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Four Volumes. Finished 100-Poem Collection.

Narissa ∣✔

“In the death of me, I found solace.”

What readers say:
“Starkly honest, seeing the naked soul of your own, relishing the sorrows of being alive.”
“A mystic poet is born!”
“Keep it up. Keep being alive. Keep writing.”

Liberation: A Poetry Collection ∣✔

:sparkles: Featured On The Official Wattpad Poetry Profile :sparkles:

❝It’s time to set me free.❞

What readers say:
“I read this, and I realized how beautiful you really are.”
“This is brutally damn awesome! Can you get any better?”
“You have mastered the art of writing. Continue to write.”

† FIRST PLACE WINNER of Cleaved Awards 2019 †

Marilyn ∣✔

Inspired by the beauty and flamboyance of the 50s Hollywood queen. Dedicated to her loving memory.


“Let’s scour the periphery of Eden.”

Currently open for R4R.


Round around and round about, for this young bard will sing aloud;
Stories to shout; their rhymes- don’t doubt, for of these tales he is so proud!
He travels world; unravels stories- to sing of them and spread their glories;
His rhymes cross seas; his rhythm- breeze; hearing of listeners to seize.

A young bard travels the world in search for stories to fill his poem tome with. He’s a no-name who has been granted a calling by a mermaid; who met a traveller that found out how he will die from the whispers of the dead. He wrote of a King that went against an army of undead to reclaim his lost town and of a Human-Faced Spider Queen who has wiped an entire forest clean, changing the fate of a traveller into meeting her.

This is just the beginning of his journey and he can’t wait to tell you what other stories he has come across!



Title: Porcupine Toes: Poetry’s Greatest Hits
"Lines 1 & 2, chapter 5, “Pretentious pose, porcupine toes. Ironic quote ‘I bought my dog a fur coat.’”

Do you like smiling? Read me. Cheers, to 20 chapters of self-help poetry, scary short stories, a bit of dry humor, mega word play, and some detailed depressions of life. He is a lover of language, a nerd to the structure of written word. He feels as if there is never a wrong time to rhyme, but only a right time. After a decade of feeling this way, writing this way, he finally takes it to the publisher’s ball.

Consider this, a highlight reel to his last 365 days of intensive writing, unnecessary amounts of creativity, and general growth as a human being. It’s haunted, it’s heavy, and it’s having fun!

I hope it helps you on a bad day."

I am willing to trade reads and pleasant comments with anybody reading this.

Title: inside.
inside is a world full of figments and figures of speech, skyscrapers of words, the signs, and the sights. Come along and settle in, in a world full of complications. Enjoy the road around the roundabouts of confusion.

Go your own way.
Because when you’re inside.
You’re the only compass that can guide you.



"Valentine’s Day Every Day," by Jim Riley

With theme music by the author

Highest ranks to date, #1 in Deep Poetry, #1 in Mantra, #1 in Enlightenment, #1 in Naturalism, #1 in Accomplishments.

Verses our hearts might sing or chant, had they voices.

Click this link to read "Valentine’s Day Every Day.”'s-day-every-day-song-of-the-heart

What readers say:

“Some of the best poetry I’ve ever read.”

“You could not have done the subject of love more justice.”

“Makes me tremble. Incredible.”

“A must read.”

“There is so much to love.”

“So relatable and so true.”

“I can’t stop reading.”

“Such an amazing creation! I’m enraptured.”


“Hit me right in the heart.”



A collection of poems surrounding The Heroine. From fighting dragons and demons to her own insecurities and doubts, The Heroine explores the way we are all warriors by choosing to face another day, regardless of the fight we face.

Witness the journey here: The Heroine

Are you feeling down and it seems like no one can turn your frown upside down?
You have gone all out of your way and yet nothing ever brightens up your day?
You just don’t get it and you feel like you just want to quit?
Let the poetry of Azenith soothe your soul and spirit.
This book is a compilation of poems- poems of affirmations, motivation and inspiration about love and life dedicated to people of all ages and all races.
Let the verses and rhyme give rhythm to your life and make your day or night alive.

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“Thinking can cure the problems of the mind, not of the soul.”
A compilation of poems and quotes for those who feel too much.

Here’s my poetry collection. I hope anyone who takes the time to read it enjoys. (:

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Hey Everyone. If you want, come read my book if you’re looking for a quick read.


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I like your cover:)

And I like your poems :wink:

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Hi, my collection of poems is called simple depictions. It can be found here:

the space between
the moon and the river
the ether called me.



your skin holds a million secrets, let this be some truth.



i want with you what the night sky shares with the stars.

ten themes. umpteen poems. infinite galaxy.

READ HERE: dark matter

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(you)lagy [clickable cover]


My most vicious collection to date. Both Intimate and experimental, it explores the notions of death, and the power of, agony, loss, grief, and suffering.

𝕷𝖆 𝕻𝖊𝖚𝖗 ✝

wriggle like an eel, bitch.

An exploration of personal experiences conveying an atmosphere of pain and exploring the notions of madness and trauma.

eye am the bluum

Why does it hurt? What agony has taken you by thy neck?

#Avant Garde

Poems for Thought are a collection of poems to get you thinking.