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Hey guys! I’m looking for a YA/NA Romance to read. I don’t want anything too cliched. If it’s a cliche, I’m willing to read it as long as you add your own spins on it. I’m not really into historical fiction, paranormal, or any werewolf and vampire stuff.

I’m mostly looking for a romance story with a somewhat unique plot. I know that the whole genre heavily relies on cliches, but it would be refreshing to read something a little different. Drop your stories below with your cover and blurb!


How do you feel about YA fantasy? I have a fantasy story with a big romance subplot, but I just want to make sure you’re alright with stuff like that before I share it

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I’m open to fantasy stories! If you share it I’ll definitely consider checking it out.



Ada Sinclair is ready to graduate high school and head off to her dream college. After working hard for the grades and even harder at her godmother’s coffee shop to pay for it, the next step of her life is only a few months away.

When her mother comes home to reveal she is in the early stages of Huntington’s Disease, a disease passed down from her own mother, Ada wonders if she is next in line. After learning of what’s to come, Ada decides to put her dreams aside to be there for her family in their time of need and enjoy her mother’s beautiful spirit while she still can.

Feeling like the world is crashing down on her, Ada turns to the man who’s been there for her for the last four years. He’d given her the confidence she needed to become the woman she is now, held her while she cried and has been there through every struggle she’s faced. He seems fully willing to be there for her again, even if that means risking his career as a teacher; her teacher.

As their friendship grows stronger, they find strength in one another and a connection they can only ignore for so long.


Okay, awesome! I’ve heard that it’s pretty unique compared to other fantasy romances, since it’s a non-toxic, best-buddies-to-lovers story. If you check it out, I hope you like it! I understand if it’s not your cup of tea though :slight_smile:

Far in the Frozen North live the Rogalanders, the so-called “bear-people.” Every year, the devout who are coming of age receive a tattoo - a Mark of Endil, which reveals to its bearer the destiny that the gods wrote for them.

The day of Hala Freylisdotter’s Marking, originally supposed to bring with it joy and celebration, is ruined by an unexpected murder. The subsequent arrival of a bloody woman from a rival nation forces Hala to choose between the safety of home and the promise of glory for fulfilling her fate. She and her closest friends embark on a cross-continental mission, during which they discover a conspiracy and are thrust into the dangerous underbelly of international politics.

In the face of betrayal and death, the young Rogalanders are forced to break old relationships, forge new bonds, and grapple with the answer to one question: how much are you willing to sacrifice to protect your country?

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Hey @luciaysun!

I think my completed romance story about two music students in London, currently ranked #3 in New Adult Romance, should tick all your boxes!

I hope you enjoy it if you do choose to take a look :blush:

ALL by Lucille Dixon


:1st_place_medal: FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Red Rose Romance Awards 2019 :1st_place_medal:

:2nd_place_medal: SECOND PLACE WINNER (ROMANCE) - Majestic Inc Universal Awards 2019 :2nd_place_medal:

All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old singer Abi meets Noah, a moody but beautiful guitarist, she soon discovers the tattoos marking his skin hide more than she first thought.

Thrown head-first into Noah’s world of secrets, passion and excitement, Abi starts to learn things from him that she’s never experienced before. But, as their relationship grows deeper, it seems as though she’s been the one teaching him all along… how to love.

As one person’s career starts to take off and the walls slowly crumble between them, will Abi and Noah ever truly be able to give each other their all?


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Title: The Writer and the Rock Star

Blurb: Norah Young is living the life of her dreams after finally escaping Davensport, the small town she once called home. She has settled into her own apartment, and she’s ready to establish herself as a writer. Norah is the definition of a girl boss except her sink is full of dirty dishes, she’s had six hours of sleep in the past two days, and she hasn’t left her house in a week. Needless to say, Norah doesn’t have the time to consider her love life, but then she runs into Conrad Harris, a member of a famous band and an old crush. If given the opportunity, what will Norah choose: love or her dream? She can’t have both, or can she?

The Writer and the Rockstar

You might be interested in this!

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Hey, depending on how you define New Adult, I have a romance with a 28 year old protagonist :slight_smile: if you find this of interest, I would love to know what you think! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mute since the tragic accident, Ashlyn Holland has lived a quiet life in her childhood home, haunted daily by the shadow of her Father’s memory, but too afraid to let him go. Instead, she passes the day serving coffee and kindness, avoiding the ocean at all costs.

When Derek moves to town, however, her routine is interrupted, and the fears that have always held her back are challenged. As their relationship develops and Ashlyn finds freedom in this new friendship, disaster lingers in the back ready to strike. And when it does, it will either bring them closer together or tear them apart.

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While love triangles are common, I think mine is not so cliche. Unless you’d like to prove me wrong :smirk:

There’s a vampire in this story but it’s not a vampire story at all. It’s really all about Jack.

Can a newborn nature spirit win the heart of Jack Frost before he gives in to another immoral?

The House of J

Hey! You said that you were open to fantasy stories, so I have one for you ^-^

I think this book will fit in with what you’re looking for :slight_smile:
It’s a Fantasy Romance story. So if you do get to it soon, i hope you enjoy it :smiley:

Title: Fire and Ice
Summary: Thousands of years ago, the Azure and the Vermilion dragons started a war with one another. Although no one knows how it started, generations upon generations of both of these dragons have been taught to despise and kill each other instantly.

The spirit of the dragons have been passed down to humans as a tribute to their kindness, but little did the humans know, that with the spirit of the dragons, came at a cost. The cost of instant bloodshed of opposite clans.

The royal family of both these clans possess the blood of the Azure and Vermilion dragon, who can shift from human to dragon at will. Many generations of the royal families tried to forge an alliance or a treaty with one another, but always end up betraying each other.

