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Two sentence short story collection. Part 2 Link:'s-a-different-day-2018-edition-part-2


The Red Wolf


cover and aesthetic dump.


Year of the Author

Link to story:

It’s story time folks!

This book contains everything I’ve learned throughout my writing journey thus far. So what does that mean exactly? Well, it means I’ve made all those embarrassing newbie mistakes, so you don’t have to! That’s right, I just made things ten times easier. You’re welcome.

Inside this wonderful book, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to make your book not so terrible, hopefully. If I do my job right, I’ll be able to pat myself on the back and set you on the path of writer’s bliss. If not… well… then you didn’t get the advice from me, okay?!

But on a serious note, I give straightforward writing advice that’s packed full humor so it’s not so boring to read. So settle back, pour yourself a nice glass of that fancy boxed wine, and listen up, because you’re about to be schooled on how to write a kick-ass novel.

Are you ready? Cuz I’m ready. So let’s do the thing!

Cough! Cough!

Personal promotion coming…





You should probably follow my Tumblr account Year of the Author for more writing advice and over all fun shenanigans. I posts new blogs every week as well as book reviews once a month. And while you’re at it why don’t you follow all my other social media accounts. Links are listed on my profile. Follow my Youtube channel for even more content!


The Worst Types of Writers You’ll Ever Meet

Everyone wants to be a writer. They come in all forms. Some are nice and others leave you with a lasting impression. These are the worst types of writers you’ll ever meet. Are you on this list?

Link to story:'ll-ever-meet

Wattpad Rants

Link to story:

It’s time to spill the tea!

This book is dedicated to the down fall of what once was a good writing platform. This is a place for everyone to rant a rave about the issues they think need to be fixed. This is also a place where we can talk about what we like about Wattpad.

It’s time we sit crooked and talk straight about what is going one with our favorite writing platform.

Books That Make Her Dance

Link to story:

This is a guide for what I look for in a good book. Does your book match one of these point? If so I want to hear about it.

The List

Link to story:'s-must-read-stories-welcome-to


The List features both well known and newly discovered books that span across every genre. I hope you enjoy reading these story as much as I did.

Do you know of or have a book that might be worthy of The List? PM me and lets see what happens.


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Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurt? Then, unfortunately that something already belonged to someone else? Jessie Adams is a sophomore in highschool who cares nothing but to be popular. She always looked up to Briana Bedford a junior and just happened to be the most popular girl in school.
Ever since freshman year she followed her and wanted to be like her and enter her circle. Then, when Jessie finally got to be near her ambition there came Josh Harding. He’s the new mysterious guy and every girl wanted him. Also, a hot new teacher inspired their way.
Unfortunately, things began to get ugly. Girls started to get missing. The worst part was her best friend was found dead. Who could be the culprit? What would happen to Jess’s dream of popularity when everything around her began twisted?



<img src="" width=300 />

This mini e-book describes the ancient water management system called ELLANGA or the Cascaded Tank-Village System that is still partly functional in the rural areas of Sri Lanka :slight_smile:

Published it focusing on the upcoming World Water Day on March 22, 2019.


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