Share your story



as in Life story I think unless your talking about stories as in peoples books?




oh nvm


Okay sir


Lmao I told y’all bout my story but didn’t post link lol i’m trippin my fault.



Lol :grin:


No biggie. I hope you like it :slight_smile:




Hey there,
I have some short stories published here on wattpad. They are very short (around 2k words each give them a reading chance.




Thanks,I will check it


Thank you man! Let me know what you think!




I’ve added one to my reading list ,i will add the others too.thanks sweetheart.


i hace stories feel free to read and give me helpful advice or edits


Link and name


hi please i would appreciate if you checked out my story Miracle and my latest update. THan you loaads folks!!! :slight_smile:


just go to my profile by coping my name in the normal search bar and it should send u to my profile you can pick from there I have three but they arent finished I would love impute and votes


also it is rated for mature people


How about I recommend you mine, it may be cringy but worth it. :smiley: