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Donghun, Jun, Chan, Byeongkwan and Sehyoon are five of the lower ranked vampires. One night a newly turned vamp appears in their hideout, and nobody knows how or why she is there. What are the secrets that this unknown girl has hidden?
Could she be the one who will help A.C.E move up the vampire ranks, until they reach the very top? This is a story of overcoming obstacles and proving those who are against you wrong.❦-hongjoong

Oriana wakes up from a frozen sleep and discovers that the city she was born and raised in had been destroyed long ago.

The new city underground meant safety to some, but to others, it was suffocating, and they wanted nothing more than to venture above ground once again. The only problem was that they didn’t know whether it was inhabitable, or if it was still unsuitable for humans to live.

Oriana and a few others are known as The Aurora. They’re humanities only chance at regaining what was once lost.❦-chan

After Sunni died, she found that she had transported back in time, and she was in the body of her teen self.

Now she was back to her trainee days, and she worked hard to right all of her wrongs.

Can she improve on herself? And become the idol she never was?❦-donghun

"Stitched you up, put you together with cotton and feather, gave you love, put my heart inside you. You were comforting and quiet, how did love become so violent?’

Zayna just wanted her friend, Donghun, to regain the life that he had lost, and to feel the comfort of being with him once again. So how did it all go so terribly wrong?

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Title : Home
Status : On going (9 Chapters)
Summary : An epic journey of youth, finding the true meaning of home

Link : H O M E


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Human & Machine

In a world where robots are resented and hated by humans, there was one bot who wanted nothing more than to be a human as well.

Park Jimin.

He wanted to be accepted by the people and have feelings like them.

Then he met Y/n, who accepted him for who he was. She did not judge him nor did she try to hurt him. All she wanted was to protect him from their Ruler’s wrath. And he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

And he wanted Jimin dead.

Bts Jimin X Reader

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The Right Tension

Being twenty-six and single sucked. You had to deal with your parents constant nagging for you to find someone and start a family. You’ve dealt with it long enough and reached your limit. To get them off your back you lied.

You claimed you have a boyfriend but it soon backfires when they want to see him.

You then run through the streets to hire a decent guy and when you come across someone he wasn’t what you were expecting.

He was gay.

Bts Taehyung X Reader

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Street Fighter: Fighting to Fight

Disclaimer: **THIS IS A FANFICTION OF THE FRANCHISE STREET FIGHTER. The story I tell here about my character and the other main characters in Street Fighter is my own invention, and it is not purported or believed to be part of Capcom’s story canon. This story is for entertainment only and is not part of the official story line. I am not profiting financially from the creation and publication of this story as this is purely for my own artistic expression and entertainment purposes. **

This story starts out with a 16 year old orphan named Erin in Killarney, Ireland. She was arrested for disorderly conduct at a local pub and was sent back to the orphanage after the owner of the bar decided not to press charges. After she was sent to her room, Erin had enough and ran away. She goes on an adventure to become a professional fighter and live in secrecy in hopes she will not get caught by the Irish authorities to be brought back to Ireland. While on her journey, she meets an unlikely ally, can she get along with them or will she have met her match?


❝I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want to die.❞

Jeon Jungkook has been diagnosed with lung cancer and no doctors nor professionals could help him. He is given two months left to live and no more.

As his best friend you are heartbroken by the news but are determined to make sure he has a smiling face all the way to the end. Can you do it? Can you make his last days memorable for him before his time limit expires?

Bts Jungkook X Reader

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Y/n & the Maynard siblings have been friends since birth. The Maynard’s have always been close to y/n’s family. Conor, Jack and y/n were the best of friends, Along with Anna who was only a baby. They haven’t been in contact with each other for years. What happens when they all meet for the first time since they were kids?

Mature Content.
Strong language.

"What you call the future is just meaningless optimism. You should just enjoy the moment instead of worrying about everything…"

A young trainee by the name of Kim Seokjin crosses path with an unlikely girl in his drama class. From there, the two build off of a charming relationship where the two try to best each other with snarky remarks and witty banter. Soon however, their cute rapport would later develop into something more, feelings that they haven’t expected from each other. Their only issue is… they can only be together for just two months.

Comedy, Romance, Drama





“We will do anything to protect you, but just remember this…”

BTS x Reader(Y/N)

Gang/Mafia AU

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Title: Short Term Memory

Status: Ongoing

Description: Taehyung is a foreign exchange student who’s training to become a dancer. Everything is normal until he starts to show signs of short term memory loss, but is there a reason why that’s happening?

Follow Taehyung as he discovers more about his world as it breaks apart little by little, and how he has to connect with others around him in order to stop the chaos from happening.

Title: Savages!
Status: ongoing (taking a break for a bit on this one)

Description: Namjoon goes fishing one day and gets shipwrecked on an island inhabited by savages, but they aren’t exactly what they seem to be.

How one Clumsy Man changes the path and destinies of 6 natives who’s dreams go beyond their tiny island.


It is 2015 and Kim Taehyung had just experienced the pressures of being a K-pop idol. His group, BTS, broke through Korean mainstream media and was enjoying commercial success. But with that success came with a price. In order to escape the overwhelming attention that followed him everywhere, Taehyung decided to embark on a solo journey to a place on the other side of the world.

Jeon Jung-kook had just broken up with his girlfriend, but everywhere he went in the city of Seoul kept reminding him of her. He was tired of seeing her face on the billboards, on posters at bus stops and storefronts. It was about time he left the city in search of something else.

SHARK IN THE WATER | Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin becomes the new English teacher and a counselor to 5 students at Yale University.

Everything about the university and the students seem to be perfect. But there is a shark in the water, waiting to attack.

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Maya lost everything.
Her family.
Her happiness.
Now, there is only darkness surrounding her.

Namjoon has everything.
A succesfull career.
Millions of fans that love him.

Two people that meet under complicated circumstances but whose lifes are tied tightly together.

Read here: Wings - Teach me how to fly
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Here & Now (Story Link)

Kendall produces music and weaves fictional worlds.

Yoongi produces music and weaves in life’s tales.

They’re both introverted weirdos.


When you’re Min Yoongi, you would do anything for fame. Whether it is auditioning like a normal person, or becoming the fake boyfriend of one of the biggest rappers in South Korea and helping them cover up the craziest scandal of the century.

read here.

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"Self made billionaire Zayn Malik doesn’t do monogamy. But once he meets Mila he is immediately intrigued. Her foul mouth and strong will is unlike any woman he’s ever met and the sole fact that she’s not falling at his feet is enough to make him go insane. With a dark past like his and a troubled one like hers, there isn’t much between love and hate.

A Zayn Malik x Selena Gomez fan fiction. Mature scenes will occur"

I’d love to do read for read, just hit me up in the dm’s! Thanks x


Zahtavius is an African American Figure skater with a dream bigger then him from North Carolina. When times get tough, his older brother, Quezzy is always there to pick him back up.

Adam Rippon is a retired Olympic Figure skater, who is one of the few male figure skaters to openly come out as Gay, following the Iconic Johnny Weir. In his career, he succeeded in, four continents championships in 2010, a US National championships, a world junior championships, a Junior Grand Prix final, and the 2008 US Junior National Title.

A video is leaked…
A video that changes Zahtavius’s and Adam’s life forever.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightclub


Two young comedians (and best friends), Nick Kroll (age 24) and John Mulaney (age 20), try to figure out why John is being stalked - and why he keeps waking up with money in his pockets…