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Hi. The other day at lunch, I had an orange thrown at my school issued computer. Hard. It popped out the screen.


WHAT??? SRSLY???. dude…who was the jerk who threw it???


I think his name is Nathan. He’s a jerk.


im trying to remember a funny story rn lol


We did Secret Santa in one of my classes back in December. There ended up being one leftover name. Everyone revealed who they had so we could find out who didn’t take a name. We discovered that someone had put their name in twice. It ended up being the person whose name was left over at the start, so we actually could have gone without redrawing if he had admitted it right away. Everyone had to redraw because all of the names were exposed.


Oh here’s a recent story:
In my English class my friend blurts out “what if we milked cows from the ceiling” and the class was like “wtf” and she begins to explain how the concept would work, instead of always buying milk you could just have never ending milk by buying a cow and keeping it insulated in the attic (so you don’t have to take care of it) with it utters hanging down so it could be milked. The legs would be chopped off since it’s a hassle. She also explained that you wouldn’t manually milk the cow, the milk would be sucked from a pipe. Of course the class start dissing the idea of were really confused and so she drew diagram and then explain the process would be different in the future and we would have gelatin cows insulated into these cases so that the utters is the only thing that can be used and we’d have fields of these cases gelatin cows producing milk that transferred through pipes to your house. She also drew a picture for that too. By now we’re fully immersed in her explanation and laughing really hard. Then someone asks “what if people try to break or steal the cows?”

She simply says " Then a raging demon possessed cow will chase you around and threaten to suck the milk of you"
A guy says “But guys don’t produce milk”
She responds “If the cow sucks hard of enough you will.”
Then she drew a picture of the demon possessed cow threatening and hung it on the wall in the classroom and that’s how class ended.


When i was in Year 6. Some kid kicked a football at me and it hit me so hard in the chest i must’ve flown back about 4 meters. A year 6 kid, and i had air time and landed on my neck after flipping. It was kinda fun and kinda traumatising, but hurt like hell afterwards.

Then just last year, it was the end of term and i’ve been the target of bullying for years, especially for sports, but that’s the funny part. We were playing basketball, and it was some game where we had to get a basket from the same distance as the person before us. A guy who’s been a huge thorn in my side told me to shoot from the straight line behind the 3 point line. About 18-20 metres of so away, probably further. I did.

I got the basket in, and the ENTIRE CLASS got out for it. Even the basketball kid couldn’t do it. I was laughing myself back home that day XD This was a class of about 26 people including me


2 months ago in English we were discussing Hamlet and the Teacher had said “heinous murder” in his sentences and the Brazilian exchange student in our class who sat near me muttered “did he just anus?” and my friend tries to whisper “no the word is heinous” The guy just goes “what is that word? I never heard it. All I hear is anus murder, wtf is the uncle doing. I don’t understand??”


Secret Santa was fun. Like once I got my own name and could have just gifted myself and got away with it. Also, my friend gave someone a book, and that guy came up to me and was like "If only I could know who it was, I really want to thankk him lol


In English class again (I think you can see the pattern of how my English class is not normal) we had this one girl who’s Muslim trying to convince the teacher to give her bonus points and by now it was the 20th time she brought it up and he told her that she is not allowed to say bonus points anymore and her response was
“Well how can I get more of those thingys?? I really need them! If I don’t have an A in this class my parents are going to sell me for goats and I’ll have to marry some old guy and go back to my home country! Do you even know how many goats I’m worth??”
Thus begin the debate on how many goats everyone was worth in our class.




I dont rly have any major ones, i mean my life is a joke lol,


So my school had a Fiasco™ on Friday…

I was in the cafeteria for A lunch, right? Well, suddenly, everybody starts standing up and looking around, and the noise level goes up by about 35%, so I expect there to be a fight or something

But what really happened is that the principal (who avoids the P.A. system for dear life) just came on the intercom to say that we’re having a lockout and it isn’t a drill.

