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Outer Space Teen Fiction Wattpad Book Cover

A retelling of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Plot Summary:
The young injured teenager/adult named Claudette, the kind, friendly,and strong, yet timid bell ringer from, “The Principal Church.” In 1905 Paris, France who bides her time locked away in a bell tower with only one gargoyle named, Camille to keep her company, Claudette wants to be like and with other people, leading to her best experience with the tantalizing and seductive Marius. when the alluring young man catches the attention of Claudette’s guardian, “The Wicked Giselle,” Claudette along with Germaine must help to get Marius out of her clutches.

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Title: The Red Letters: Self-Worth

Author: @GatoKitten

Summary: “…it’s very easy to lose sight of our importance in this world; to lose sight of our worth. Sometimes it feels like we’re putting on a fake smile so the rest of the world can think we’re okay. But really, we feel as though we’re being buried alive, allowing the weight to be pressed harder onto us, knowing that we should be screaming out for help. But we’re not, because getting help means admitting all of our insecurities. The voices in our head can be malicious - telling us that we are a mistake, a disappointment, or even a failure. The voices in our head can be overwhelming; and they can be loud…”

The Red Letters: Self-Worth is a short devotion dedicated to those who struggle with low self-esteem. It contains Bible scriptures, uplifting messages, and even real-life testimonies to encourage faithful followers of Christ to remember their self-worth.

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Maya’s dad died when she was four, so she was raised by her mother. Unfortunately, Maya’s mother couldn’t give her daughter everything. In fact, she could barely give her enough. Life was hard as it got and Maya’s heart hardened against who she thought was the cause of all her problems.
So with all that hatred and anger, she became who she had always wanted to be but why does she feel like it isn’t enough?
Why does there still seem to be this emptiness in her heart?

In the course of Maya’s journey, will she lose sight of what is important or will she find her true self.

Cover by @marcschaefer

Title: The Illuminant
Author: @Chinwe_epistle

Link to story:

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