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As a fellow poet, I want to read some poems by other poets If you want to share, please do so by writing it into a form.

_Title: _
_Completed or ongoing: _
_Summary: _
Link to book:

I must warn you tho, I can only read in English.


I’m absolutely not a poet, but I tried my hand in them a bit when inspiration hit me :smiley:

Title: The Heart of Fantasy
Chapters: From - Food in fifteen words there are 5 poem-likes chapters :wink: The beginning has some short stories in the stage of the 1st draft :wink:
Completed or ongoing: I suppose ongoing but with no updates so far :sweat_smile:
Summary: Just a bunch of one-shots and poems I threw together for WattPride month :smiley:
Link to book:

I hope you can enjoy it despite the poor quality :sweat_smile:

Best Regards :heart:




In writing, I find myself and lose the world.

Now I Shine will be where I share some short works including poetry and short prose–and possibly writing-prompted work! Do take a look at it and share if you care :slight_smile::hearts:



Hello. I’m Narissa.

I am a human being pretending to be a little fairy.

I’m sad. I’m happy. I’m broken. I’m empty.

I am not a liar, nor a hypocrite: I preach what I practice.

I am a lone vixen; I tarry for none.

I fear not the dark, but the transient radiance in the depths of the night:

It makes me paranoid and hugely bothered.

I am the best of smiles; the worst of weepers.

I am the end of pain; alabaster containing loads solafey.

This is a valid description of me, yet will always lack my spice and spontaneity; my charm.

I fear Arachnidae, and all things un-mammal.

I tire of forgiving people. It is not as if it is my job to do so, yet I do it;

I know not why.

I am the final victim of all debauchery and chicanery;

The ultimate consumer of all pain.

My aim is to soar high like a gull;

My dream to fly above the clouds.

My wings are molting off like stale snakeskin;

I am close to drowning.

But I choose to angle myselves to the winds;

My chest grows a cold numb from the harsh torrents of sea breeze.

My love gifts me stigmata;

The cruelest and deepest at my heart.

My sorrow is not caused by my pain, but by my loss:

All the memories I hold dear will haunt me, hurt me till I succumb to my wounds.

Empathy is a disbalance, wherein we give all that we own to get nothing in return:

Injustice served in wide platters.

I sink my head into my pillow, my tears getting sucked into the soft feather filling as if

They were precious, precious drops of liquid diamond.

My resolve wavers when I see a wounded soul.

Lo! Why do I have to be such a masochist?

The medication for this; my problem, is either death or apathy.

I choose the latter, wanting to choose myself over the rest.

Copyright © 2018 by Bidiya K Damian
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.


Love the coverr!


Thank you! I actually made it, myself :slight_smile:




Hi, just asking if you had a chance to check my book of clumsy poetry? If not and/or not interested, it’s okay :wink:


_Title: _ Melody Collision
Chapters: 6
_Completed or ongoing: _ Ongoing
_Summary: _ A collection of poems from the heart, inspired by music.
Link to book: Link


Title: Melancholy
Chapters: 10 (I guess)
Summary: Just a collection of poems about the melancholic aspects of life
It’s an ongoing collection


_Title: _ Poetry collection (yeah I know, very original)
Chapters: 60
_Completed or ongoing: _ Completed
_Summary: _ -Fractal Poetry- (Visual)
Come, and take a glimpse into my mind…
A collection of all the fractal poetry I’ve written through the years.
Link to book:


would you like to do a read for read? :slight_smile: (Idk if it’s the perfect place to ask though)


One can always ask :slight_smile: But sorry, nope :no_mouth: my to-read list is way too long as it is :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t be able to hold up my end.


Oh, it’s okay :slight_smile:


Title: Beguile Me, I Dare You
Chapters: 21 at the moment (I write a lot)
Completed or ongoing: Ongoing
Summary: I know I’m hard to please, but bear with me. Keep reading and you’ll be surprised by my complexity. It’s just a bunch of my poems that I’ve written over the years.
Link to book:


Title: Poems
Chapters: 23 so far
Completed or ongoing: ongoing
Summary: A collection of rhyming poems, most of which touch upon mental health.
Link to book:

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