hardly anyone has guns here other than farmers


Same! The high school got a bomb threat, and we were on lock down and I texted the radio station


I was texting and emailing everyone. I texted someone in Alaska. :rofl:


Oh God, ok. So last semester I was in a creative writing course (in college) and this one guy who was like a little weird, but not obviously a wackjob, you know? was performing a spoken word at the end of the semester.
And I don’t really remember exactly what it was about but he kept talking about the earth being flat and we all just kind of chuckled along cause we thought it was just a part of the character he was in, you know?
So he finishes and we’re giving feedback and someone asks, “so what inspired the whole flat earth idea?”
And TURNS OUT it wasn’t a joke AT ALL he was DEAD SERIOUS HE ACTUALLY BELIEVED THE EARTH WAS FLAT. The room got soooo quiet after that the prof gave us this look and we honestly didn’t know what to say it was the weirdest thing ever. I still wonder what that dudes up to.


XD This story honestly made me laugh so much XD Thanx for making my day! :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


dude it made my day I still don’t know if he was kidding or not


Man me too XD That’s honestly awesome XD Imagine if it was a physics lecture or something XD


omg that would have been something


Now all you have to do is to say “I hate Trump” and we’ll be friends, Meg XD Sorry if that sounded weird…it just said that in your bio thing ^^


haha it’s cool but I was like, wait, have I talked to this person before?


XD That’s literally me all the time XD Sorry if I replied late… I’m in maths 1 rn XD


tsk tsk :joy:


XD Sorry but maths is maths and chit chat is awe- sum (geeeddddit? Sum… as in maths sum) XD

ok that one failed… but I promise it sounded better in my head XD




Last Friday it was a early out at my school (meaning we got out 2 hours early) and we were missing half of my English Class and so the Teacher asks us what we wanted to do ( fully understanding there was no way we were going to do any work in his class) and someone suggests that we do a game. So we all start trying to think of a game to play with the 13 of us and the Brazilian Exchange student has a suggestion.
He says " I have a game we can play. I made it up with some of my friends yesterday after something I heard in the bathroom."
The rest of us are slightly concerned but curious and the teacher goes “Okay…what is it?”
The guy responds " Okay, if you hear a guy in the bathroom say ‘Do you want to hold it?’ Which does he mean, the juul or his penis?"
We all got silent and then a girl goes “It’s both”
Then the teacher asks “What in the world happened in the bathroom?”
And the Brazilian explains how he had went to the bathroom and he had seen two guys go into the same stall and he had went into the stall next to them and had heard one of the guys say “Do you want to hold it?” and he started to wander what the guy had been referring to, was he talking about a juul or his penis?


Oh boy, I have a lot of them. :joy:

I am a sucker for telling about my life experiences, because goodness, they go crazy.

Anyways, here’s the first one(it’s actually two parts with this one).


So there’s this one time at an English final exam where everyone was too concentrated at writing their essays and stuff. They heard a phone keep vibrating and vibrating throughout the entire time. Suddenly, one of the students finally stood up and said, “okay, whoever owns that phone, can you shut it off?”

Of course, because I was one of those kids who owns their mistakes pretty well, I went to check if it was mine. No. It wasn’t.

A few minutes later, it happened again. The same kid shouted the same thing and sat down.

And finally, when it happened again, she stood in rage, “seriously guys, shut it off!!”

One of the guys went to search for the vibrating phone. It was a fancy pink phone and the guy hold it up to ask who’s it was.

It was the phone of the girl who’s been calling out to shut it off all along.




The second part is an eh.

It was on the same exam, but what came after that was the next room(the teacher’s room) being extremely loud. The one who’s as supervising us was actually the school principal. We kept ignoring it, until finally we complained by how noisy the teachers were and that was the first time I ever saw a group of teachers be told to be quiet. Especially by the principal himself. :joy:


Okay everyone knows that school isn’t like High School Musical where classes belt out in song but… it happened at my school…in physics class.
In Physics class this guy had mumbled out loud in class:

“Shawty’s like a melody in my head
That I can’t keep out
Got me singin’ like
Na na na na everyday
It’s like my iPod’s stuck on replay

Then a guy blurts out: “I haven’t heard that song in forever”

Then it began…

A guy started humming the song

Another started singing the beginning part

Someone else would finish it

Some of us started humming and then singing

Eventually, the whole class was singing along to the song. It was contagious and my Physics Teacher kinda just smiled and didn’t care that we belted out in song in the middle of independently working.

It ended with a guy next to me asking “Did he even make any other songs?” Like that we were done and went back to work normally like nothing ever happened.

It was so weird it felt like we had just experience high school musical for real.


XD I haven’t watched high school musical but what happened sounds awesome!