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“being a literal monster doesn’t make you any less of a human”

Monster /ˈmänstər/ : noun

A powerful and frightening large creature that is cruel and cannot be controlled.

That’s what i am.

A literal monster

They made me turn into a monster.

I became a monster against my will.

But I have emotions, feelings and sense of humanity.

I’m still human.

[category: science fiction, fan fiction and romance]

a bts kim taehyung fan fiction.


[begin: December 24, 2018

end: – -- --]




[tom holland x female oc] [ongoing]

“I’m gonna have to do something a little risky. Do you trust me?”
“Trust you? I barely even know you!”
“It’s now or never, Chelsea. Do you trust me?”

↝ in which the good girl falls for the bad boy


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Title- Like Old Times


Status- Ongoing

Description- While filming season 5, of everyone’s favorite Netflix Original, Stranger Things and the final season. Finn Wolfhard takes his role maybe too seriously. While at the same time Millie Bobby Brown discovered her true feelings towards one of her costar. What happens when one tragic scene changes the course of a friendship forever.


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title: Feeling Gucci


status ongoing

description In which a girl that can barely talk to her crush gets kissed.

• • •

Bashful Kyung Mi is the very definition of secondhand embarrassment. She is also inexperienced with the things of love and life. She’d only had three crushes in her entire life. Her first crush had been her brother’s best friend, the second was a boy she’d liked for her entire high school career, who turned out to be gay. And now, in her fourth year of university, she had started developing a crush on the boy that sat in front of her.

So what happens when he kisses her?



Title: Life Saver


Status: Ongoing

Description: You thought that these next nine months were going to be simple volunteering, nothing more, nothing less. Especially because you were one of the best surgeons out there, thanks to your “special help”, so to say.

God, you were so wrong about that one.

Link: Life Saver



“We will do anything to protect you, but just remember this…”

BTS x Reader(Y/N)

Gang/Mafia AU



Love, Jiyong is a FanFiction which alternates the point of view between the two main characters, Kwon Jiyong (Big Bang’s G-Dragon) and Jane Thompson.


She enters the boardroom and only sees the back of this stranger’s head. He was looking at the different samples and trophies that were on display. He’s wearing a black suit and Jane knows by the quality of it that he must be somebody important.

“Good day. I’m Lily, nice to meet you,” she greets the stranger while holding out her hand.

When he turns around she realises it’s Jiyong! She feels as if she’s caught in a dream and wonders if the last few days have just been a lie. How can one week seem to make your whole life topsy turvy?

‘Stacy, I’m going to kill you,’ she thinks and looks at him like a deer caught in headlights.

He hasn’t said anything and, out of nowhere, she bowed down and said, "Annyeong hashimnikka." During her K-pop phase, she also watched a lot of K-dramas and learned a few phrases along the way.

‘So stupid, why did I just do that?’ she fights with herself after seeing his response. He still hasn’t said a word yet.



Walking back from a friend’s house, you get kidnapped to find yourself later sold in an auction to none other than the famous BTS member and music producer Min Yoongi. All he does is act cold and ask you to do stuff for him. What would happen in your life next? No one know. May luck be with you.

Link: Underground secrets

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“You do realize you completely and utterly ruined my life?!”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”

Hannah Blackwell daughter of the billionaire Charles Blackwell, ceo of Island Records, runs away from her controlling parents when she meets a guy…will this bring back everything she tried so hard to escape from?

Check it out here, if you want:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pain mixed with pleasure, love mixed with jealousy.

Love affairs are usually dangerous, risky, and intoxicating, but what happens when the man you’re involved with is not who he says he is?

Mimi Nguyen is no stranger to the off again/on again relationship with her boyfriend, Jordan. Sick of his frat boy ways and violent outbursts, she seeks solstice in Kim Taehyung, an innocent man from the club…

…or so she thinks.

Copyright © 2018 SilverTongued.
All rights reserved.

Started: March 12, 2018.
Completed: August 7, 2018.✓-prologue

“I want to be with you. I want nothing more than to be with you, and it’s tearing me apart.”

Twin sisters, polar opposites from one another. Chung Winnie was home schooled, while her popular sister, Ajooni, found her way at the top of the social ladder in high school. Winnie, coming to public school for the first time, meets bad boy class prince, Kim Taehyung, who is also her twin’s boy toy.

Getting spun into a whole different world, Winnie must avoid Taehyung and the social ladder at all costs as to not find herself on her sister’s bad side. If only things were that easy…

Copyright © 2019 SilverTongued.
All rights reserved.

Re-started/edited: April 26, 2019
Finished: –

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Maisie Stewart is a young college student and a former party girl. Wanting out of a purely physical relationship with Kim Taehyung, a charismatic and devilishly handsome ladies man, she soon realizes it’s easier said than done when emotional attachments start to form.

Very mature: language and sex.

Cover made by my favorite author, @SilverTongued.

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I like to write fanfiction. Mostly crossovers and the crazier the crossover the better.


title: the lying hoes club

author: @borahae-

status: ongoing

tired of the being the accused in a relationship? have no fear! the lying hoes club is now accepting recruits!

check off the phrase that best matches with you:

broken-hearted? I :heavy_check_mark: I

misunderstood? I :heavy_check_mark: I

need an escape? I :heavy_check_mark: I

getting pleasured? I :heavy_check_mark: I

if you meet the above criteria, welcome to the lying hoes club! we’re elated to have you with us!

current head count: 1


Jimin smirked slightly as he began bouncing back on his crutches. “You’re way too tight, babe. I can loosen you up in no time.” He gave her a cheeky smile as his words sunk into Eunhee’s mind, her already flushed cheeks similar to that of a tomato.

“My face looks like Rapunzel’s fake mom when she found out she was old again.”


please note:
contains mature content. innuendo intended :wink:

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Tainted by sarcastrophist
Jungkook is the wound. Taehyung is the band-aid. Until these roles become tainted.
This is not a VKook.
Rated: Mature
Status: Ongoing
40/50 chapters published.

Hope you give me a shot :heart:

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Hard by kinkynoonas
No commitment. No attachment. Definitely no feelings.
Not a Taengi.
Rated: Mature
Status: Ongoing
15 chapters currently published.



5SOS/ Luke Hemmings x OC
37k words


Ruby really loves birthdays. She loves them so much she’s determined not to let a dead phone, cancelled plans and a bad sense of direction ruin hers. Things seem to be looking up when she meets Luke Hemmings and he takes a liking to her, but can Ruby resist the rocker when he wants a little more than she’d bargained for? Does she even want to?

Smut, romance, comedy and several fic tropes mak with a fresh spin keep things moving in this dual perspective love story about what happens when two people are willing to take a chance on one another, even if the odds seem heavily stacked against them.



A love story between the talented singer Shawn Mendes and the passionate writer Amber Heller.


Title: Wonderluxst
{ Kim Taehyung Fanfic}
Social Media AU


Welcome to SM Entertainment

  • What if you’re in a kpop group with 5 male idols?
  • Will there be Love? Hate? Or Both


Genre: Romance, Fanfic
Status: Ongoing


"-there’s this sincerity from it that no photographs could capture-"

Jeongyeon is a pretty straightforward type of girl, but when you add Jimin into the picture, her prejudices and feelings clash together. She falls deep in layers of emotions that complicates everything she holds value to, and it is all because of one guy from BTS that flipped her world upside down.

Drama, Romance, Comedy, K-pop