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Book of Randomness

At the request of two particular people (they know who they are), I have decided to bring this book back! Basically, it’s a book full of random shorts and skits involving all my characters. Said two people were even the ones who helped me come up with the name of this book since I couldn’t remember the last two.

So, this will involve characters from:

~ Inter-Universal Protectors

~ The Spirit Veil

~ On The Outside Looking In


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not a part of a balanced reading diet

This is an eclectic grouping of short stories written by me during periods of writing droughts on my main works in progress. Some of these are spin offs of those where I explore a character, and some are humorous shorts written simply for laughs.


Click here to read!

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Looking for interesting story prompt-based challenges? @TeamOfDreams has just the thing: A weekly fiction prompt club! Every Friday, we release a new challenge ranging from three words to images to dialogue. Members have a week, until the next Thursday night, to compose their stories. At the end of the week, a TeamOfDreams admin will choose their favorite piece as the winner of the week. The winner gets a sticker and a shout out from TeamOfDreams!


Looking for interesting poetry prompts? TeamOfDreams has just the thing: A weekly poetry challenge club! Every Friday, we release a new prompt challenge. Members have a week, until the next Thursday night, to compose their poems. At the end of the week, a TeamOfDreams admin will choose their favorite piece as the winner of the week. The winner gets a sticker and a shout out from TeamOfDreams!



The official magazine of the Team Of Dreams

January 2020 - to dream your dreams

We want new and experienced authors to become more comfortable in their own skins as writers and poets. To this end, it is our mission to offer activities, education, and connection that further the success of the members of our Wattpad community. One such endeavor is the Aspire Magazine.

1st Quarter 2020


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  • Copyright Info
  • Daily Dreams (daily questions for you, the reader!)


Vincent and Margaret are tragic, hilarious, pathetic and absolutely unprepared to have their musical dreams realized in the Internet age while touring summer music festivals in Europe and the U.K.

Rated Mature - drugs & cussin’ : )


Excerpt from Chapter Five - Vincent

New York we changed planes and when our ship leveled off over the ocean they brought the cart around. I bought drinks for my new seatmates, emptied my plastic cup quick and rattled the ice like Yahtzee dice. Recycled the same schmaltz I’d spread heavy riding center seat from EUG to DEN, DEN to LAG and inquired whether anyone among our economy-row trio possessed special talents that might prove vital to our survival, if things got weird and we found ourselves in some kind of “LOST” situation.

Stupid but it always gets a laugh. Never comes across all nosy like asking What’s your name? What do you do? Data like that will be rendered useless once all the wrong planets line up in just the right way to send your budget flight slipping buttfuck-sideways through spacetime to crash-land on a spooky island in another dimension.

When you wake up flat on your back in a patch of bamboo to find the plane you boarded is now broken up and scattered across some beach? That’s the moment your job title, your place on a company org chart, your socio-commercial standing all wither and drop like the useless wings of an earthbound ant who will never be queen.

Now you’re on the starting blocks competing against every other survivor for excellence in a new economy of individual worth proven by contribution and performance. Running a race to transcend self-motivated participation and achieve true cooperation.

You used to be Phoebe, the pretty one with all the friends? Now you’re the tan one who’s really good at spearfishing.

You were the fat guy in Accounting hunched over a keyboard packed full of fast-food crumbs. Now you’re the genius who fashioned a novelty belt buckle into a cutting tool and built the best shelter on the island.

Or maybe you’re the one who can’t cope. Maybe you’ll wrap two slashed life jackets full of stones around your neck and stroll into the surf because your brand is hollow and you can’t generate a corporeal stream of subsistence income based upon you.

"Caught unawares, he blinked up to look at me; a complete stranger now invading his space. I knew I was crowding him. I could feel his instincts kick in and then relent as he took in my small stature. I had been assessed. I was deemed a curiosity not a true threat.

Little did he know."

Title: My Favorite Wattpad Books

Are you looking for the best undiscovered books on Wattpad?

Step inside and discover a treasure trove of hidden gems that deserve to be read.

Each chapter has a short summary of a unique Wattpad book that shines above the rest in all areas including: grammar and spelling; reader interest and engagement; and plot and character development.




Two sentence short story collection. Part 2 Link:'s-a-different-day-2018-edition-part-2

This is just a collection of random thoughts I have, some rants, playlists, story ideas, etc.
I hope you read and enjoy!


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