We have chickens in our courtyard on purpose :laughing:


Australia seems calmer than America. Particularly the wilds of 2000-kid-urban-schools.


INGENIOUS!!! totally would have secretly egged them on (from inside my head) XD


You know it! XD The biggest scandal we had in our year was… oh wait there was none XD


Another school nearby let a calf loose and it made a big mess


Is your school near a bunch of farms or something??


yeah most of Ireland is near farms


I see, lol

Mine isn’t at all, so the best we can do for pranks is stopping up the toilets, which just makes life hell for everyone involved (especially the students and poor janitors who don’t deserve to be maligned like this) and isn’t even funny




yeah those pranks just make things inconvenient for everyone


Oh yea I get ya… there are a few so called ‘class clowns’ but really they just piss off the teachers and land us all with a saturday detention and think they’re so funny, but thats really it.


You have Saturday detention?


We only get Saturday detention if ya get regular detention and skip it like 3 times, I can’t believe the you all get it for other people’s actions!


“Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.”
~ Fourth Geneva Convention

That’s a war crime :open_mouth:


People have Saturday detention?


idk about other places but it was for bad shit that wasn’t bad enough to get you suspended


We have D-hall, ISS, Suspension, Expulsion or Time


what’s ISS and Time?


Oh hey, we have ISS too!


ISS= In School Suspension

Time= Juvenile/ Jail Time