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[Flash Fiction]
Ode to the Special Child:
No Prize this Year for the Ethically Gifted

Jeremy was a boy labeled by many as "special." Few knew, however, just how special he really was.

This flash fiction (just 1000 words) is dedicated to all those in the world who have been judged or categorized as "special." Special in the negative sense, that they may lack certain expected abilities. But it is a stigma unfairly given them by their own myopic societies–people limited themselves in perceiving phenomenal talents which we can truly call "special."

This is the case of one such boy. It is a short tale with a huge message. That we should recognize and acknowledge our most essential talents—found often where we least expect them. Jeremy’s case is a lesson for all of us.

Read this Flash Fiction and pass it on to others.

The world needs more tolerance of diversity. And to learn to embrace and celebrate Emotional Intelligence:

*Based off the Answers on Christianity thread in the old clubs

Whether you are here to ask a question, get a misconception cleared up, learn more about the religion, or simply see what the Bible says (whether that be because you don’t have access to one or are curious), then please come right in. In Part 1, I will spend time explaining the Bible, hitting highlights, clearing up questions, controversies, etc., and in Part 2, I will be answering submitting questions and discussing topics in general.