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The Girl in the Closet

Sadie is a 9 year old girl who spends most of her life locked in the spare room’s closet, coming out only to attend school. She longs for companionship and her mother’s love, but is there more to why Mama keeps her locked away? Maybe the Shadow Man has the answers…

The Beast in the Shadows

Francis and Rebecca are just two happily married people who, at the beginning at the story come out of a frivolous argument over knowing or not knowing the other. Apologies were made and Francis stepped out into the night to buy things which Rebecca wanted and needed. But in the dark, among the shadows, secrets become truths.


Title: Diaries of a Fighter
Genre: thriller/ with supernatural elements/ definitely there’s romance/ it’s also a bit dark…
Summary: A troubled, wanna-be professional fighter ventures into the dark and occasionally bizarre world of Japanese fighting organisations to become the best fighter in the world. He encounters love, hate, brutality, some suspicious, other-worldly beings, and is faced with hard decisions. Life of a fighter is certainly not an easy one, but then again, nothing worth fighting for is easy.


42 year old convenience store clerk George Rozier encountered a slow business day during his shift, and his first customer ranted to him about having strange problems. Before being left alone by the said customer, they were stopped in their places by a consistent humming sound, and they couldn’t find a directional source anywhere inside the store, so they exited the establishment and found a few others outside also wondering about the sound.

The strange sound ended, and George thought it was over. But from then on, the day never ended for him. The next day, he was missing, but he didn’t know it yet. He knew he was there, and the nightmare engulfs him.

Strangeness engulfs him.

His town engulfs him.

Its actually a novella that would be connected to other novellas I will write. The novellas can be stand alone, but all of them belong in a single universe, being somewhat connected to each other.

Status: Ongoing (8 chapters)

Releases everyday or if a skip occurs, only skips one realease day.

Genre: Surnaturel/trhriller
Résumé: Jack Perkins, un riche et renommé chirurgien en cardiologie, va vivre une véritable descente en enfer suite à une rencontre extraordinaire dans l’obscurité d’un parking souterrain.

Une mystérieuse force intérieure va alors le guider sur des chemins périlleux et angoissants.

Et si au bout du chemin, il était l’élu pour sauver l’humanité?

Pour cela, il faut survivre à tout prix, mais attention la mort est proche…

affiche dr perkins

Una niña,
Fue lo que más le llamó la atención, sentada en la estación.
Pelo liso, morena, menuda, de apenas 8 años, parecía perdida. En su mano tenía un lápiz y varios trozos de papel en blanco.

La miró, los ojos grises de la pequeña se clavaron en los suyos, y sintió como si cayese a un pozo sin fondo…

¿Quién es? ¿Cómo ha llegado ahí? ¿Qué hace ahí? ¿Por qué tiene tantos papeles?
¿Qué pretende?
Adéntrate en este microcuento y desvela todas las incógnitas

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Status: Ongoing


Summary: A camping trip gone wrong leaves four teenagers in the wake of a world crisis. Now it’s up to them to find the cause of this pandemic and put an end to it, if they can make it out alive…
It’s eighteen year old Nova’s first camping trip and she’s dreading it. Long nights under stars with nothing to do but pick at the dirt? Forget it! But when an apocalypse rises just as she’s enjoying her time with her friends, can Nova make it out of the crisis alive? Or will she have to choose between her friends and her life?
Born and raised in the wild, Adrian’s been waiting for his school camping trip ever since it was announced. Intent on wooing Nova to be his during this week long trip, Adrian expects his plan to go off without a hitch, until a strange sickness takes over the states, turning anyone who gets it into a zombie. Now on the run with his crush and two other mutual friends, will Adrian live to see his future with Nova? Or will an old flame crush whatever he has left?