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Why is no one talking about poetry?

Liberation: A Poetry Collection ∣✔

“It’s time to set me free.”



Small Notes That Matter

Genre - Poetry
Status - Daily Updated
A poetry collection of works I have written that hit me on a personal level. May they give you the comfort and wisdom you need. :heart:

Author Note
This is the first time I am releasing my poetry work, I would really appreciate it if you could check it out :heart::heart:


:black_small_square:# 23 inspirational - March 27th, 2019
:black_small_square:# 485 poetry - March 28th, 2019
:black_small_square:# 188 thoughts - April 6th, 2019
:black_small_square:# 984 poems - April 15th, 2019


Abandoned Love Notes

Genre - Poetry
Status - Updated Thursdays & Saturdays

“They call it ‘friendship’ because you and your friend will be shipped.” - Tana

A poetry collection of works I have written about love. The love I have experienced. I wrote a lot of them in the moment itself. I had abandoned my love notes until now…

Author Note
I would really appreciate it if you could check it out :heart::heart:

:open_umbrella: Honourable Mentions :open_umbrella:

:black_small_square:#122 thoughtsandfeelings - May 12th, 2019
:black_small_square:#163 abandoned - May 12th, 2019

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Poetry | Horror

This collection chronicles the horrific contents of my brain in poetic form. This is not for the faint of heart. It contains terrifying moments of murder, suicide, mayhem, rituals, hauntings, nightmares and may open doors that should remain closed.

Link: (on-going)



A poetry collection revolving around the elements. Each poem is about how nature could be alive in the sense of human embodiment.

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UNLOVE | Collection of Short Poetry
Click on the title to view the book
(un)love poems

”it was only
after she left
that you found out
your favorite shade
of red lipstick
that she used to wear
was called
'heart breaker”

Borderline | Poetry Written in a Psychiatric Hospital
link below

Most writers have to be at least a little crazy

Ranked top 3 in #collectionofpoetry

Click here for link to BORDERLINE


Hey everyone!

I currently have two completed poetry collections. Have a look if you like. I’m always happy to read new poetry. :blush:

Summary: Poems about a journey through an imperfect relationship, love, betrayal, heartbreak, growing up, overcoming loss and the road to recovery. A tumultuous odyssey of how to let go of someone you love.


Haunting Eyes


Prequel Butterfly Above The Abyss

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Title: Images On Paper
Genre: Poetry
Status: Completed
Words and feelings that come to my mind and I write the images onto paper. Most of these will be sad, but hopefully not all.
Table Of Contents:

Title: Tails And Fairies
Genre: Poetry
Status: Ongoing…
Poetry from the heart, whether whole or broken.
Table Of Contents:

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I currently have 1 completed collection and one ongoing collection.
This one is on going :smile:

My complete collection is all in her head by ShimoneyAberg

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This is a senryu poetry collection I have been working on since the beginning of the year. I post a new poem every week. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

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A collection of poetry by Elle J. Nior, on anxiety, pressure, jealousy, wanting to give up and finding comfort in being alone.

Click Here to read

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a field of green
summer breeze sends
ripples across the sea
dreams perched on milkweed
flutter away

a collection of poems about nature and life

click here



"Valentine’s Day Every Day," by Jim Riley

Highest ranks to date, #1 in Deep Poetry, #1 in Mantra, #1 in Enlightenment, #1 in Naturalism, #1 in Accomplishments.

Verses our hearts might sing or chant, had they voices.

Click this link to read "Valentine’s Day Every Day.”'s-day-every-day-song-of-the-heart

What readers say:

“Some of the best poetry I’ve ever read.”

“You could not have done the subject of love more justice.”

“A must read.”

“There is so much to love.”

“So relatable and so true.”

“I can’t stop reading.”

“Such an amazing creation! I’m enraptured.”


“Hit me right in the heart.”


"51 Absurd Haikus: An Autobiography," by Jim Riley

Highest ranks to date: #1 in Surrealism, #1 in Absurdity, # 2 in Deep Poetry.

Click this link to read “Absurd Haiku”!

What readers say:

“I’ve read so many bad haikus. Thanks for writing good ones. Love ‘Absurd Haiku!’”

“This collection is well-named. So absurd. So lovely.”

“I love this so much.”

“I am impressed! To contain so much meaning in such a limited format, that’s something.”

“These haikus are so enjoyable. I love it.”

“…beautifully written!”

“…touches me deeply.”

“ …feels like it should be written across the insides of my eyelids.”

No one wants to sin with me.
Nobody but you.
Poems, Laddie! Poems!

– – – – – – – – – –

The star-studded empress of night
Gave me the keys to her city.
Bathed me in breath, told me of plight
Force-fed my conscious with pity.

Everything's fun at the Circus!

On Wattpad


l’échec est un orphelin

poèmes pour petites choses. j’espère que cela se termine comme un livre de positivité et de croissance.
[ lang: english with some french peppered in. ]


**W a l l f l o w e r **


Broken cartridge

90044b980076b4d014064625f83287aa Broken Cartridge


postmeridiemcover godspeedcover paroxysmscover

— ||Post Meridiem —||— Godspeed —||— Paroxysms || —

Post Meridiem

I’d do anything to save myself.


“Godspeed you.”


“I’d say that was poetic, but I have no idea what you just said to me.” She muttered.

“Paroxysms of rage and sadness.” He simply repeated.

[par-uh k-siz-uh m] (noun) :: any sudden, violent, outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion.

She laughed, as though it were amusing. But it was a very dry laugh, so it was amusing in the same way fear is exhilarating and tragedy is the joke of the century.



i want with you what the night sky shares with the stars.

ten themes. umpteen poems. infinite galaxy.

READ HERE: dark matter