No one could hear hear, so everybody thinks it’s a lockDOWN. Now, we’d had a drill two (2) days ago, so we all KNOW it’s not a drill. So everybody in the cafeteria is about to riot because there is something DANGEROUS in this BUILDING and we gotta HIDE or RUN or some shit and three administrators and Boysburger the SRO are running around, telling everyone to sit down and stay calm without actually telling us what’s going on, and as you can imagine, that’s sure working well!!

Well fuck, time to call my parents and tell them I love 'em. My friends and I hide under our table, and eventually some kid who’s decided that he’s a messenger pigeon comes over and tells us it’s a lockOUT (there’s an external threat) and we’re okay, so we’re like NOT actually panicking now… and as the message gets around, everybody stops crying and hiding and whatnot.

So the lockout keeps going for another 10 minutes, and then we get released to our classes.

The juniors and seniors were coming back from off campus lunch during that time, but they weren’t allowed back on campus, for… reasons??? And they all filter into class 20 minutes late with matching looks of disdain for this fucking disaster of a school.

And you wanna know WHY this happened? There was a group of guys on the road, walking, in hunting gear, with guns, because APPARENTLY their GPS had told them that there was a hunting ground… right… there…

You have to be dumb to see a school and a road and a children’s playground and HOUSES and think “gee, this looks like the right place to get out of our truck with all of our guns and ammunition” but THERE THEY WERE.

That was pretty chaotic. And not very fun.


Our school is really a tire fire of miscommunications and problems no one is willing to fix.

They had to fix our bathrooms twice this year. All of them were closed for more than two weeks…

They’re advertising our winter dance over the announcements every day now, and they preface it each time with thirty seconds of really fucking loud music (I guess they can’t gauge the volume of what they’re putting into the speakers) and Friday afternoon (after the Fiasco™™) they played Dancing Queen, and it was so loud that one girl in my class started crying. I’ll never forget it.
(It’s amazing they haven’t shorted out the system yet. One time last year some kid screamed into the PA system after school and broke the whole thing.)


ooooohh, idk how to react to this tbh, it must have been scary. i live in uk ant the most that ever happened in my school was when a science experiment went wrong and a corner of the room caught on fire for like a split second.


yeahh, none of the bathrooms in my school r usable either


And don’t even get me started on the building as a structure. From the outside, the school looks like a pile of bricks. There are no windows visible from the front of the building, just a smokestack that disappears on foggy mornings. It was built in the 1960’s. The basement floods regularly. The Persian Empire of roaches lives in the walls, and they regularly fall out the ceilings onto us. Are you the first one to turn on the lights in the morning? There they go, just scattering in every direction like a guerrilla militia.

There is only one (1) staircase that goes from the top floor to the bottom floor. All the others are scattered around the building, pushed into corners, leading to one place and one place only. Some lead into brick walls. Some only have a door at the top, and a vending machine where one should be at the bottom. They are NOT labelled and it’s really roulette to see where you end up.

The hallways aren’t labelled either, half of the school was added on 20 years after the original construction, and a Random Fucking Brick Wall literally divides the (inside!!) of the building in half. Our library is in the center, but there is one door on one side only. And the damn thing’s only open when the moon is waxing, Jupiter is aligned with Mercury, and the wind is blowing east.

Student guidance is build like a Greek maze. Want to find your guidance counselor? Just take a flyer on why “The Interwebs” are bad instead. It’ll be easier.

We have the 000’s hall, the 100’s hall, and the 200’s hall (part of which is noncontiguous, connected by another semi-useless staircase, and home to exactly two classrooms) in the main building. The 300’s and 400’s are perpendicular wings that aren’t connected at all and lose power every time there’s a storm. The 500’s wing is where the French and math classes are, and it’s so far away, it’s practically exile—we don’t even have a bathroom in there, and if you want one, you gotta go on a safari into the main building, where you may or may not even find one.

There is no 600’s wing. No one has ever explained what happened to it. We think it’s buried under the school. I wrote a play about the concept once.

The 700’s wing, however, does exist, which makes it even more ominous. Instead of a building, it’s made up of about twenty trailers with air conditioning units that scream when the temperature gets above ninety-five.

