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poetry is our intercession for those sentiments beyond rational description. this collection embodies those pillow thoughts that demand to be written down after the hours of pragmatism and daylight have passed.

Highest ranking: #2 in dreamjournal

i fell in love with words
long before
i ever thought
i loved you
so maybe it should have been a sign
when you never cared about my words –
did you ever really care about me?

this is a collection of my short poems and sentiments. i appreciate all of my readers and will gladly do read for read, just message me!

❝Lιƙҽ ƚԋҽ ʂσϝƚ ρҽƚαʅʂ σϝ α ϝɾҽʂԋʅყ Ⴆʅσσɱҽԃ ϝʅσɯҽɾ, ʅιƙҽ ƚԋҽ ιɳƚɾιƈαƚҽ ԃҽʂιɠɳʂ σɳ α ɱαʂƚҽɾριҽƈҽ, ƚԋҽʂҽ αɾҽ ԃҽʅιƈαƚҽ. Tԋҽʂҽ αɾҽ ԃҽʅιƈαƚҽʅყ ɯσʋҽɳ ɯσɾԃʂ ϝɾσɱ ƚԋҽ ԋҽαɾƚ. ❞-Lιʋƙυιʅҽ
Of golden nature and of blackness of the soul. Gold & Black are delicate.

A collection of prose poems from the heart.ҽʅιƈαƚҽʅყ

(you)lagy [clickable cover]


My most vicious collection to date. Both Intimate and experimental, it explores the notions of death, and the power of, agony, loss, grief, and suffering.

𝕷𝖆 𝕻𝖊𝖚𝖗 ✝

wriggle like an eel, bitch.

An exploration of personal experiences conveying an atmosphere of pain and exploring the notions of madness and trauma.

eye am the bluum

Why does it hurt? What agony has taken you by thy neck?

#Avant Garde

Ring-around-the-liar’s-tongue. Pockets full of lies. Sacrifice, sacrifice. We never make a sound. Hello, this is the voice inside your head. So glad you’ve decided to come and talk, ha-ha-ha-Ha-ha, but I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, I’m your one and only friend! You shouldn’t have lied to me dear, I know exactly what you want. Festering in your mind, oh such lustful thoughts you have, for this book that haunts. Your hand gripping the cover to the Devil’s Bible. Open it, see what lurks for us, beyond the title. Some say it holds the words that men dare not weep. Humanity’s fallen lullabies, that have been lost within their keeper’s eternal sleep. What lies inside the darker corners of the human mind? Where the sightless lead the blind. They are waiting for us, the creatures birthed from damned dreams and lovely nightmares. Only one page turn away, but please, handle with care. For this book is not a fool and there’s always a catch. A simple payment though the price may seem macabre and cruel. As you read this book, it will surely be reading you. And it’s always looking for another story and it will not hesitate to write your life anew.'s-fallen-lullabies-wattys-2019

This is my collection of poetry. They are centered around depression, and other similar emotions. I would love feedback! Thank you!

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Here is my poetry. It is very dark and it involves a girl named Nothing that fights off demons and other trials in order to become a Something. She travels down a dark path with her only friend a white butterfly. This piece is left up for interpretation so once you are done reading it please give an interpretation.


Nice cover.

image is clickable.


A collection of delightful poems, guaranteed to make you laugh or ponder about life

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:pleading_face: love your cover

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Title: Images On Paper

Genre: Poetry

Status: Completed



All of these poems are from words and feelings that come to my mind. I end up writing the images and words onto paper.


Title: Fairies and Tails

Genre: Poetry

Status: Ongoing…



Poetry from the heart, whether whole or broken.


Everything I Wanted to Say But Never Did

❝some things you can’t put into words… so you make them into poems.❞

➢ a WattPad Poetry featured collection of poetry

Words have power. Power to explain emotions, to make you feel, to make you believe. They tell of every tear and every smile. They show you love and hurt.

This is everything I couldn’t find the words for. What I wanted to tell you but what didn’t leave my lips. When I couldn’t find an explanation and just kept quiet. Everything you made me feel, everything we had. The things that kept circling in my mind after our conversations, the things I wanted to scream when I nodded instead, the things I eventually had to let go of.

This is everything I wanted to say but never did.

#99 in poetry (October 18, 2018)
#35 in collection (October 8, 2018)

1st place in wallflower_r weekly writing contest #27
2nd place in wallflower_r weekly writing contest #28

“This is so so so beautiful and amazing I can’t even explain! You really have talent!” - she_made_echoes

“This is gorgeous. So poetic: gave me the shivers” - iamnotanastronaut

“This poetry piece made me cry you’re so great!” - itisdangerouss


What I’ve Never Told You

❝why is it that when the story ends we begin to feel all of it?❞

➢ a collection of poetry

I stopped writing. There was no real reason for it, but for some reason, I just did. No words on paper anymore, no way to let my thoughts out. I kept everything inside and just stayed quiet while continuing to live my life. By myself, this time.

Until I couldn’t anymore.

I need to feel again, need to live again, need to love again. That’s why I’m picking up the pen to let all the words I kept inside flow onto the paper, the thoughts that never left my mind, and what I’ve never told you.

Hey there, it’s me. And I have something to tell you.

▸ daily updates

The Greeks didn’t have a word for the colour blue. It simply didn’t exist to them because they couldn’t describe it.

The same way, phosphenes are the non-existent colours that you see when you put pressure on your eyes. They aren’t real- but words make them so.

I hope these poems can make real feelings that you never thought you felt, validating them and naming them and letting you relate to them in the way that the colour blue became real after it was given a name.

Phosphenes : A poetry collection

Click here for When Words Mean Something


A collection of poetry.


your skin holds a million secrets, let this be some truth.



the space between
the moon and the river
the ether called me.