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Title: ARB101

They were two strangers
They met on a whatsapp group
He fell in love with jer over time
She likes him but doesn’t believe in love


He’s married with kid
She is single not ready to mingle
He is in his thirties
She is in her teeñ

Follow both strangers on their love story

Is this a Spiritual story?


When you are thinking to yourself, debating what you should do, to do good, or to do evil, are you really alone with your thoughts?

Culture Shock is an enigmatic new story that seems to follow the same, stale, Christian romance formula. Haha…NOPE! If you are looking for a story that’s full of hints to pick apart, a strange, mysterious atmosphere looming over your head, and a protagonist who might not be as reliable as what you might think…

Culture Shock is a story about Christian Culture, told by a devout Christian who believes the church can be it’s own worst enemy and the price that can be paid in a society that embraces legalism and the pursuit of external perfection rather than develop raw and meaningful friendships. It also shuns how the church sometimes shuns those who need us the most, and how that can come back to haunt us.

The story is full of flawed, dynamic characters, all who harbor their own secret ambitions and backstories. This is a story I am sure that you won’t be able to predict!

And then He told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15

Tressa Winters is a shy, introverted Christian who loves to use her musical gifts to share the Gospel to the world. Charlotte is a sarcastic, athletic atheist who scoffs at religion. Will Tressa be able to convince her rival, Charlotte about the Gospel? Find out in Sharing the Gospel

I know it needs a cover. I’m working on it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Basil. A story of redemption and second chances.


Green Slopes Academy.
Flawed characters growing from teenagers to adulthood by the grace of God.
The perfect pairing of love, hope and dreams.


Following the life of Christ through the eyes of Mavy and her teens, Estelle and Robert

Sequel to “TO KNOW HIM” the story continues with Mavy and her teens, part of the early church.


Blog-style, My Mina covers various passages of Scriptures and topics in depth.

In October 2016, I was given a death sentence, Stage IV with a nearly always fatal cancer. My life expectancy was now months, not decades.

Mortal Musings is a stream-of-conscious book written as I battled this horrible disease. I describe in detail what I was experiencing physically, emotionally, spiritually. I talk about how the cancer impacted not only me and my career, but my wife, family and friends. I discuss various coping strategies from the perspective of not only a victim, but one with a psychology background.
I reflect upon my life, and how it has gone through so many dramatic cycles. I also speculate about the very meaning of life, why are we here? Why me? And, what lies beyond the corporal shell of existence?

The unique writing style will let you understand better what terminal patients go through. It will give hope to those fighting for survival and comfort to those who love them.

Please read and give me your feedback and suggestions. Thanks

The Last Messenger



The world is full of evil and it continues to get worse every day. Eleta has her own struggles when she’s faced with people who try to put her down and has many losses in her past. However, she was suddenly chosen by God to be his last messenger as he provides her with powers to save those who are lost. As the end of the world approaches, her goal is to protect and help these lost souls before the seven-year tribulation of humankind begins.

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