Oh, and to top it off, they’ve been doing construction on our roof for six months, and they still haven’t told us why. It was meant to be done in September. It’s not September anymore, folks.

It’s madness. And there are no maps. And the room numbers aren’t arranged in any discernable order, despite being grouped together (roughly) by their first digits.

Get me out of this place!! Please!!!


Here’s a weird one:

I was sitting in the cafeteria and eating my lunch (like any other student). Out of nowhere, part of the cafeteria started clapping, and then everyone in the cafeteria was clapping. The people at my table asked, “Why are we clapping?” I thought that myself, but just did it anyway. Maybe someone did something extraordinary? Maybe a teacher deserved a good applause? I don’t know.

It wasn’t until I got to class where my fellow classmates were talking about it, and was mentioning it to our biology teacher. Then, someone had the answer to the strange phenomenon: someone started clapping to see if they could get a chain reaction with the rest of the cafeteria. So their friends joined in, soon their table, and everyone else followed.

I suppose you should try it one day in your school, see if you get a similar reaction. :wink:

Here’s an embarrassing one:

When I was in seventh grade, I played hooky a lot. Okay, I played hooky a lot throughout most of my school life. However, I had picked a horrible day to play hooky. Why? Well, it was because when I got back to school the next day, there were details I had no idea about in social studies.

Okay, let me rewind this… in social studies, we were learning about ancient Greece, specifically between Sparta and Athens. The previous day, the class had learned some information that I had no idea about when I came to school. Which is where my story begins: my teacher had a “poll” done where he asked us which place we would’ve liked to live in: Athens, or Sparta?

Like I said, I had no idea about the information that was given the other day, so when we bowed our heads and raised our hands, guess which place I chose? I raised my hand for Sparta. This was because of a movie parody where it was about Sparta, and in a scene, this one guy pushes another person down a hole and says, “THIS. IS. SPARTA.”

I thought it was funny, so… yeah. I was like, “Okay, I’ll go there.” I don’t know, I was twelve. Haha

But, turned out I was the ONLY person who chose Sparta! My teacher gave me a weird look, like, “Really?” and everyone was wondering who the mystery person was who chose Sparta…

When class ended, my friend had asked me which one I chose and I said, “Uh… well, I chose Sparta.”

That’s when she told me the information I had missed the other day… turned out, when you lived in ancient Greece, in Sparta, you would’ve been married by twelve years old to a forty year old dude.

So yeah, that was quite embarrassing…

Here’s a face-palming one:

I had just moved and was starting my first day of school. Like any other time I started school, I was late… not like tardy late, I mean actually late—the school had started two days before I started school. So on my first day, I was dropped off and headed straight to the guidance counselor’s office where she assigned me my classes (because I hadn’t gotten them like everyone else).

After a good fifteen minutes in her office, she escorted me out into the hallway where she gave a very brief tour. Before I move on, let me describe this school in a simple manner: you had a huge hallway that went straight down—at the far end was the gym, on your right was the cafeteria and library, and on the left of the hallway was the other hallways (three hallways that went to classrooms and there was a second floor, which also had three hallways). On this brief tour, we stood in the middle of the main hall and she pointed toward the rooms.

Because school had already started, no one was in the hallways. Now, this is where my story begins… there were two main staircases in this main hall, but they were located at different areas. I actually only thought there was one staircases as the guidance counselor didn’t say anything about it. When she was escorting me to my class, we went up the one you would see as you got through the front doors.

Well, as my classes were on both floors, I went up the same staircase later on in the day… while everyone was coming down. I had no idea why everyone was going down it, but I somehow made my way up the stairs… in return, I had people call me an “idiot” and comment, “Wrong staircase!” I had no idea what they were meaning, so I just continued making my way up it.

It wasn’t until later on in the day (after that time) where I realized why there were two staircases. One staircase (this one) was meant to go down, the other was meant for going up. However, there were signs (that I didn’t even see) that said you could only use the staircase (up or down) during class hours.

So yeah, I felt like an idiot and laughed at myself for being an idiot. :rofl:


omg wow thats quite extreme… good luck cuz i wouldnt want to be near that school lol