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Title: My Favorite Wattpad Books

Are you looking for the best undiscovered books on Wattpad?

Step inside and discover a treasure trove of hidden gems that deserve to be read.

Each chapter has a short summary of a unique Wattpad book that shines above the rest in all areas including: grammar and spelling; reader interest and engagement; and plot and character development.



Link to my book:

Dear reader, beware beware,
For you are in for a horrific scare,
One that’ll give you a dreadful fright,
So much so, that you’ll not sleep at night,
So think carefully before you read this book and engage,
And know that with your nightmares you’ll so dearly pay,
You’ll quiver and tremble and look everywhere,
For monsters and much more that lurk here and there,
And remember, such frights will appear every week,
When this book will be updated and tweaked,
So follow this profile if you wish and think you’re brave,
And open this book and read and read away,
But remember reader – beware beware!
Only read this book if you truly really dare…

H.S Rehman

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Two sentence short story collection. Part 2 Link:'s-a-different-day-2018-edition-part-2

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Title: Reasons
Cover: Press%20Start
Blurb: Reasons! We all have a purpose. Planned actions.
But what if someone’s purpose itself is to dictate your life. And that too with the intentions of revenge.
You think you are the player, but in reality they were playing the games, where you were just a pawn. And all this happens because of a few unsaid ‘reasons’.
Are those reasons worth all the risk and heartbreak? Come, find out…
Status: Completed

Here’s mine
Drake’s Notebook

Drake’s the king of all vampires, he hates humans and his own kind alike and wants nothing to do with them. But as much as he tries to avoid it all, trouble always seems to find its way to him. Lynda’s a brave,stubborn and beautiful gypsy girl who doesn’t know that she’s the lost heiress to one of the most powerful families in the world. Then there’s Vlad, Drake’s former friend and comrade turned enemy who leads The Mantle, a highly secretive and religious cabal composed of mercenaries,rogue vampires and even Lycans who’s goal is to create a new world in their own image.

Now realizing he’s vulnerable for the first time, Drake and Lyn must retrieve his precious notebook,stop Vlad and uncover the secrets of the mysterious woman known only as “The Warden” who is somehow responsible for everything that’s happened up to now.

The epic centers on three stories that come together: Drake’s fight against Vlad to restore order to the vampire world and his troubled past. Lyn as she struggles to hide her feelings for Drake and her dark secret. Vlad and his secret contract with the mysterious Warden and his struggle to keep his already fragile alliance together.newdesign_1_original%20(1)

Ariana Grande Facts

Learn about new facts about singer Ariana Grande that you didn’t even know about at first.

New chapters every week



A resource for learning what various terms mean in design ‘shops’ on Wattpad, and other useful design-based information.

Do you know chocolates?

Do you know chocolates?

Think you know everything about chocolates? Well, you are just going to be proven wrong… 100 Facts about Chocolates!

:kiss: Sweet Fox :kiss:

Title: Sweet Fox


Status: Ongoing

Average Chapter Length: 1k

Chapters So Far: 2

Genre: Random / Fantasy /Becoming Human / Tragic Romance

Rating: : Teen

Synopsis : This is the story of a jealous curse. A male Sprite is bewitched after falling foul of the jealously between two celestial bodies and a curse of the nightshade is placed upon him.

Luna of the moon, steals her light from Sol of the sun, to search all night for her Sprite, but though she searches, she can never find him, because when the delicate, silvery beams of the Moon touch his features, he becomes a human man, lost and disorientated in the forest over night. He only has his friend, a whisper, to assist him in this vulnerable, naked state.

By day, he is bewitched back into a quick witted Fox, thus disguising him during the day, when the Moon, under cover of daylight, searches for her Sprite again.


Candice Valgrave has been cursed since her mother Bethany Valgrave was brutally murdered. She constantly tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, only to be knocked down by cruel fate once more. She starts asking questions about the Valgrave family past, wanting to know what secrets her living family members are hiding from her and why their family name appears to be cursed. The answers she is seeking may come with a hefty price, and she will have to enlist the help of her best friend Elliot Dauterieve if she wants to stay alive.

Rated Mature
Read This Story Here:Secrets Of The Past

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