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Terminal Mercenary Cover

Title: Terminal Mercenary

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance (Sometimes!)

Status: Ongoing

Summary: The extremely cocky mercenary Stultic is one of the most wanted criminals in the world and has been running circles around police officer Madica Myers for years, but their war is put on a ceasefire when Stultic is left gravely wounded and terminally ill due to an unexpected run-in with the emotionless genocidal psychopath Zephoram. After Madica is labelled a fugitive for aiding Stultic in his grand escape from police custody, the two join forces to fell the dangerous criminal, find a cure to his illness, learn the secrets of their ever-changing world, and all while trying to mend their volatile relationship.

This novel is a mix of both Science Fiction and Fantasy. If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi or Fantasy, you will NOT regret reading this novel!

Click Here To Read “Terminal Mercenary”

On A More Personal Note: I’d really appreciate it if you come check out this story! Currently, it’s my first ever book I’ve ever written so it’s a bit rusty but I hope you can still enjoy it just as much as I do writing it - which is a lot! Thanks for reading this and I hope you come along and join Stultic, Madica, and the rest of the crew’s unique, unforgettable journey!

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Destruction is only the beginning…

Linuka Hinloé just lost everyone she ever cared about. Now, she will stop at nothing to bring justice to whoever attacked her homeworld.

The brilliant daughter of a famous engineer, seventeen-year-old Linuka is expected to help rebuild her civilization, but her thirst for vengeance drives her across the stars where she meets a bizarre prince and becomes entangled in the greatest mystery of the universe.

Join Linuka as she discovers who, and what, she is. With a unique slant on the epic battle of good versus evil, Birth of a Guardian carries you across galaxies in pursuit of justice.

*Book One of Shadow in the Heavens

*This is story is complete, but I am currently editing it. Please let me know if you spot a type-o or other issue I need to address. Thanks!

Click on the image or here to read.



Title: Siege of Area 51
Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, Adventure
Blurb: The fate of the world rests on a successful infiltration of Area 51. The plan to carry out this mission has been in the works for the past year. And now the time has come to set it all in motion. Chris is joined by friends and acquaintances alike in their quest to help Rosario, a mysterious time-traveller to free the aliens being kept at Area 51. The situation gets complicated when one of the friends tries to capture Rosario. Will they carry out the mission in time or will they fail and put mankind’s future in jeopardy?
Link: Read here


On the verge of losing her sense of adventure for good, a dutiful soldier from Mars buts heads with a shifty Gen-En scientist from Venus. When he offers her a position on his crew to go on an undercover mission to Earth, she must:

A. Grab her loyal cat + dig up her inner rebel… OR

B. Miss the chance to be the first human to explore the Galaxy.

There ain’t no time for journaling in the year 2696!

I got cocky and wrote a space opera, yes, with aliens and fast spaceships. Become a part of the audience so small, it is exclusive!

For the asexual adventures of the Space Spinster, click here:



Henry Mullen had nightmares: scenes from his childhood, stick-like figures walking through the dust. He remembered the gaunt faces and swollen bellies, his own body, his own brittle bones, so brittle that lifting a bag of rice broke two bones in his hand. They never did heal right. And he remembered seeing his mother and his brother die. Silently, solemnly, they just stopped moving.

Henry is the leader of a team of scientists sent to study the moon, Raphael. Henry’s job is to determine if Raphael can be used to grow food for the earth. His life’s mission is to make sure no human being ever goes hungry again.

There have been satellites and moon rovers studying Raphael for years. The science team knows it’s cold, wet and rainy. They know Raphael has grass and trees, shrubs and insects. And they know that Raphael has water that never turns to ice, even though the temperature never goes above freezing. What they don’t know is whether Raphael can be farmed or even whether humans can survive there. It’s Henry and his team’s job to find out.

To their shock, the science team soon comes into contact with the Meuleys: an intelligent indigenous species. There weren’t even supposed to be mammals on Raphael.

… read In the Shadow of the Lily


Title: Amanita: Chronicles of Thalis

Genres: Sci-Fi/Romance

Just won 1st PRIZE in the ‘Undiscovered Awards’, General Fiction category, Batch 3!
Aaaand got #3 in ethics!!! WOW!!! :grin:


A world split in two.
Post-war dystopia.
And a poverty-stricken girl with a dream job.

