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Light Banter

Diana Lewis and William Carter can bicker over anything and everything since the moment they met. Willie knows all of Diana’s insecurities and just how hard to push her buttons. When there is an accident and he almost loses his source of comfort, what will happen? Certain unknown feelings emerge from the sending of mixed signals making them both confused. Arguing all the time but eventually, emotions grow and love starts to sprout. Besides, it’s only a bit of light banter.


Chasing A Smoke

Genre: Romance
Status: Completed

10 years is a very long time for both of them. They were parted by a tragedy only to be brought back together by a deal of two families.

Jenna Grey, a loving and depressed daughter of billionaire with a dreadful past,
Darius Smith, a charming and caring son of billionaire with a guilt’s that eating up his life,
They meet again for the first time after 10 years.

Can they handle the terrible past, the promiscuous present, and the uncertain future ?


My first story in years so let me know how you liked it :slight_smile:

-Mom…? Dad…? where are y- wh-a what happened … how… why? I start to cry terrified I look around me and all I see is blood everywhere, on the floor, walls, bed… my hands… why am I covered with this red liquid It can’t be theirs… I couldn’t have killed my parents…
…? wha- no… it can’t be…


Title: The Atlas
Genre: superhero


[Written in script format]

Years ago, superheroes were placed into two categories based on how strong their superpowers were. There were the Atlas, the ones with the major superpowers and the Midas, ones with minor superpowers.

After a world war devastates the country, the superheroes merged with humans and slowly, the Atlas gene became recessive and then disappeared entirely. Now, everyone is a Midas, the superpowers being so minute, it’s become an easy part of daily life.

When a string of murders occur, it digs up questions about the Atlas and whether or not they were truly gone like everyone thought they were.

The Atlas: Season 1 by SylviaWolfe


Hope you like it :blush:


Hi, I wonder if you’re okay with LGBT story. If you are, I hope my book tickles your fancy :slight_smile:

Here’s the link


_Melanie Hathaway is a sweet, kind girl. She was living a good life, without problems. Until everything come up and down in her life. When her parents break up and tears, trouble, crazy situations and pain a lot of pain come with it. And everything comes to an end and she thought that everything will be good and normal, no this was a big mistake because the worse comes. _
And she wasn’t ready for this, no one was.

Hello! My name is Audrey and this is my own story and idea. Hope you enjoy and find it interesting and fun to read. :blush:



Hi! I don’t know if you like romance, but if you do, this story might be something for you :slight_smile: I’d love it if you could check it out (although I understand if you have enough to read already)!


All The Things We Lost

Emily and River meet in Miami, where they have the best time of their lives, but it isn’t meant to be: the next morning, Emily leaves for San Francisco, leaving both their hearts broken. They don’t think they’ll ever see each other again.

Emily goes back to the privileged life with her parents. There, a plan is set up for her to marry Jason in order to save the business of both their parents.

River remains in Miami with his little sister, while struggling to provide a living for them both. It is then that he gets the chance of a lifetime, but it means giving up everything he loves.

Then, against all expectations, Emily and River meet again a few months later… On her wedding day.


Hi Guys,
I’m new here! Looking for a community to read my ongoing book with me. It’s under my profile since I am new I can’t post links or photos here yet. I’m excited to hear your thoughts and comments.


Hello hello! It looks as if you have quite the list going, but just in case I thought I’d share mine. Hope you have a great day :blush:

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What is a soldier without a name or a purpose?

A woman wakes up with no memory of her name or how she received a violent wound across her face. They told her she bore the crest of the Maiden’s Daughters, an elite guild of stateless female warriors who serve as ambassadors to any country in need…

But who is she really?

In a search for answers, she teams up with an insufferable scoundrel, desperate to rescue the love of his life, and a knife thrower who thirsts for revenge no matter the cost. Their misadventures are many but one thing is certain. They all have their own personal scores to settle, and it is bound to change the course of the woman’s life, forever.


Name: 6 days 'till reckoning
Then, on the 6th day the world came to an end.
June 16th, year 2132, humans were exposed to the ‘mist,’ Most of humanity was wiped out, but those who remained were granted with what they believed to be immortality. The world was rid from war and death and the people have abandoned God.
Follow the story of Yuuma, an immortal human, on his journey of his last days before ‘The Reckoning’
It’s time to count down the final hours of humanity…


** This book was meant to be comic relief and purely for sh*ts and giggles but then I started writing it and I got invested and I now it’s probably some of my best work :sweat_smile:

:hibiscus: Title : Hailey’s Comet

:hibiscus: Genre : Teen Fiction / humour / Kind of a fan fiction but not…like it’s really not but I’m reserving the right to say it is.

:hibiscus: Summary : Losing the love of his life has haunted Austin Post for over a year. Frozen in a moment of grief from the death of his wife, Hailey, he is falling into a bottomless pit. Austin’s twin sister, Clair is determined to save Austin from this dark abyss and help him find life and love amidst the darkness.

When everything has been lost, can you start over?

Learn to love yourself again with this tale of hope and of second chances.

:hibiscus: I’ve rated it mature because it contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature (It’s not smut or anything tooooooo wild though. )

Honestly, if you don’t cry and laugh and go though all the emotions I went through just writing this then I don’t know :joy:


Heyyy guys!! Hope all is doing well!
I have a spoken word published on my book it will mean a lot if go check it out and show me ur support!!!
It is a suicide and mental health awareness poem!

Thank uuuu!


❝ I will come as the rain,
I will come as the first snowfall,
I will beg the heavens to let me do just that ❞

In which two lovers are put under the ultimate test by Fate - the test of time.


That sounds interesting. When I find the time I will read it.:ok_hand:


thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!


Your welcome! I know how it feels to get someone to say that your book seems interesting. Doesn’t happen a lot to me but when I find an interesting story I make sure to tell the author. :blush:


Title: Merry Throne
Genre: Music, Romance, Comedy
Status: On-going
Description: Merry Throne, an up-and-coming band, seeks to launch their career while busily finishing up school.

happy reading!!


Hi I’d like to share my story Do-Over with you and hope you enjoy reading it.

I’m sorry I don’t know how to add an image of my book but its there on my profile if you decide to read it.


Hopefully you will enjoy my story it’s available in English and Dutch x

Book English version | Protecting the secrets

Book Dutch version | Protecting the secrets

Thanks if you take time to read my story x

She receives a letter that will change her whole life this summer.

He is happy to have his life back on track. Until the summer holidays are starting on the island.

Everyone carries a secret with them in life. Sometimes it can be too much. Are you prepared to protect all your secrets that you have or may have found out…?

Discover in this story the secrets and who will reveal or protect them.

All copyrights © Daydreamingsoul_