They only do it for 3-5 days though


wtff you can get jail time :open_mouth: For what?


Yup, we have drills, lunchtimes, after schools, friday afternoons, saturdays and there was one kid that did something really bad about 5 years ago and got a holiday detention, but that’s become a school myth and I think it’s really working in keeping the students behaving XD


Fights, Threats, Serious stuff as usual.

You either go for 3 days or go for an actual sentence. Though there are some kids who are on parole and have to get drug tested


Jeez! Your school is absolutely wild!


Well that’s different


That’s every school in America.


What a truth…


Ohhh see if someone in our school did drugs or bullied they would be expelled… and in our school history no one got a sentence or something like wow… I used to think my school was dodgy… now I don’t XD


Aw we’d just get suspended for that. People in my school only got expelled for fighting if it was one sided and the other person was just attacked


I literally watched the resource officer wrestle a girl to keep her in handcuffs last year.

She and the girl she fought are friends now. I think


There’s an officer???


We’d get expelled for… I dunno… I think some guy got expelled last year because he punched a hole through a class window and then attacked a School Resource Officer who tried to help him.




I got landed an informal lunchtime detention because a few boys in my class were being especially difficult so yippee in detention I went XD


Mine has several police officers that stick around. We’re friends with them :stuck_out_tongue:


This guy got expelled for accidentally hitting a teacher during a fight


Gross, why don’t they just punish the guys??


That actually sounds so surreal


Yeesh all these fights and stuff make the so called devils in my school seem like absolute angels XD