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I just finished a story I was reading.

Looking for a new finished story, I like:

  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Romance

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Do you like poetry. It’s still very much ongoing but has 10 chapters.

Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager
Leona is a sixteen year old introverted writer hiding in her world of poetry who’s only friend is a boy she met online. James Greyson is the out going, charming, golden boy who’s family just moved to Tampa FL. He soon questions everything he has with the girl online who he only knows as Valeera, when a girl at his new school captures his mind and soul with her poetry. Ridden with anxiety, Leona decides to keep her identity hidden from the only one who’s understood her. Her plan was working until she starts receiving texts from her father whos in prison for the murder of her mother.

Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager

To Love A Hurricane

Romantic comedy

A recently dumped, accident-prone photographer is trying to get her mess of a life back on track when she accidentally runs over a mysterious man. In this hilarious, awkward, swoon-filled romance, follow the ridiculous adventure of Myla and her mystery man as the universe forces them together in the most comical way.


I Never Imagined
“Imagination will often carry us to worlds we thought never were. But without it, we would go nowhere.” -Carl Sagan.

Three friends never imagined that they’d be in their current positions today. As Carl Sagan says, our imagination will often carry us to worlds we thought never were. But without it, we’d go nowhere. Their imaginations can carry them to some pretty interesting worlds. But, the worlds they carry them to are not always what they desire…

Thank you!


Sarah was beautiful and everything he ever wanted but she had a secret. One that will change Eric’s life forever.

This is a story about hopes, dreams, and loss. Follow Eric as he fulfills Sarah’s wishes. Will he be able to fulfill her last wishes and still find happiness for himself?

Grab a box if tissues and be ready for a roller coaster of emotions in this story about love and loss. Don’t worry, most stories do have a happy ending.


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Luck is a fickle thing. Some have it in droves while others eke out their existences with little. I am on the far end of the less favored. Not to say that’s how it always was. I used to be a pretty fortunate kid, until I upset this stupid jester who used some strange magic and cursed me. Now, I have the worst luck. I am plagued by mishaps in my struggle to figure out how to remove this blasted malediction. As my luck goes, that idiot jester disappeared and he is the only one who can undo it. Joy.

Join Endo and his companions on their journey across the lands of Littany and beyond, where they encounter vindictive gods, drug addicted dragons, a vampiric platypus along with an assortment of other colorful characters in this comedic fantasy adventure that doesn’t take itself very seriously!

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Do you like short stories? Here is mine. A little bit of romance and other things.
My name is Lexi. Come and visit with me. I’ll tell you all about my first love and how I met him.
And I automatically follow the people that follow me. That’s just something I do. I still have quite a few books to clear out of my library, but when I’m finally done with them, I’ll be going through the books of the people I’m following rather than books on the front Watty page.

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My story is an ongoing teen fiction romance, but I currently have 33 chapters published. I hope you will still give it a chance! :relaxed::two_hearts:

Innocent Emily Kim


“What do you want,” she repeated.

“Break up with Axel.”

Her eyes widened, mouth opening slightly. Aiden’s eyes darkened, looking at her parted lips.

“Close your mouth, baby, or I might have to close it for you.”

Emily is in love with Axel Armstrong. She would do anything to get to know him better. When she finds out he needs her help, she’s willing to be his fake girlfriend, if it means that she can be romantic with him.

But what happens when Axel’s brother, Aiden, steps into the picture? And why is he so determined to break them up?

For mature audiences only.

© All Rights Reserved

Updates every Friday.


Enjoy! I appreciate your support!


Here’s my story, I hope you like it!

The Crumbling Tower


Even an ordinary lady has a past, though other characters may be persuaded otherwise.
Miss Elletra Wilton has gained an increasingly strange hanger-on.

This is a 30,000+ word novella set in late Victorian London, with elements of the paranormal and an LGBTQ romance.
The Crumbling Tower is already fully written and will be updated weekly. You can find it at

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Title: Demon of the Night
Genre: Horror
Summary: Barbara Gordon, daughter of the police commissioner, is determined to follow in her father’s footsteps. The same night a brutal murder occurs she meets Richard Grayson, son of the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Immediately, she knows something is off about him. His skin is too pale and his eyes burn a bright blue.

