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I recently started writing this book, it’s a fantasty, mystery and romance book about an artist/writer who moves to a small town in Oregon when strange things happen. The clocktower in town chimes and fills her with a horrible sickness, an omen for whats to come
It’s called the crystal clock tower, I would link it but i am new to community so it wont allow me


Hi everyone!

I have just started a new story - it’s only in its infancy at the moment (three chapters) but would love it if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts so far! :slight_smile:


The flowers are always in bloom at Edenhall Park…
[[This book is a Gatsby-esque, magical romance story in progress]]


Wattpaders are awesome I’d like to be the man in black



“It is not out choices but our actions that define us as sinners or saints.”

“There is a darkness coming and not a soul can run or hide.”

Ahura Rwy’n saves a child from the massacre at Glendale Castle. He uses up the last of his Grace to save this child for he knows how important he will be.

This child has to live for more reasons then just one.


Catalina Flores, or Kat, is given a dare. Fairly simple and innocent; make Kim Sung-jae smile. Easy right? What she didn’t sign up for was him asking her to be his fake girlfriend.


“Wait,” she murmured, pushing him away. He was close, way too close. His scent was intoxicating and her head was spinning.

“Kat,” he rolled his eyes, “it’s just for two weeks, what’s the worst that can happen?”


Not sure if this is something you’d be interested in, but here’s my ongoing fantasy if you have some time to check it out :slight_smile:

Title: Creatures Among Us: Everescent Guardians (Book 1)
Genre: Fantasy


Genre: Romance
He was her darkest desire. She was his darkest secret.

She hid from the world. Only showing her true self to people she cared about.

He scared people away, doing his best to remain invisible.

They were both afraid, both longing for something that was out of their reach. Pain brought them together, but pain would ultimately be their downfall.

Not sure if you’re into romance novels, but it also has a mystery to it.


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If you like satires and science-fiction, here’s my short story/micro-fiction collection:

If you want to read stories that don’t make sense, feel free to take a look at my AI writer’s experimental works:

Story prompt suggestions are always welcomed!

If you like poetry about recovery and positivity with soothing background music, feel free to take a look at my featured poetry collection:


Hey! This is awesome. There are so many stories that look amazing in this thread!

I have two to throw in here, too!

If Walls Could Talk - Complete

Summary: Louis Stan has always been an outcast. There is no denying that the walls he has put up between himself and other people are the cause of this but being gay hasn’t helped either. However, being an outsider isn’t his only problem.

Louis has always tried to see the light, even in the darkest times, but with each passing day, it gets harder. He becomes more closed off, not letting the light reach him.

But sometimes a voice is all we need to hear.

As the soft voice of a caring boy slips through his bedroom wall, Louis finds himself seeing little bits of that light again. But with it, Louis notices the darkness from the past, that he tried to move on from, starts to become illuminated.

Will this mystery boy help Louis bring down his walls, or will the past continue to haunt him?

Genre: Young Adult/Coming of Age Romance


This Is Me

Summary: Have you ever felt that if you moved, the world wouldn’t move with you? That if you took a step, everything you knew would change?

Peter Stone, a seventeen-year-old boy, felt this every day. The weight of a decision; of a truth he was still trying to accept.

Starting to fall in love with his best friend wasn’t helping. His best friend being a guy… that could be a problem.

Genre: Young Adult/Coming of Age Romance




Summary: Zora has always lived with anxiety but never put much effort into helping herself get better. After she meets someone who brings out the best in her she realizes life isn’t all that bad if you have someone to tell you everything’s okay and you can do the same for them.

Cody’s dad died from a heart attack. Then he moved. He found himself depressed. He didn’t want to tell his mom since she was still grieving. When he meets someone who brings out the best in him he realizes that he can fee like a kid again.

Both teens struggle with a different mental illness. Both have different pasts and not many friends. What will happen when they meet? They teach each other to grow with what they have and get over their fears.

This story is to raise awareness for those with special needs. Either mental or physical. We should all treat each other fairly. Never should we not talk to someone because they are different. We are all loved by God equally.


Action / Dark Fantasy / Magical Girl / Thriller.

If you love action-packed fight scenes, if you love quirky magical girls, if you love twisty thriller plot lines, if you love Gothic settings, if you love the possibility of dreams and the uncertainty of nightmares, this story is for you.

Dream divers Colbie, Celia, and Kendra indulge their fantasies to get away from the stresses of their waking lives every night. For Colbie, it’s her helicopter parents; for Celia, it’s her domineering sisters; for Kendra, it’s her out-of-touch stepfather.

Now, when two troubled sisters—Mara and Nico—drop in on their party, they witness Mara’s rage and fury come upon them, while Nico watches in horror and tries to calm her down. Yet in the tragedy of Mara’s actions, Nico witnesses a miracle and entrusts this trio to save Mara from her own fate.

In accepting Nico’s promise to help her sister, Colbie, Celia, and Kendra take on a self-proclaimed judge of the living and the dead with a plan for everyone involved.

Days of Blood and Roses:


In the arms of love, heaven’s just a heartbeat away
I’ll be your light in the dark, your shield from the storm
Your shelter from the rain
And in the arms of love, I’ll lift you above all the madness
All of the pain
And you’ll be safe and warm here in the arms of love.

Iris and Nicholas are two beautiful souls destined to meet each other at one point in life.
The faith strikes both of them very hard, but the hope for a new beginning still remains despite everything.
They will struggle a little bit at first, but love will find them at the right time… and the rest is history, as the wise people say.

Hello, everybody!
Thank you so much for stopping by and for reading this story. It’s not a very complicated story.
I wanted to keep it simple and short, because… isn’t real life complicated enough already? Everybody loves a sweet, simple romance. I am a romantic soul, always was, always will be.
Hope you will like it!
Emma Swan


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the rest of us.

she was like the moon, half of her was always hidden
he was like the wind, roaring in everybody’s ears as though to scream he was not broken
and this is what happens when the moon and the wind collide.

