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Title: My Favorite Wattpad Books

Are you looking for the best undiscovered books on Wattpad?

Step inside and discover a treasure trove of hidden gems that deserve to be read.

Each chapter has a short summary of a unique Wattpad book that shines above the rest in all areas including: grammar and spelling; reader interest and engagement; and plot and character development.



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Two sentence short story collection. Part 2 Link:'s-a-different-day-2018-edition-part-2


not a part of a balanced reading diet

This is an eclectic grouping of short stories written by me during periods of writing droughts on my main works in progress. Some of these are spin offs of those where I explore a character, and some are humorous shorts written simply for laughs.


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A weekly flash fiction challenge club! Every Friday, a new prompt challenge is issued. Members have a week to write. At the end of the week, a @TeamOfDreams admin will choose their favorite piece as the winner of the week.


A weekly poetry challenge club! Every Friday, a new prompt challenge is issued. Members have a week to write, and then a @TeamOfDreams admin will choose their favorite of the week. Think of the fame! Think of the fortune! Okay, maybe just think of the sticker the weekly winner will receive.


Title: Reasons
Blurb: Reasons! We all have a purpose. Planned actions.
But what if someone’s purpose itself is to dictate your life. And that too with the intentions of revenge.
You think you are the player, but in reality they were playing the games, where you were just a pawn. And all this happens because of a few unsaid ‘reasons’.
Are those reasons really worth all the pain and heartbreaks? Come find out…
Cover: Press%20Start


"They were a compelling pair.
She was delightfully strange with a
captivating smile and a desire to know
the magic of the world.
He was cryptic with a contagious sense
of humor and a desire to untangle her
whimsical thinking.
And together their minds set fire to the

Status: Ongoing
Summary: Take a trip through my dreams and absent thoughts in the shape of poems and short stories. Let the words swirl around in your mind and flow through your veins as they did mine.


A collection of thoughts, poems, short stories & ramblings of a somewhat happy, sometimes whimsical, relatively quiet girl with mildly amusing anxiety.



Just uploaded ‘Thursday 17th May’.

‘Now the get together is real, its not just an idea. We have a date, we have a room and I have a dress. That is if I actually go.’

"Cole wrapped his finger around the white forelock of hair that stubbornly fell over the left side of Josey’s creamy skin.

Waardenburg Syndrome-Type II carried with it the risk of many symptoms, one of which was hypopigmentation."

Kismet Graphics | Read Here

Join me on my journey as a new graphic designer!
(premades, contest entries, and non-commital requests)

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