As the murders continue and men begin disappearing around Gotham City, Barbara begins her own investigation into who- or what- is behind these slayings. However, as she gets closer to the truth she finds herself tangled in a game of mystery, the supernatural, and pure evil.


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I have two ongoing books that I would like to share with you.

The Teddy Bear Sitter
Genre: Humour, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life

Ever wondered what life would be like for a nobody when aliens invade earth? Then join Madeline Short, the third favorite child of two children and certified nobody on an adventure, babysitting a very special baby. Will she come out in the end, changing herself and those around her, for the better?

Elevent Hour
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance
JJ had the rest of her life planned. Not that she had much of a choice with a curse killing her. Nowhere in this plan of hers did she have space for a previously unknown half-sister. That is until her long-estranged dying farther crashed into her life begging her to find her sister. With only a photograph and an unwilling friend by her side, she must delve into the world of supernaturals to find her missing sister.
Lucky for her she managed to convince the big bad monster locked away in a castle to help her search.
Could this reclusive vampire have other motives to agreeing to her ridiculous proposal?
What will end up killing her first, the curse or the danger of the world of vampires she was not prepared to explore?

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Currently working on the new cover!



Description: Rosie has a gift that no one else has. Her world is about to be flipped from calm to chaotic. Everything she knows about her family is a lie. The only person she can understand is Chace.
Chace, a warlock who is attracted to Rosie without really knowing why. Everyone has someone they love, and want to protect. Everyone has a dark secret they want to keep hidden, but in this world secrets don’t stay hidden for long. And love is used as a weapon.

Hope you enjoy!!

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“So, what are you other intentions Mr. Hughes.”
“You are my intention, Ally. So, would you give this guy a chance?”
Harvey was taken aback by his bold confession. His heart throbbed heavily waiting for her response. What if he scared her away?

Ally Marsh is a 20-years-old college student who’s always putting other people’s needs before her own and still feeling second best to everyone around her until she met Harvey Elias Hughes, a 23-years-old Marine veteran who wanted a fresh start. Neither of them can deny their intense attraction, nor can they hide from it. But will moving on from their dark pasts jeopardize what they’ve found in one another?



Hi! :smiley:

Title: Secrets in a Reflection
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Humour
Book Cover

“So you decided to join us?”

Her eyes snapped open at the sound of his accented voice. She turned around and saw him standing in front of a frozen mirror. He was aware of why he was summoned here and sadness and sympathy filled his normally confident eyes.

Valerie swallowed back a burning cry of unfairness and anger. She steeled herself and firmly answered “Yes…”

Every day, we live our days in a redundant routine. Going to the same places, meeting up with the same people and believing the same things as everyone else. However, what people don’t know is that this reality that we live in is not the only one out there.

Valerie is a 16 yr old high school senior whose life was flipped upside down when she was dragged into another world. A world unlike any other, hidden behind every reflection, filled with the supernatural and the unknown. A world where once you step into, you can’t get out of. Despite her efforts of trying to forget what she saw, she was drawn back in by an offer. She reluctantly joins an agency in this parallel world, whose main purpose is to keep her two worlds from clashing into utter destruction.

However, will she regret this choice? Can she trust those who call themselves her friends? Will she like the kind of person she will become in this new world?


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ღ❝His pillar, Her saviour❞ღ

➺ Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho, toh poori kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai. (Translation: They say, if you wish for something from the bottom of your heart, the whole universe will conspire to fulfill your wish.)- Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om.
➺ When you desire something badly enough, the entire universe conspires to give it to you. - Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist.

Like any other girl her age, she dreamt of her Prince Charming. Although he didn’t really like love stories, he believed in his one true love. Their paths crossed, they met, became best friends. Then, she moved. To the place that was close to not only her heart, but his too.

Life isn’t always fair. You have to let go of something dear to you and move on. Some things, however, you can never move on from. He was that thing for her. He knew she was special since they first met, but he didn’t know why.

Life is cruel too! It brought them back together when she had lost faith in herself. He was the glue to her shattering self. He was her saviour.
He wasn’t different either. He too would’ve given up on his passion, if she didn’t come back. She was his pillar through his loss of faith. She was his trampoline.
Together, they were inseparable, unbeatable, and unique.

This description may make you feel, “What’s new in this story? It’s like any other love story.” However, the detailed summary may (or may not) change your mind. Give it a go anyway.