~this is a collection of thoughts, emotions, and spontaneous imagination all bundled into a short story that is filled with the feeling of being lost, alone, happy, depressed, and searching. Searching for the meaning as to why we are all created to walk this earth.

~there are a lot of different tones in this piece. starting from blunt and sarcastic, transitioning into something deeper, more complicating, more genuine. these chapters may be short, but take your time reading to capture the true essence of the beginning of this poetic short story collection.

thank you for even making it this far to read this. it means the world to me. please feel free to leave any feedback and i hope you have a great day!




Title: Dear Pen Pal…
Genre: Fiction, Pen pal, Travel, Snail mail
Status: On-going
Description: A collection of mails sent by a random Pen pals of mine, we revealed secrets and facts around the world which other people didn’t know at all, fighting with pirates, roaming into the deep…deep…jungle, stranded in a mysterious Island, dive into the deep sea, heist a Crystal in a sacred Temple, being chased by Mummies soldiers, unleashed our adventurous side. Are you ready for the ride?


Title: Murder Log
Genre: Mystery, thriller

What goes on in an insane serial killer’s head while they carry out a murder? Are they shocked? Lost? Or maybe, they just enjoy it?
In most cases this may be true. But, for William, murder is his only salvation.
So, maybe the question we ought to be asking is, what drives your average cleaner into becoming the most infamous serial killer out there?


He found love too late and now… his mind can’t let go of something that never was.

Four boys joined by internal issues and struggling to fit in; projecting their issues by bullying. Until one day the strangest thing happens. A usual victim stands up and demands they return an item. A sketchbook. Now the foursome turned five becomes an odd friendship where views collide, motives are questioned and tension threatens to destroy their close-knit unit. None can survive unharmed or remain the same.

This coming of age story questions how strong the bonds of friendship can be, if they can outlast anything, and how the smallest of things can have epic results. This story is not just about navigating into becoming men, but about a sketchbook. And how its power changed the course of their lives.

Dario is anxious, depressed and struggling with self-identity. There is only one thing he is sure about… music. Singing is what saves him from all his fears if only for a moment. But when the perfect image he’s constructed of himself starts to fall apart he finds himself, for the first time in the position to finally be free. Will his need to hold on to the lie he’s created bring him down or will he find the power he needs to see with his own eyes.


Hello, here are a few Fanfictions that I would like to pitch in. (BOOK 1)
Title: Head over Heels (mature)
Chapters: 37
Description: CENSORED
head•over•heels- to be madly in love/crazy over someone, to do anything and everything just for that one person.
Adrian moves to California after getting into some trouble in Florida with her dad, and her mom passing away from cancer. She meets a celebrity classmate Justin Bieber which she’s not a big fan of, making a bet with each other for a week surprisingly it turns into something more. (BOOK 2 SEQUEL)
Title: Head over Heels 2 (for her…) mature
Chapters: 19
Description: CENSORED Sequel to Head over Heels
Adrian has left her previous relationship with Justin after she finds out that another girl is the mother of his child. After walking out on him at the wedding, months later Justin decides he wants to rekindle their relationship to give it another try. He then finds out that she’s remarried and decide to cut everything loose…but for how long. (BOOK 3 SERIES)

Title: Head over Heels 3 (Ruin My Life) mature
Status: Ongoing
Description: CENSORED Series to Head over Heels

Justin wakes up from his coma, realizing everything after the gunshot never happened. Adrian is taunted by her past, Justin does whatever he can to get justice for her and to be with her. Everything goes downhill for the both of them, as they go their separate ways after graduation.


You have really cool covers :blush:



Cake Toppers

“You’ve been helping these girls with their own wedding gowns for years! When will you ever be trying on your own?” Erin’s mother shouts from across the bridal shop. Girls of all shapes and sizes turn to see the commotion. An older woman in her forties stands atop one of the pedestals. A young, radiant girl dwindles under her mother’s finger.

“I’ve got a lot of things going on,” Erin shouts back. Trying to stand her ground against the mother who didn’t understand.

Erin a 22-year-old entrepreneur is now the owner of the bridal shop her father started at an early age. After losing her father to a heart attack she must figure out how to make ends meet. There are bills to pay, clients to help, renovations to complete. How can any one girl get it done? On top of all these newly bestowed responsibilities; Erin’s mother is pestering her. Telling her it’s her time to find the perfect husband. Making a deal with the woman, she finds herself with three months to find the perfect husband and a new Tinder account. How could she possibly find the perfect man while running a bridal shop all by herself? Follow Erin as she discovers herself and what she wants while working with some of the finest dresses around.



High Class

“How are we going to get out of this town?” Sleep filled Maple’s voice. Her head lay in Staton’s lap; slowly his fingers laced every red strand cascading down his thigh. A shallow sigh and a couple breaths later she sat up sitting on his lap leaning her head on his shoulder. Wrapping his arms around her. Cuddling into him the three girls two guys watched the sky. Night slowly turning in to day. Stars fading drifting back into their sleep.

“I’m freezing my ass off.” Aria snapped leaning against the cab of the GMC truck talking to no one specifically.

“Well here’s how, we get in the 80, we stop at a gas station and give her a full gulp; buy some chips and we just drive until she runs out,” Julia remarked turning to look at Breygan. Breygan threw a wink in her direction. There was a slight rattle from his keys since he spun them around his finger.

“Well, what the hell are we waiting for?” Breygan chuckled before hopping up and heading for the driver’s seat.

“Are we really doing this?”

“Damn live a little, hell yeah we are!” Staton yelped before pushing Maple from his lap and running for the truck.