heyya yall


Today I witnessed a fight starting not ten feet from where I was standing. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: I hate my school!


XD LOL XD Who broke the fight up? What were they fighting about? Who was fighting? Sorry I have so many questions, just there are no fights in my school :stuck_out_tongue:


Back in 8th grade when my friends and I thought we were so cool we decided to be rebellious one night on our Washington D.C. trip. I was rooming with three other girls and so during the day we decided to try to order food to our hotel room (totally not allowed by our strict, Catholic teachers). We ended up using my friend’s mom’s credit card to order a box of cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes in D.C., having them deliver it to the hotel we stayed at, calling the front desk and telling them to hold the cupcakes for us, and then sneaking out of our hotel room (past the teachers) in order to run down to the lobby and get them. It was quite the secret mission for some eighth graders. We met up with some boys in the hotel stairs at midnight to eat them… what a time to be alive


XD I LOVE THIS!!! Wow what a rebel XD I wish I had the guts to do that


Oh, man, I don’t even know who they were. My school is huge and fights happen almost daily.

I was just standing there, and then these two girls come barreling past me, with one of them screaming, “THAT’S THE BITCH!” And then one of them grabs the girl by her braids and started punching the hell out of her. I didn’t see a lot of it because there were people closing in to look and I just wanted to get out and get on my bus, but I saw her getting dragged across the pavement, and one of the other girls was kicking at her head. About seven or so minutes later, my bus went past, and she was lying on the ground with one of our SRO’s (school resource officer) next to her. My brother saw the ambulance coming during his track warmups. :neutral_face:

This school is a big ouch


omg thats so mean! Oh wow that’s crazy thought I can’t imagine that happening at my school. Ouchy though.


There was a fight in 7th grade year. One girl’s wig fell/flew/got snatched off, and when the fight ends, the coach literally picks it up and shoves it in his pocket. It was dangling out the entire walk and the girl went to the office bald-headed while everyone was laughing and recording


Oh no! I feel so bad for her! Did she have alopecia or something? Literally I think I would cry from embarrassment if that was me… :crying_cat_face:


Nope. Everyone sorta forgot about it. It was actually weave, I think


What’s a weave? But man I still feel bad for her.


You haven’t heard of weave?


some dudes in my year released chickens around the school in the last week of school


Nupity nup the only thing I’m thinking of right now is an indigenous australian craft made out of bark and strips of thing dried grass woven into nets… and I’m guessing that isn’t right. :smile_cat:


It’s when you kind of tie in fake hair or hair extensions into your hair to make it longer. I think it’s possible to have it ripped out if you’re in a fight and someone pulls too hard.


Just about. It’s very popular in America


XD That must have been awesome to see! I wish I was there!


That explains it! I kinda had an inkling but thanks!


they got stopped before they released all of them, their plan was to leave a chicken in different school buildings and confuse the teachers because they wouldn’t know how many to catch


All of you guys have such wild stories and makes my school sound so normal! Maybe it’s just America… Ehhhh Australia is boring and everyone is so well behaved… well most kids :smile_cat: I’m not XD