Share Your Story? How?

The “Share Your Story” page has instructions- but it assumes a lot on the part of the poster. It tells you what to do, but not how or in what order to do them.

  1. You’re asked to post your cover image, by doing something with the following character string: <img src=“IMAGE LINK HERE” width+300 />

What does the “image link” look like, and where do I get it from? And once I have it, do I place it between the quotation marks?

  1. How do I include the story link?

  2. Assuming I understand everything to include for a successful posting, is there any particular order to put all the elements in?

SUGGESTION: Provide a tutorial somewhere on the Wattpad site that shows an example of how to use the Share Your Story feature. The present instructions are inadequate, and I believe they keep a lot of people from using this feature.

Thank you.

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Well, to be fair, I don’t even use the link. I just go to my profile, copy the image and then paste in the response box. To let people read my story, I do a hyperlink.

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You don’t need an image link anymore as Discourse (the platform the forums are hosted on) support direct image uploads.


You press the button outlined with red above,

Then a box shows up and you click the button (excuse my Danish interface) and then you search your computer for the image you want to upload

You can also use an image link. You get an image link by uploading your picture to an image hosting site (like right click the image and choose “show image” or “open image in a new tab” - in the URL you’ll see something that looks like this: https: //i .HOSTINGSITE .com/ IMAGE. jpg (the .jpg is important. That’s the file type of your image (it can also be .png or .gif) and if there isn’t an image file type in your image link, it won’t work)

That can be a promo or just the cover of the book.

Hope this made sense :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! That’s helps a lot.

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No problem!

As for promos, I like making them like this:

But that’s not necessary. You can post your bookcover, your blurb and then a link to your story.

  • The cover isn’t a must, so if you rather not have one, you don’t have to put it there. It’s just suggested so people can see what your cover may look like (because even though we all say “don’t just a book by its cover,” about 99% of people actually do judge a book by the cover… :woman_shrugging:) But anyway, there are two ways to post a cover (or photo of any kind). The “image link” is the HTML link you get from another website like photobucket or picmonkey. From the old website, you had to use use one of these (or another photo-uploading website) to get an HTML link because if you randomly posted the link to the website (from the search bar), it wouldn’t show up.

On here, it’s so much easier to post a photo. c: Now, if you’re wanting to post one, here is out to do it:

  1. Let’s say I want to post this photo from photobucket.

In order for it to not look like this, you want to go to the photo.

  1. You can either copy and paste the link next to “HTML” =

Photography photo IMG_0574.jpg


^ Use the IMG link (copy and paste).

I’m not too sure if the link they give works—it hasn’t for me. But then again, I’m not an HTML person… :sweat_smile:

However, the way I do is by uploading it from my computer/device.

On your little bar (the one where you have bold, italics, and stuff) is a button that looks like a picture of a mountain (really hard to tell—but it’s right next to the one with all the nine squares); if you hover over it with your mouse, it’ll say “upload.” Click that and it’ll give you the ability to upload and image:


^ This is how I upload my photos.

  • You can simply copy and paste the link to your post, or…

You can also upload your cover from your device using the “upload” option on the top bar and then hyperlinking your story link to the image.


…you can use a hyperlink (number 2) to use a hidden link. For example:

—> - Normal link.

—> Hyperlink.

  • And nope, there is no particular way of going around it. It’s however you wish. :wink: Personally, I like to add the cover first, then the summary, and then the link. But then again, I’m always going out of order, so… :sweat_smile:

Good to know that there’s more than one way to promote your work. Being new here, I’m trying to figure this out, and assumed that Share Your Story was the best way- but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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Wattpad has a sort of problem with the Share your Story books, as most people don’t go through them to actually look for books.


That’s the impression I’m getting. :sunglasses:.

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Thank you so much. (I’m a former technical writer, so I appreciate decent instructions.) :sunglasses:


There is a thread – one of several, actually – where coders help you with writing and posting code, to make your ads look great. It is over HERE –

There is also a Category on Wattpad dedicated to Multimedia Design, It is over HERE –

There are people who frequent the Multimedia Design Category who offer their services for free, or for the support of their stories.