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Growing Pains

Emma and Alex were engaged and in love. After high school, they moved in together, went to a community college determined to build a future together. The only problem is, the future that Emma ends up with is nothing of what she imagined. She soon finds herself having to rebuild her life one baby step at a time and learning what it truly means to grow where God has planted you.


Title: 6 Days 'Till Reckoning
genre: Dark, dystopian, fiction, tragedy
descroption: Then, on the 6th day the world came to an end. June 16th, year 2132, humans were exposed to the ‘mist,’ Most of humanity was wiped out, but those who remained were granted with what they believed to be immortality. The world was rid from war and death and the people have abandoned God. Follow the story of Yuuma, an immortal human, on his journey of his last days before ‘The Reckoning’ It’s time to count down the final hours of humanity…


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Crimson Ice Slayer

A young girl’s victory at the Olympics attracts undesirable attention. Now she must be at the top of her game while keeping her sanity in check. All for the goal to see her best friend again. (ongoing)


This is my Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic! Daily updates<3

Leave A Scar
*AU. After the defeat of Father, Ed and Al fail to get their bodies restored. They’re still searching, but with a sudden strange power, and a bounty on Edward’s head, things aren’t going to be easy. And despite what the brothers say, I’m not doing them any favors, either. *

[Ed x OC]



This is one of three of my stories. Please check them out!
Elizabeth Rose, or Ella, is not such a normal girl; she has powers. Her kind don’t really have an official name, but there is a simple name, almost a basic explanation really, a manipulator. Ella lived a happy life when she was born up until she was seven. She lost her father to a house fire set by people who hate witches, but she and her mother are not witches. Ella is captured by cruel men and made into a slave. However she is noticed by the Prince and taken to the castle to be a maid. She can’t resist her heart and falls for this prince. He does not know what she can do, and Ella doesn’t know what he can do.


I want to be part of your wattpad family, my book is called “Wanted by the Alpha”
I hope for you to love it20190305_031539_0000


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I have a lovely romance novel that I think you might enjoy. It’s set in London and the unique characters are full of charm and humour.

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They say that your life can change in an instant, all it takes is one moment to set you down a completely different path.

Meet Mikayla Moss; she’s young, talented and hardworking. She loves her current PA job, but everything comes crashing down when she suddenly finds herself unemployed.

Faced with the daunting task of asking the handsome Damien Arnauld for a job, the very man who caused her former company to close down, Mikayla finds herself being unable to resist her new boss’ charm even though she promised herself that she would not venture into such dangerous territory.


Strange noises in the night and disappearing objects was not what Nancy Drew expected on her trip to see her great Aunt. After asking for details she learns of an old legend that states the house is haunted by a beautiful young ghost that looks similar to Nancy. Can Nancy, Bess, and George unravel this one-hundred-year-old mystery?
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"With one phone call, my life did two things at the exact same moment … ended and began."

Seventeen year old Ashe just buried both of her parents. Forced by circumstance, she leaves her childhood home to move in with an aunt she doesn’t know very well … only to find that the small southern town of Mannix, South Carolina is not like others, that it holds secrets. Ashe has no idea that on her first night she will open a door that will change her life forever. Some of the oldest historical parts, places like Cemetery Raven and Cortland Bridge, are not as abandoned as she thinks, and in the pursuit to ease her sorrow, Ashe follows a path that leads her directly to the Underground; a secret world no mortal was ever supposed to know exists.
The question is … can she survive it?

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Lock Down

Lock Down

346 Reads 31 Votes 11 Part Story

By Hula8888 Ongoing - Updated 5 days ago


Central High School, Princeton, NJ: Trapped in the guidance office while violence rages around them, Gwyn, Alaina, Jacque and Delilah struggle with whether to follow school procedures or find some other way to escape deadly, tauntingly repetitive attacks. As the shooting unfolds, it provides a framework for the individual narratives of these four women- a counselor, a parent, two teenage students- and others: Gwyn’s carefully planned life disintegrating around her daughter’s mental illness, Alaina’s spiraling lack of control within her abusive marriage, Jacque’s confusion and guilt about how her mother’s cancer affects her own relentless drive for success, Delilah’s inability to find her place in an affluent and academically competitive school. These stories expose a slice of our society: a society where our frantically protective procedures and policies are often revealed as a flimsy facade. *Updates on Lock Down every Friday!


When We Were Young

A woman reflecting on her childhood love.



I’d love if you could check out my story, Dark Secrets. Link is below. I always welcome feedback!



title: The Stars Told Me So
blurb:“I love you.” There’s a pause “You know how I know?” Then after a moment he says:

“The stars told me so.”
Yori Wright suffers from social anxiety, and loneliness due to her mother’s metal illness, and constant paranoia. Paranoid Schizophrenia does that to a person after all. But one night during an ECT procedure that leaves Yori horrified she meets Vince. Cold, quiet, judgmental, and rude.

They talk for a while. Seems simple enough right?

The only problem is they talk in the dark, so Yori feels comfortable enough not to run away with anxiety. She’s tired of being lonely. He’s tired of holding a grudge against humanity.

Not much can happen in the dark right? Wrong. Too much can happen in the dark.



Title: The stalker’s obsession

Genre: Romance, dark romance, thriller

Natalie Harper has spent the last several years of her life in fear. She hides a dark secret, a grim past that keeps following her even to this day. Her stalker, the person who had tried to kill her seven years ago.
What happens when a new man enters her life and she decides to finally fight back? Will Ash be able to help her overcome her demons? The ones in her mind and in real life? Will he be a game-changer and will the young woman finally have a chance for a new, better life?

And thus, a game of cat and mouse ensues.’s-obsession


Lana wakes up not knowing who she is or where she is. Confused, she sets out to try and recover her forgotten memories but she doesn’t know who to trust.

Daniel watches her from the distance and everyone warns her to steer clear of the ‘bad boy’ but something pulls her closer and closer towards him.

He may be the hidden clue.


title: craving
fandom: the 100
genre: fan fiction

summary: a book where kady is going to challenge bellamy in every single way she can and that… will only make him crave her more!


Hey there, here’s my first attempt at an original zombie fiction.

Title: Dead Air (Book 1 of the Biohazard Saga)
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At 33,000 feet, something has gone terribly wrong aboard VTA Air Flight 267 and an outbreak is quickly spreading through the plane. Nightmarish creatures are rampaging with a hunger for human flesh. With nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide, a group of passengers must band together and fight for survival if they ever hope to step foot on solid ground once more. The battle between the living and the dead erupts in the air over the coast of the Malaysian Peninsula as the passengers brace themselves to land in a new and frightening world…

(New chapter released every weekend)


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That’s my story. I just started writing it actually. I hope to get better with detail!


Wattpad profile: @elusive_6788
Book name: Keepsake of My Love
Summary: Keepsake of My Love is a coming-of-age love story that starts with Lydia Coleman meeting her first love, Jacob Somersby, in high school and spans over 11 years, including the college years. Join them in this passion-packed romance novel, where they play with the cards they’re dealt.

This novel appears to be light and cliched from an initial perspective. However, it addresses the reality of life. It observes how the main character, Lydia, handles the emotional scars of bullying, an eating disorder, depression, rape, and loss.
Genre: Romance
Rating: Mature