rated MATURE.
There are dark themes and sexual content.
It is an F/F/M LGBT free verse narrative poem-
Meant to be read aloud like a spoken word poem.

Daydreamers, A Poem

Daydreamers, A Poem



"Valentine’s Day Every Day," by Jim Riley

With original music by the author. A tonal collage depicting various faces of passion.

Highest ranks to date, #1 in Deep Poetry, #1 in Mantra, #1 in Enlightenment, #1 in Naturalism, #1 in Accomplishments.

Verses our hearts might sing or chant, had they voices.

Click this link to read "Valentine’s Day Every Day.”'s-day-every-day-song-of-the-heart

What readers say:

“Some of the best poetry I’ve ever read.”

“You could not have done the subject of love more justice.”

“Makes me tremble. Incredible.”

“A must read.”

“There is so much to love.”

“So relatable and so true.”

“I can’t stop reading.”

“Such an amazing creation! I’m enraptured.”


“Hit me right in the heart.”


A collection of poems surrounding The Heroine. From fighting dragons and demons to her own insecurities and doubts, The Heroine explores the way we are all warriors by choosing to face another day, regardless of the fight we face.

dancing in the waves
that crashed her shore

celebrating the winds
that whipped her hair

the earthquake
that shook her ground

and the volcano
that burned her past

the heroine practiced
embracing herself

and releasing
what would never be

Witness the journey here: The Heroine

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My first poetry collection about the natural world, magic and mystery.

My second poetry collection, ongoing.

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Beguile Me I Dare You
I know I’m hard to please, but bear with me. Keep reading and you’ll be surprised by my complexity. For my words have meaning, but they are only seedlings.


A collection of poems from a teenaged mind. Themes include: mental illness, trauma, love, opinions, and miscellaneous.

Completed [:heavy_check_mark:]
Total Eclipse of the Heart
“The sun is the moon’s muse.
For the moon can use
Any song its heart chooses
To describe its love for the sun.”

A poetry collection comprised of love, sadness, and more.

original artwork by ENSEE
(n.) a place where one feels safe, a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn; a place where one feels at home

Prose by yours truly.

original artwork by Ly Le Thuy

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(you)lagy [clickable cover]

My most vicious collection to date. Both Intimate and experimental, it explores the notions of death, and the power of, agony, loss, grief, and suffering.

𝕷𝖆 𝕻𝖊𝖚𝖗 ✝

wriggle like an eel, bitch.

An exploration of personal experiences conveying an atmosphere of pain and exploring the notions of madness and trauma.

eye am the bluum

Why does it hurt? What agony has taken you by thy neck?

#Avant Garde

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“Not your average poetry.”

“Hopelessly, she slowly dances in between the gleaming hope in humor, and some partials of precocity. Copiously, he challenges the cultural barriers we put in place socially, locally and globally…Mostly, we headline the ideology of expressing ourselves ever-comfortably, and loving ourselves uncontrollably.”

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A poetry journal that recounts a period of my life.

This collection is layered with insight and depth about being a teenager and the struggles of the modern world and being possessed with a crazy thought process this collection reflects hidden parts of my personality even I have never acknowledged before.


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Is it too late to say I love you?
or is it sorry? ugh.
I’m drowning in emotions…and what’s worse is I need you the most…



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The Last Dissention
A soul’s reluctant journey between realities. Poetic visions of past lives.
The five poems are actually one story about a lone, lost soul. These are my personal visions. Though who is to say that they are not yours as well?

Evoking Words
Words hold power over our minds. Without them we would never understand each other to the extent that we do. Use them to spread poetic truth and bite your tongue if fear is your intent.

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Sweet wolfs poetry

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