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New cover LWL

Kate is a young widow, now nearly 41, with two teenage kids to support. She’s been grieving for nearly three years and her best friend Sally knows it’s time for a change.

***“Hi, I’ve got a question for you. How would you like to go to London for a long weekend with me for your birthday? Friday to Monday. We’ll eat at a fancy restaurant, see a show, do a little shopping, blah blah blah. What do you say? Don’t say no.” ***

In London a bizarre set of events start to unfold after Kate meets a famous British actor. George Hastings. One of Sally’s favourites. Kate is not so impressed. Sally has a plan to make her friend be happy again.

*** She opened her eyes and saw a nipple right in front of her face. George was asleep, breathing deeply. She realised her head was resting against his naked muscular chest, covered in a carpet of hair. Her heart skipped a beat and her eyes widened. She stopped breathing for a moment. She didn’t dare blink in case the flutter of her eye lashes tickled him enough to wake him up.***

Thanks for taking the time to read my first ROMCOM novel LONG WEEKEND IN LONDON which is complete. The sequel will be out soon.


Jen Meets Her Match

Fifteen-year-old Brainiac Jen Simonson imagines that her sophomore year will be a mild upgrade from her freshman year. Earn straight A’s, win a regional spelling bee… but no romance. Certainly not! Her braces and sharp tongue would see to that.

But then the new kid, Frank, swaggers into her life in a whirlwind of banter. He double-dog dares her to be his girlfriend, claiming that he’s sick of girls whose brains explode if they hear a bit of sesquipedalian grandiloquence. They cross verbal swords and come out … even. Frank may well be the most obnoxious boy in the universe, but he’s also the funniest. This looks promising! But where did that zombie come from?

Jen Meets Her Match is a fast-paced, banter-licious urban fantasy/romance.

Updates on Saturdays.

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