Detailed summary and author curated playlist inside.

Cover credits: The most amazing @little-flaws

Ongoing, updates every Wednesdays

Hope you like it!

Mind checking out my poetry?

“In the death of me, I found solace.”

What readers say:
“Starkly honest, seeing the naked soul of your own, relishing the sorrows of being alive.”
“A mystic poet is born!”
“Keep it up. Keep being alive. Keep writing.”


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Title: Being Butch Green
Genre: Humour, action/adventure
Summary: A file. A boy. A criminal. An illegal medical lab.

All is not what it seems when young rebel, Butch, decides to make a run for it with his criminal file. There is just one problem… he grabbed the wrong file and now he is wanted by the police. On a single chance encounter with the brother he hates so much, Butch never expected his plans to return the stolen file to go so wrong.

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Hey @eemjay!

You might enjoy my completed romance story about two music students in London, currently ranked #1 in New Adult Romance.

It’s got realistic drama and romance, but also some genuinely sweet and funny bits as the two MC’s relationship blossoms in a believable and humorous way.

I hope you enjoy it if you do choose to take a look - it contains some mature scenes though so totally understand if that’s not your thing! :blush:

ALL by Lucille Dixon


:1st_place_medal: FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Red Rose Romance Awards 2019 :1st_place_medal:

:2nd_place_medal: SECOND PLACE WINNER (ROMANCE) - Majestic Inc Universal Awards 2019 :2nd_place_medal:

All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old singer Abi meets Noah, a moody but beautiful guitarist, she soon discovers the tattoos marking his skin hide more than she first thought.

Thrown head-first into Noah’s world of secrets, passion and excitement, Abi starts to learn things from him that she’s never experienced before. But, as their relationship grows deeper, it seems as though she’s been the one teaching him all along… how to love.

As one person’s career starts to take off and the walls slowly crumble between them, will Abi and Noah ever truly be able to give each other their all?



Hi :smile:
My story is not finished but I update regularly and there are already 17 chapters, it’s called LAW OF ATTRACTION
Genre: romance

Summary: Newton needed an apple to discover the Law of universal attraction.
I needed Alex Carter to discover the attraction.

Alex Carter, THE BAD BOY.
Everyone knows him.
Almost every girl drools over him.
Strong, handsome, brown hair, smolder look and tattoos.
He’s the typical bad boy with bad behavior, leather jacket and that dark aura.
But he’s also known for fighting, dealing drugs, vandalism…
So everyone fears him.
He screams Danger, he is Danger…

Me, Elena, on the other hand, I’m a nerd.
Nobody knows me. I’m invisible.
I always play it safe and follow the rules.
I have 2 friends and I’ve been bullied several times.
I’m shy, awkward, clumsy and I have good grades, attributes that don’t really help in high school…

Everything separates us, or so it seems, but an irresistible attraction pulls us together.

People will say ‘opposites attract’ but maybe we have more in common than we thought, and that’s what draws us together…

Like 2 free electrons, will our encounter result in a rare, beautiful, perfect balance, or will it cause a ravaging explosion?

Title: Rogue Rewritten
Genre: chicklit (rom com)

Chosen as a wattpad book of the month by (june 2017)

1st place winner in the wearewriters awards 2019

Featured book 2016/17

Meet Sarah Jane Smith, bestselling author and creator of the widely adored (and ridiculously handsome) rogue, Samuel Reed. Loved by fans around the world but loathed by his writer. So when her fictional 18th century rogue won’t co-operate, Sarah has more than a bad case of writer’s block on her hands.

Frustrated with her character, Sarah Jane makes a fateful wish that will change everything she thought she knew.
Samuel Reed becomes more than fiction.

Now a very real part of Sarah’s life, Reed is here to stay until his author learns a valuable lesson. One which will see her face her own tortuous truth.

All good stories come with a twist. Sarah-Jane might just not see this one coming.

ROGUE REWRITTEN is a heart warming and humorous modern fairytale of romance and redemption, and triumph over adversity.

“An absolutely fabulous and heart-wrenchingly beautiful plot … probably one of the best works of fiction I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Gorgeously enthralling!” - MagicalDoodler

“So unpredictable and unique. Something very intimate is happening … much more than flirting or falling head over heels.” - Jaymich90

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