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Hi! I would be so very honored if anyone would check out my aesthetic poetry book, Little Nothings!

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An original poetry and prose collection! Would love to give your poetry a read as well :slight_smile:

At heart
‘The world would never be able to handle a sad person.’
Who are we at heart? What secrets do we hide? What wars are being waged in our mind?
Our pain is the most raw and vulnerable feeling that we possess. It defines us. It is our truth. It is who we are. Here’s a dedication to all the pain we go through in our lifetime.

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your skin holds a million secrets, let this be some truth.


Love, Nature, Love, Encouraging, Love, Humorous short story. Need I say more??

Title: A Poetic Journey
Summary: A brief introduction to my poetic writing styles.



Title: I Carry
Summary: A Poem

If you had to know me, then you must
know why I carry your burdens right
across the sky.
If you say that you need me, then you must
know why I carry your strength to the end
of all time.

I carry the souls of thousands unknown.
I carry the beauty of riches untold.
I carry the life of someone who fights
for me.
I carry the love of my brothers and sisters
for all across to see.
I carry the man who is down on his luck.
I carry the names of my sisters who
refused to give up.
I carry the dreams of children across
the land.
I carry who will cry for the little boy,
the boy inside the man.
I carry the logic that my ancestors
provided for me.
I carry their and your legacies,
for I owe it all to thee.

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Everything I Wanted to Say But Never Did

❝some things you can’t put into words… so you make them into poems.❞

➢ a WattPad Poetry featured collection of poetry

Words have power. Power to explain emotions, to make you feel, to make you believe. They tell of every tear and every smile. They show you love and hurt.

This is everything I couldn’t find the words for. What I wanted to tell you but what didn’t leave my lips. When I couldn’t find an explanation and just kept quiet. Everything you made me feel, everything we had. The things that kept circling in my mind after our conversations, the things I wanted to scream when I nodded instead, the things I eventually had to let go of.

This is everything I wanted to say but never did.

#99 in poetry (October 18, 2018)

#35 in collection (October 8, 2018)

1st place in wallflower_r weekly writing contest #27

2nd place in wallflower_r weekly writing contest #28

“This is so so so beautiful and amazing I can’t even explain! You really have talent!” - she_made_echoes

“This is gorgeous. So poetic: gave me the shivers” - iamnotanastronaut

“This poetry piece made me cry you’re so great!” - itisdangerouss



What I’ve Never Told You

❝why is it that when the story ends we begin to feel all of it?❞

➢ a collection of poetry

I stopped writing. There was no real reason for it, but for some reason, I just did. No words on paper anymore, no way to let my thoughts out. I kept everything inside and just stayed quiet while continuing to live my life. By myself, this time.

Until I couldn’t anymore.

I need to feel again, need to live again, need to love again. That’s why I’m picking up the pen to let all the words I kept inside flow onto the paper, the thoughts that never left my mind, and what I’ve never told you.

Hey there, it’s me. And I have something to tell you.

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Title: Thank You
Summary: A Poem

Of all of the riches that I have grown up to be,
Thank you for your blessings from you to me.
Thank you for being the rock I have grown to
Thank you for being the foundation;
I’ve learned to grow.
Thank you for the trust you’ve instilled
in me,
Thank you for your faith;
I’ve grown to believe.
Thank you for your beauty that elevates
your smile.
Thank you for your caring whisper that
speaks to me when I am down.
Thank you for the dreams that I have longed
to dare.
Thank you for the voice that I now
Thank you for the sacrifices you’ve
showered upon me.
Thank you for your love and support,
for your love defines me.

Emotions were never my strong point, it never will be. If I allowed emotions to take control, I would say things, do things that I would regret forever. Or maybe worse of all, gain sick satisfaction from it.
No, emotions will forever be words on a page, carved and engraved. Existing forever to a void that I refuse to venture into.

Story name: Unspoken Words
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Genre: Random Portries and verses.
Description: There are words, stories and feelings we never share and yet they are often the loudest. Unheard Truth. Unloved Souls. Unread Stories. Untold Feelings. Unfelt Love. Unattainable Dreams. Unspoken Words.
For when you are out of words and unable to describe your feeling or want to know someone’s with you.
Username: lucidxxdreaming

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Hey! people, this is my history in spanish, please reading!


“Do we all live to watch and wait for the world to end?
Is the suicide worthy for Our Savior to defend?
Do we deserve to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven
If we can’t take good care of the Garden of Eden?”
—From Kildare: Smart vs Intelligent, a musical fiction novel

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Elevator Music for the Soul


a collection of short stories and poems centred around late night sentimental pondering

message me for read for reads and mutually supportive feedback!!


Poems%20Liten The One You Become

We all have our ups and downs …
When I feel low I write.
That is my medicine.


I’m not the best at poetry, but I do love it.

All feedback welcome! Would love to improve my craft, and each of your comments are so helpful!


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Poems of a heretical nature and otherwise, penned by a nontheist Christian Quaker.

The Language of god

Not long ago I found this relm
Before I’d only touched
Now I dig, and gouge and mine
Into my mind I fall
I post my findings in this place
I hope you dig too


lessons in romanticising misery

doesn’t pain paint the prettiest of pictures?

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