As a result from a new peace treaty, Princess Annamarie, the last Azure dragon descendant, is then forced into a political marriage by her own morals and principles with the brooding Prince Kyro who is popular for being a tyrant throughout the Vermilion Kingdom.

Although Prince Kyro seems to be the main threat at the moment, Annamarie has become aware of a larger threat looming above everyone’s head, including hers. As a result, Anna’s life is going to take a wild turn as it is going to be filled with adventure, drama, raw emotions, bloodshed, and a hint of romance :wink:


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Hi!!! I believe my story has no or very few cliches. And it definitely has a super unique plot. I hope it calls your attention and you’re able to enjoy it!


ARLH features a heroine on the spectrum. It’s ongoing with 25+ chapters and I update twice weekly.

ALAYLM is completed, it has cliche elements but I added (hopefully) unique spins to it.


I have an ongoing New Adult Action/Romance/Comedy that definitely has a unique plot lol I’ll post some details below!

Title: King of Hearts
Synopsis: Not every love story has a happy ending.

Not that that bothers Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Allgood, a notorious philanderer with a gambling problem. Indebted to the Italian mob for funding the upstart of his boxing gym in Chicago, Gabe skirts his payment responsibilities under the guise of dating Bianca, the mob bosses’ daughter. Which seems to work so far-considering he isn’t dead yet.

But when he finds himself single yet again and in sore need of quick cash, he takes a bet with his friends that he can’t woo an old flame back into his bed. Harper Hadley, however, is not just any old flame-she’s the one that got away.

As Gabriel attempts to win Harper back despite their rough history and without stirring up old feelings, all while keeping his charade a secret from Bianca and the mob…well, it’s safe to say chaos is bound to ensue.

Cover: King of Hearts

Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager

Leona is a sixteen year old introverted writer hiding in her world of poetry who’s only friend is a boy she met online. James Greyson is the out going, charming, golden boy who’s family just moved to Tampa FL. He soon questions everything he has with the girl online who he only knows as Valeera, when a girl at his new school captures his mind and soul with her poetry. Ridden with anxiety, Leona decides to keep her identity hidden from the only one who’s understood her. Her plan was working until she starts receiving texts from her father whos in prison for the murder of her mother.

Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager

To Love A Hurricane


A recently dumped, accident-prone photographer is trying to get her mess of a life back on track when she accidentally runs over a mysterious man. In this hilarious, awkward, swoon-filled romance, follow the ridiculous adventure of Myla and her mystery man as the universe forces them together in the most comical way.

Title: Ash Spoken
Blurb: A dead girl. A boy with eclipse eyes. And burned ashes. Rayleigh Stewart, just a normal ordinary girl, found herself thrown into a world of blood and chaos, after finding out that there was more to the murder case that had shook their friendly neighbourhood. Meanwhile, an old ancient legend was stirring awake from its slumber and a long lost organisation was re-emerging from their silence. Rayleigh knew that she had no business in this war but her dangerous curiosity and her new found love for the people involved had encouraged her to take part…

It’s YA fantasy with a bit of messy romance :slight_smile:
Hope you check it out.

This is a YA romance ongoing novel. I have just started out as a writer but have had some positive feedback with my story. If you are ready for a roller coaster ride full of emotions then you have come to the right place.

Heart to Hart

At eighteen years old, mistakes are bound to be made and Natasha can’t seem to stop making them.

First, she leaves her friends and home behind all because she couldn’t face her ex with her new replacement. She is convinced the change of scenery will magically transform her.

When she realises she was wrong, she returns only to find that cracks are starting to show in the perfect family her mother tries to portray them all as.

Max, her ex-boyfriend, is suddenly single. Will she be quick to forgive and let him use her all over again?

Then there is Alec, her childhood best friend. Sian has warned her not to cross any lines in their relationship but what harm is a little kiss among friends?

Natasha is about to find out, the hard way, that every action has a consequence.


ongoing story


Title: Because You’re Different
Genre: YA/NA Romance

What if your body doesn’t always do what you want it to do?

For June, this isn’t a question, but a daily reality. As a fourteen-year-old with cerebral palsy, frequently dropping stuff and being stared at by complete strangers is nothing out of the ordinary. Other than that, life is great, until her parents decide to move to California.

With all her friends miles away and nobody there to protect her from boys stealing your lunch, school becomes a lot more complicated than it had been. Then, she befriends Sam Redstone, a shy boy who’d always been invisible to others.

June’s days improve drastically with Sam by her side, and when she meets his older brother Nathan, she finally believes her cousin Valentina might have been right about sexy California guys. Slowly, she and Nathan develop a unique friendship, one that, June finds herself hoping, might someday turn into something more. But as the years go by, she’s starting to think she might never be with him that way, or any other man for that.

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Paparazzi Girl

Completed romance novel.


❝It was like a game between the two of them until the other one stopped playing❞

They were enemies in high school. Pulling pranks, calling names and embarrassing each other in front of the school were in both of their’s daily schedules. That lasted almost three years until she disappeared mysteriously in the senior year and he continued living life the way it was before her.

Now, five years later, both are busy with their lives. They haven’t seen each other since that day but the memories never disappeared. When they meet again, neither of them was ready for the consequences.


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Blurb:She has too many faces,but I am always going to fall for her,even it means I need to love her again and again.

Layla Mirallcra Carter,the girl who owned EPOCH. Layla,the girl who wear a sparkling silver dress and flirt with boys. Also Layla,the girl with nerdy glasses and stutters when she speak.And once again Layla,the medium who have the ability to fufil the wish of ghost and let them be free again.

Zamber Miller,a florist and a guy that wanting to find the truth of his parents death.

When the girl with thousand faces and personality meet the guy with secret,they are destined to have the most unusual type of love.Maybe a little bit of spooky and dark adventure as well.