It’s 2141. The latest breakthrough in science was human cloning, but everything about it was wrong.
Medicine and ethics are no longer close friends. Traditional humans like me have become raw material under clone tyranny.
My name is Daphne, and I got accidentally involved in a terrorist attack, and now the nanochip in my brain doesn’t allow clones to control me anymore.
Now that I’m “free”, a question plagues my mind: what would I dare to do now that those who hate me don’t know they aren’t controlling me any longer?


It means a lot to me! C U round! :smiley:

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TITLE: Reviving Luna
GENRE: Scifi-fantasy
“Let me go. Let me fall into the sky!” Daniel bawled. “Set me free, I, a sinner, must perish into the firmaments,” he broke into tears, his pupils dilated from the morbid outburst, trying to shunt aside the enfolding arms of the old man.

Afore the poignant effusion, a year earlier, on January 13, 2025, NASA disclosed a dark dwarf planet would collide with the moon. After a month, the impending collision was broadcasted live worldwide. Earlier that day, Daniel Veneracion, a twelve-year-old boy, accidentally struck his pregnant mother with a ball endangering the life of an infant inside her womb. Evening, the clear night sky bathes in blinding light. The moon collapsed with stunning violence, and at that very moment, the boy received a phone call that the baby did not survive. He blamed himself for everything, confused both tragedies as his fault, and took care of his mother drowned by woe.

A year later, the Earth began to crumble. The entire world shook with tremors, tearing the crust. The gravity became erratic, causing everything, from magnificent cities to rotting corpses, floated, and wandered up in the skies. The Earth’s atmosphere deteriorated, allowing the harmful radiation of the sun seared the planet. Amidst the destruction, death, despair, and decay, the boy made friends that taught him to laugh, hope, and survive.

Gale, his father, a scientist, the ISS crew and NASA realized that they underestimate the significance of the moon, that the absence of it would bring unspeakable chaos and peril. Their last hope is to revive the moon, to bring back what was lost, to save Earth.

With a pencil and a few papers, Daniel started writing letters to the lost child. He named the babe after the shattered celestial object–Luna, asking for forgiveness, fortitude, and a day to fix his family back together.

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Title: Memoria

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Action

Status: Ongoing


Summary: Adrift in space, Avery wakes up.

She’s not alone.

On a spaceship with no power, six people wake to find their memories wiped and all sense of identity erased. As they come to terms with their surroundings and with each other, they slowly realize they are under the authority of an artificial intelligence that has implanted itself on board their ship and is watching their every move.

Notes: This is for both people who think they don’t like sci fi and love thrillers and for dedicated sci fi fans!



Title: The Delmira

Genre: Science Fiction/Action

Summary: It was supposed to be a simple rescue mission of six crewmembers off of a broken-down cargo ship. But when R.A.S. Agent Asya Daimon was transported onto the distressed ship, she got much more than she bargained for. Now, she has to handle the crew, a group of refugees, and an angry band of pirates while racing against the clock to reach the extraction point before it’s too late.


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Title: Inside Dituri

Genre: Science Fiction/Action

Summary: A strange journey to the city of Dituri. The city of none.

Author: @Paige_M_R
Status: Complete
Synopsis: The sun is dying. Scientists say it’s morphing into a red giant, a state where the hydrogen supply has been depleted and the sun expands to be hundreds of times its original size. This rapid growth will vaporize the three closest planets. First Mercury, then Venus, and finally Earth.

In this post-apocalyptic world, Nikolai, Lorena, and Duke must stowaway on the last spaceship to Mars, the Heaven Bound.


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“…Brushing damp sand from between his crusty toes, the child noticed Sock’s frantic gagging near the waves. As the dog toppled into the current, Max ran to help. Approaching the noxious water, Max grabbed his own throat for air. He never stood a chance, however, against the toxic fumes invading his lungs…”

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The Museum Series
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Blurb: Every so often, items spark to life almost by magic. No one knows why they see a train running wild through the hallways or why there is a snow globe that can freeze a person to death. For centuries, the Museum staff have acquired these items for the safety of mankind.

Jamie Carter has spent most of her adult life in the safety of the ever-shifting walls of the museum. It was her home, from the bolts of electricity that crackle overhead to the train that runs the hallway. She hadn’t needed anything more than her workshop and an endless supply of things to tinker with. Her solitary life is interrupted by the announcement that the museum would now be hiring agents. Is there more to Jamie’s life than tinkering with machines?

Books in Series: The Museum, The Fairest, Cirque de Halliwell

The Museum (3)

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| sci-fi | young & new adult | action |

Previously featured as a Wattpad Hidden Gem.

