Yeah. Ours has a kid in my grade.


Sometimes it feels like it. Do you guys have lockdown drills?


I don’t know, I wish I could show that rule you just searched up to my teacher XD But the boys did get a lot of sarcastic “Thanks so much” and “All thanks to you” and like death glares XD So that was pretty funny XD They just withered under the gazes of the rest of the class and it never happened again XD #HackForTeachers


nope, we have one fire drill a year and then a test one.
Is lock down for guns?


Let’s not forget small 7th graders who are already sending out nudes


Oh yeah, that’s why they do it.




Yep, it is! You hide in a corner and then a teacher comes around pretending to be somebody who wants to shoot us. It’s great fun. We all get to decide who the sacrifice is.


At my school, if you didn’t do it, you weren’t punished.


There was this woman who had a thing that sounded like she was firing actual shots and banging on the door. Kids were laughing though.


oh my god naw we had nothing like that. I don’t even think we’ve ever had a school shooting, not in the last 20 year anyway


Yea that’s the same for us just that one time our latin teacher got super pissed. Btw one of the boys later was kinda ‘forced’ to switch schools because a student was bullied by him and so the school discreetly turned him away… It’s funny because he gave our school a terrible rating on google maps just because of how salty he was :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


That sounds fun!

But in real life it isn’t…


Our lawmakers don’t believe in gun control :upside_down_face:


Our school sucks when it comes to bullying, but no one really bullies each other at my school, I don’t think.




That’s good though! ^^


Yeah. One time we had a lockdown that wasn’t a drill (there wasn’t actually a gun, some idiot just had a pocketknife) but it was pretty terrifying. I was texting my parents the whole time.




My school is too big for bullies. Do dumb stuff, get whacked. Don’t do dumb stuff and literally no one will have a problem with you lol