An intense, fast-paced story about young adults being hunted down by their government and desperately searching for the reason why.

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The Alpha’s Concubine -


This is a book which exlplores the history of western colonisation from the other end of the gun. Inspired by the events leading to the writing of HGWells war of the worlds.

For Emma life on the Lycan colony called Earth just went from sucky to full on Hunger Games. Arrested by werewolf alien masters? Meah. Sold to a concubine cult? Shrug. Bought at slave auction by the high Alpha? Face Palm. #frownyface

Tricky is an understatement when she discovers she is required to be a stand-in for the Alpha’s betrothed, the werewolf princess called Sabrina.So all Emma has to do is act like the Alpha besotted bratty teen wolf princess. Unfortunately Emma has to do this for a man she desperately despises. A loathing possibly related to his ruining earth after a recent invasion. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for an alpha who is so arrogant he put the super in superior and the gag into swagger. A man who is so absolutely unfamiliar with the meaning of the word rejection, refusal or rebuff they edited them out of his dictionary to save space.

Unfortunately for Emma the blackhearted alpha possesses cheek bones so chiselled you could shave your armpits with them. Did we mention he needs Emma to carry on pretending to be Sabrina while he desperately does not to imprint on her for life? Did we clearly layout that the alpha is his usual 110% convinced he is immune to any earth girl’s allure? Did we cover that if anyone finds out the truth not only is Emma exceptionally dead but it would trigger a massive interstellar pack war? Any slight drop in pretence would be exceptionally fatal to Emma and a few billion souls of earth. So no problem there.

Despite her dilemma, Emma is determined to escape using little but sass, sarcasm and some kick ass post-scacity-weapons she got on eBay. With only her frenemy Victoria, Instagram chic Bex, an alien lobster called bob, a hyper benevolent android called Pandora and a drag werewolf called Queenie, by her side everything is bound to go fine, right?

This book has it all - kick ass invasion fleets, hot werewolves, hotter plasma weapons, resurrection-tech, action, adventure and most of all, enough laughs to re-float the Titanic. Not to mention the kind of Sci-Fi questions which will trouble your soul.

Don’t believe us? Why not take the first chapters challenge?Just read the first two chapters and if you don’t laugh, WE WILL GIVE YOU DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK*

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer not open to employees of This book is free and double zero is still zero. If you’ve read this small print you’re probably smart enough to get most of the jokes.

Think Mrs Masell meets 50 Shades of Grey with werewolves.

@galeisa20 Omg I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. I knew this book would be great, but it just got so much better. Thank u so much for everything you do. I love reading your books

Fab cover by the very talented @Angelinacolbe

#1 in #Werewolf and #1 in Sci-fi

that’s our ambition, not a statement of fact.

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RC eden

Title: King Eden

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic

Status: Ongoing

Summary: Eliott, the son of post-apocalyptic Earth’s most infamous warlord, has been kidnapped and taken to the newly terraformed Mars by a man who claims to be his father. His mother King Eden, a cold-blooded dictator and Mars’ public enemy no. 1, abandons her throne to rescue her son and seek revenge.

This book contains violence and language, so it’s mature. If you’re alright with that come check it out! I just started writing it and I would like to know what you think. Definitely down for a R4R so if you come by shoot me a message and we can work it out!

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Pippa’s unconventional gap year prepares her for her future career, transforms her understanding of the universe, and cements her purpose in it.

A sci-fi fantasy adventure crossover saga that tests the limits of perception and spans the boundaries of the known.

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Hi everyone,
I’m not a sci-fi writer normally but really pushed myself with this book, The God Codex, which I wrote for the ONC. I am currently expanding it to enter the Wattys and would love to get some fresh eyes on the plot and any feedback that might help me make it better, stronger.

Thankyou tail - small

Mia Love is just another high-school student with an attitude and no clear plan for her future. All she wants to do is survive the mandatory graduation-camp with a sound mind, and her tongue held, beside her best friend and crush, Nate.

When hell breaks loose in Camp Sweep and the sinister reasons behind its existence come to light, Mia must survive and evade capture long enough to figure out why she survived a massacre where many of her peers perished.

In the tech-obsessed world of 2081, where Mother Nature recovers from a catastrophic nuclear event and humanity survives on the backs of advanced nanotechnology, tech is God. And Mia may be the key to the next big thing…

Click here to read --> The God Codex

Thanking you!

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